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  1. Orion The Dragon

    1person !

    The " strange B" stands for beta, and while this would be an interesting idea, it would be incredibly hard to implement into the game. And also please work on the grammar in this, it is incredibly hard to understand.
  2. Orion The Dragon

    New Mode: God Mode

    Another idea for this "god mode" could be making the nichelings younger so they could survive longer, as well as removing damage. It could also possibly be able to spawn the different creatures that spawn around your's, similar to Minecraft's creative mode. Another idea could be terraforming or placing trees or other plants. Just all around being able to control every aspect of the game would be awesome!
  3. Orion The Dragon

    missing limbs?

    The Deformed paw works like this, but possibly it could be for the hind legs.
  4. Orion The Dragon

    Starting off with a tribe

    I love this idea, it would be VERY helpful on the harder islands.
  5. Orion The Dragon


    Another idea, if you start on one of the harder islands, then miscarriages are possible, but if you start on an easier island then it won't be enabled
  6. Orion The Dragon


    This is a good idea and would make the game more realistic, but I think it should harm the female by a small amount so you just can't wait around for a female impregnated by a rouge male to miscarry without a cost.
  7. Orion The Dragon

    Living in caves/underground biome suggestion

    something like this has already been suggested Here
  8. Orion The Dragon

    Teleporting Wanderers

    I've noticed in my recent time playing, that sometimes the wanderers and rouge males seem to teleport off the visible area on my island, without any animation, and I can't find them in smelling or hearing vision modes.
  9. Orion The Dragon

    Melanistic and albino!

    I've been playing for about 3 hours on one island, and on day 56 this happened: This little kit (yea I know this isn't the real name of these creatures, but its cute :p) is albino and melanistic, and I found it cool, though only albino is shown.
  10. Orion The Dragon

    Rock Breaking

    This idea was put into the community polls by CatYarn, and it is that it would be nice if we could break the rocks that are on the islands, it could either be a new gene, like a new head or horn type or just a strength-based thing.
  11. Orion The Dragon

    Heat Body gems?

    I have been wondering when I have a nicheling with heat body, and I use one of their turns, the gem on the left side goes dark first, I am just wondering if this is on purpose or a bug.