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  1. starting off with a bigger tribe, 10 extra food for each nicheling
  2. Ive done art for this and i want it to be in niche
  3. I love this idea! maybe we could have an island where its just sand and rocks, no grass or trees. there would be snakes with legs and beetles, along with no bearyeanas since its too hot for them. it would be a killer island since the only food scource is cacti meat and fish.
  4. i had an idea for a panda racoon hybrid. its basically a food stealer but it moves every turn not every move. ill post a pic once i get to it
  5. i like the idea. maybe the males could build a nest but it would break faster since males arent the ones who build nests in game. it would be a little harder for them
  6. NOTE: just an idea so in niche one of the basics is to not inbreed, and if you do the baby could has blind eyes or be sick. but what if a baby could be born with a missing limb, a little stub where a front leg would be. it doesnt have any abillities, all it does is block you from having another paw for more abilities. tell me if theres any flaws.
  7. Maybe when you make a tribe on niche you could choose to start with 2 or a pack of 10/5. i made a challenge a long time ago which i would divide a tribe of 10 and have one side explore and be strong while the other ones would stay back, and be more chill and peaceful. but the real challenge is trying to get a tribe of 10 and trying to find creatures that can breed and not be inbred. this idea would make more variety and make challenges like that alot easier. just note this is an idea
  8. i just want to tell you guys this was just a random idea i had, not something i look forward to in the game
  9. So i recently thought of a new tail gene called tail fat. it looks like a thick bushy but small tail. it gives: -2 heat resistance and +2 cold resistance. also -1 swimming
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