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  1. Lunala

    Game Had a Huge Bug

    Wow, so fast! Well I don't really have an Idea, I just wanted to see if this has ever happened before and I wanted to know why my entire game re - installed after the update. If there is nothing that can be done then I will just move on but why it installed again makes no sense... Maybe I did something wrong?
  2. Lunala

    Game Had a Huge Bug

    Quick Update, The save files have deleted themselves, So I guess there is no getting my tribes back.... never in my 190 hours of niche has this happened to me.
  3. Lunala

    Game Had a Huge Bug

    I'm very sorry, I don't know who is going to see this but the new update made my game get a huge bug and made me re-install the game. Then all of my game saves said Game - Over and It won't let me restart the game with the same genetics. I feel I may be the only person with this problem but I desperately need help. I am still new to the forum thing but if this is the wrong place to send this to, please inform me. I hope I can get my old niche saves Un - bugged.