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  1. coolm5224

    Status Pads

    Some planets could have some sort of "status pad" on part of their surface. It would either heat or cool the air above it. It would be pretty large, and wouldn't be able to support biological hives and such on it, as it appears to be made of metal. I attached an image with some very crudely drawn concept art. (I drew it.)
  2. coolm5224

    Effects on Ground

    Certain weapons could apply status effects to the ground, such as cryogenic creating ice, making the ground more slippery. Kinetic could do some sort of "ripple" effect, causing something like a miniature earthquake. Bio would still build. Plasma would heat up the ground, perhaps even lighting a fire on the surface.
  3. coolm5224

    Spray Cones

    Have something a bit like a wide angle flamethrower, but it doesn't do much damage, and applies effects to enemies. It would be a weapon type with a tech tree. For example, a kinetic spray cone would just push enemies away. A cryogenic spray cone could freeze enemies and make them fall to the ground and shatter. Alternatively, it could just slow them down. A plasma spray cone would heat enemies or set them on fire. A bio spray cone could put biological enemies to sleep, perhaps also slowing down robotic enemies by growing terrain on them or something. Also, if effects on the ground get implemented, it could apply effects to the ground as well.
  4. coolm5224


    I think it's currently a bit too hard to get resources. I found a huge vein of the red resource, and mined all of it. It ended up giving me a little less than 100 of the resource. Similarly, I found a vein of the yellow resource about the same size, and it only gave me about 100. I even made multiple trips to make sure I wasn't missing any, and I wasn't. Why, when many upgrades cost so much, is it so hard to get a decent amount?
  5. coolm5224

    Different Planet Types

    Ooh, or even some sort of water shield.
  6. coolm5224

    Different Planet Types

    We could have water planets, where drones move slower and are affected by the water. Also, we could have boss planets, where theres a giant boss (possibly the planet itself) that you need to defeat.
  7. coolm5224

    Friendly Distance Sensor

    Either a new distance sensor or an option in the distance sensor that allows you to detect your drone or parts of your drone that you may have detached.
  8. coolm5224

    Altitude Sensor

    We should have a sensor that detects distance from the center of gravity.It would be good for satellites and could even be used for orbiting drones in sumo.Maybe you could even set a block for it to detect distance to?That would be good for having mini drones orbiting a main drone.
  9. coolm5224

    More Shields

    The shields could be randomly generated, like the weapons. They could have modifiers, like larger radius, less energy use, or even repulsing. Different shields could also protect especially against a certain type of damage. For example, one that protects against plasma weapons would block almost all plasma weapons and be red to show it, but would be weak to another type, such as cold.
  10. coolm5224

    Another Thruster Type

    There should be another thruster, kind of like a dynamic thruster, but you pick the force in the editor, and it doesnt change when driving.
  11. coolm5224

    Shield Energy Use Change

    The shields should use more energy the more they're being hit.
  12. coolm5224

    Number Inputs

    We need to be able to enter in values for magnets and stuff, instead of just a slider. Or, even better, we could have both number inputs and a slider.
  13. coolm5224

    Search Filters

    We need search filters on the weapons tab, or otherwise some sort of sorting for it.
  14. coolm5224

    Shields Category?

    There's a whole shields category, but only the one shield block. What gives? (And also, I'd like some different types of shields. )