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  1. Let me win. I have a cat picture as my profile picture and it is cute! 😻
  2. This one isn't that good but its pretty fun to play with. (note: it is a pretty heavy eater of electricity BUT IT HAS SOLAR PANELS, SO THE ENERGY IS RENEWABLE HOORAY)
  3. Oh so that's the problem I did what you just said I wanted to see which would have the e best outcome thanks for the tip.
  4. I'm not cutting the gifs it's weird I used the in game f9 I'm confused with it too.
  5. Yes I did use the internal gif capturing tool but do I need to hold F9 down or just press it once because I had just pressed it once in those gifs I'm a bit confused with it, and ok I won't post several similar gifs sorry about that I did it because the I didn't really think about the one gif one idea .
  6. Can they be longer? I am a bit confused about the gifs anyway here's another one of my submissions.
  7. Flying show 2018: This competition's theme is: Best Flight Show This time we want to award the flight / pilot skills of you players. Build a nice drone and fly as your live depends on it. Make nice maneuvers and impress the viewers. Post the best GIF to impress the jury and win a Closed Alpha key! The deadline to enter is Wednesday, 13th of June. Here are the rules: Post your GIF right here in this thread. Multiple entries per person are allowed. Only GIFs recorded with the demo version are allowed in this competition. @Roger, @Markus, @Micha and @Philo will pick 2 favorites. The 2 winners receive a Closed Alpha Steam key for free There will be only awarded one key per person. If you won in a previous contest, we won't award you another key. Please note: You can use [F9] to generate an animated GIF of the last 6 seconds gameplay, but feel free to use other tools. Remember that the best GIF wins! Spend some time refining your fly skills and story, make several tries, choose the best one. Tell an interesting story with your GIF. It's not about your drone design, but how you handle it. For this contest the best looking GIF wins. We'll have contests which award pure logic/cleverness at a later time. We maybe show some of these cool gifs on Twitter, Reddit, etc. Please only post here if that's ok with you. Tip: The GIF capture tool hides bad framerates. If you turn off the Bloom because of performance reasons, turn them on before recording the GIF. The game might have a low frame rate, but the resulting GIF should run smoothly and might result in nicer looking GIF because of the effects. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hope i win
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