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  1. jutzi.sophie

    Share the Syllables You Use!

    I added some, but my favourite is ly for the females. I've already got an Elly, a Islyla - just nice names altogether.
  2. jutzi.sophie

    Pretty Nichelings

    I just got a whole load of them.
  3. jutzi.sophie

    Gods And Godesses

    I was just playing with a new tribe on Deadly Hills, and then something happened. I tried to have some gods before, but they didn't really do anything, so it didn't feel like they deserved being a god. So, in this savefile, I started with three random females on deadly hills. One got killed before she could have kids, but the two others - an orange female with webbed hindlegs and gills and a white/beige cracker jaw female named Meme both had kids. The orange female had a daughter with a rogue male, this daughter then had two sons with another rougue male and one of those two sons then had some kids with a wanderer. This is one tribe that I have on the island (we are on day 110 now). The other female, Meme, found a beautiful male with scorpion tail, had a kid with him, then found a male with a bat wing, she and her daughter had a kid with that guy, etc. This is the other tribe. Fast forward some generations. We have some beautiful nichelings, one of them is this female: She migrates to another part of the island (on the right, you can see the stream) so she can start a family. There, she gets attacked by two bearyenas, one of them having a baby. She flees, gets impregnated by a rogue male, then dies before having her child. Alright, next try. The female and male in the bottom right corner migrate again. They get attacked immediately, and he sacrifices himself. There's a tamed bearyena around (think the other female tamed it) and she tries to mate with him while running away from the other bearyena attacking. Her fertility however is really low (1), so it doesn't work. I already prepare myself for her death and then, she manages to get pregnant. The other bearyena is gone, nowhere to be seen. She builds her nest on the shore. The baby is wonderful, he unlocks the bearyena ears and the bearyena snout. Meanwhile, another bearyena has appeared, you can see a teen friendly bearyena around him. But whatever, the mother will be able to protect him, it should be alright. The bearyena kills him. He couldn't even grow one gem, and he just swoopes him right away. The mother however, survives. The friendly bearyena is around again, so she mates with him. It's her last day, but miraculously, she manages to mate with him. She builds her nest again, setteling down. Next to her, a bearyena appears. During the night, he gets killed by another, friendly bearyena. As she grows her first gem, another bearyena emerges besides her. (On the tile to her left. On the two grassy tales right above that one (not the one that you can see through) there are two friendly bearyenas. I scoot her over, but I'm prepared for her to die. But the bearyena just eats the meat next to her nest and then turns around and attacks the friendly baby behind him. Honestly, I don't think I've ever been so shocked and surprised by Niche before. She has her second gem now, and attacks the bearyena, killing him in one blow. The next day, she befriends the baby with his meat. I know that this was a little bit incomprehensible, but I just wanted to share the whole story, I'm still amazed. Anyway, she's now my goddess of life, balance ad justice and her brother is the god of death, as well of balance and justice too. They both work like a scale that needs to be balanced out. The bearyena killed him but somehow spared his mother, while she got saved as a counter weight to that.
  4. jutzi.sophie

    Derp Snouts Matter! Post your cutest derpies here!

    Just got those today, while playing on Deadly Hills: She was the first to have hybrid genes. Also, her daughter was named Fire by the game itself. And her. This is the first tribe in which I really try to have more wanderer blood and less inbreeding. She and her mate were practically infertile (She had a one, he a two) but they had three children.
  5. jutzi.sophie

    Derp Snouts Matter! Post your cutest derpies here!

    Oh, I have some too! My sister loves derp snout, so I made a tribe with her where everyone has it. My personal favourite: His reincarnation: Her favourite & reincarnation: Other playthrough: Again, other playthrough:
  6. jutzi.sophie

    Can anyone help me find this pattern?

    Sorry for the late reply, I was just about to make him today and was thinking of a name. Kirnuku it is then!
  7. jutzi.sophie

    Eve with poison fangs/toxic body

    I've been getting weird starters even with the default settings in sandbox mode. Tons and tons of toxic body starters, often paired with water genes. I can't even count how often I've already had Platypus Beak starters with water body and at least one webbed paw. I don't now if that's completely normal, but it kinda annoys me.
  8. Sad that both Meana and Roku died after their great time with their murderer pack. Also, I like the amount of explosives they had.
  9. jutzi.sophie

    Dumb things you do?

    -keeping recessive albinism around because of it's "history" and then going to the jungle (the tribe survived, though) -Being too proud to run away from a bearyena because this berrybush belongs to me! -Breed siblings together, get a bunch of babies that you can't really use, get a high tribe size, move to different island with the three new breeding pairs, repeat
  10. jutzi.sophie

    An Honestly Very Hard Challenge

    I tried doing this (but I forgot that you shouldn't use the mutation menu, ups) and I really like how this plays out. You rather feel like the prey (you could make some kind of rabbil challenge out of those settings) and the pregnancy duration makes the babies more important. Anyways, I mated two cousins and they had one immunity in common. The female sits onto her nest and gives birth to two twin girls, I can see them side by side, both absolutely adorable - and then one of them dies of her sickness. And then I see this: She isn't sitting in the middle! It's as if she's still waiting for her sister to re-appear. (I know its just how the game works, but it was kinda heartbreaking)
  11. jutzi.sophie

    Island of fire ​🔥

    Lost child hears a call. She carefully makes her way towards the direction the sound came from.
  12. jutzi.sophie

    Island of fire ​🔥

    Can I adopt lost child?
  13. jutzi.sophie

    Community Challenge Playthrough (Rainforest)

    I'm just going to add the savefile of this playthrough here, so I can delete it and play the new update. Slot4.nichesave
  14. So, this is the National Anthem of America but in Nicheling Explorer - because why not? I didn't post this in the Nicheling Explorer topic because I feel like this is too big. This is only half of the anthem but I gotta go now and I think it is already quite long. I will add the rest later on.
  15. jutzi.sophie

    Hyena challenge

    I am really sorry about the delayed answer. For the thing with the babies: I thought about it and I think I will add that if a female has more kids than a higher ranked female (for example if the higher ranked female had a lot of sick babies were thrown out) then they would take over their place, but only if they are right behind her in rank or all females between them also have less kids than her. For the thing with the males: I knew that they normally wander off but I kinda like the idea of complete chaos and a lot of sick babes if the related males stay 😉On the other hand I think that a limit of males would be fun. I think the overthrowing in this challenge just works in the fact that once the highest ranking male dies, the second highest male becomes the highest ranked.