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  1. I searched an didn't see this so, Kangaroo Pouch or just marsupial pouch, when a baby is born it will appear in the mothers pouch and it will be able to be carried around
  2. I am currently working on Potential Updates. They are an updates worth of genes and features. I am currently working on designing a potential "Nocturnal Update". Besides this what would you like to see in Niche.
  3. So I love this gene so much, and it is fun to have, we can scare bearyenas away with strong voice and we have high strength. It is also cute....just one thing... That....Is...Hilarious...
  4. Hello Everyone, Just Uploaded a new suggestion. Go check it out Choose Your Own Loading Screen

  5. So I was looking back at the old demos of Niche in Steam i noticed it is a green background instead of a blue background. It was a very nice, and nature-themed green. It screamed Niche to me. I would love the color to go back to that. But I realize many people wouldn't want this, so maybe they would want to keep the blue, or change it to something else. So maybe in Options there could be a option that says loading screen, and people can change the color and maybe even the symbol, maybe to some other paw print...
  6. Thank You, This is my craziest non-console nicheling
  7. I heard a while back that you were adding bat wings, did these turn into the bird wings we have rn or will they be added later
  8. Summer Mountain is a grassland-ice combination.
  9. yes but 0 hearing makes no sense. camoflauge does make sense however
  10. ummm...pretty sure birds and snakes can hear sound
  11. These genes would be soooo cute and useful.
  12. Silence

    New Syllables

    Oh Yikes... Didn't think of that
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