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  1. jutzi.sophie

    Community Challenge Playthrough (Rainforest)

    This is only a really short update, and the next one will probably come next week. It's Tourmaline's last day, and since he only has daughters (six daughters. SIX daughters and no son) and the toxic body/wing lineage is at risk, he needs to find someone to mate with, in hopes of leaving a son after his death. (Also, once I get a tablet and become good at drawing nichelings, I will totally make some fanart of him, his mate and his children). For the sake of his lineage, he decides to mate with the young double digging paw Islais. Tourmaline's last day begins, and he passes away, next to his sister Amber and Islais, the mother of his last, unborn child. Amber deicides to use the nest of the Rekola and Tourmaline. Rekola, who still mourns her mate, gladly lets her have it. Also, Islais sits on the nest that she was born in, now waiting to have her first, and probably only child. Meanwhile, poor Siisana has been stunned by a coconut. Ralame decides to have another child, since only her firstborn carries the recessive bearyena hindlegs. Due to her and her mates low fertility, she has problems with getting pregnant, and doesn't succeed this day. The next day begins, and with him two young lives. Tourmaline's last child turns out to be a sickly daughter called Rakoana with bad fertility and only a recessive toxic body. On the other hand, Amber's first son Rovanta turns out to carry the velvet paw. His mother is stunned by his beauty (and I am too). Two days later, Amber gives birth to her second son. Similar to her, he also caries a wing and a velvet paw, but still got the derp snout of his dad. Since he has a recessive toxic body and a wing, he could be the male to save the toxic body lineage. The albinistic wanderer appears again, and gets attacked by our purple toxic body, Anareko (yes, I need to look the names up) At the same time, Siisana finds some rabbils..doing a polonaise? Our hybrids get their fourth, last and perfect baby. She doesn't have the recessive bearyena ears, but she has the hindlegs we needed, and just like her brother, she shows the poisonous fangs of her grandfather Tourmaline. Siisana reaches her last day, surrounded by the rabbils she loved to hunt. A bearyena appears, alarming the hybrids, who run in his direction as fast as they can. He gets attacked and takes some damage, but not enough for him to die. Amber gets her third son (if she continues to have boys, then...I dunno, I get angry?) Apart from his gender (and tail), he's living perfection, and has some beautiful blue eyes. The albinistic wanderer dies, after he tried to steal some berries. He messed with the wrong tribe. Anareko decides to continue her father's lineage, and takes her cousin Kirnu (Amber's second baby) as her future mate. I have no clue why I took this screenshot, but this moment was worth it for some reason, so here he is: Short notice: I really like having my playthrough here, because I can see what happened over time. It's kinda like a detailed family tree. This is why I will attempt a playthrough in Story mode, and post him in another topic. This was some shameless advertising, if you'd like some advertising too, you can buy this spot for only twenty food per letter.
  2. jutzi.sophie

    Niche Hunger Games EXTREME!

    So, it looks like there are still some districts left and I'd like to go with district 1. Tourmaline Tourmaline is a rather nice guy, but since his only real abilities are strength and being toxic, he focuses on protecting his family from wanderers or rogues. His biggest dream is to fly one day, and he hopes that his kids will have two wings. Since he's from the rainforest, he's really scared of apes and hopes they will never appear, since he doesn't have the ability to fly, and can't really hide himself. He's the son of a wanderer, and in the derp snouted tribe with the occasional cracker jaws, his poison fangs make him a rare sight. Rekola By his side is his mate Rekola, who he has a close relationship with. She's fast and good at hiding and she would die to protect her kids. She's a bit self-conscious of her appearance, as derp snout is most of the time seen as ugly. She knows that her appearance is well adapted to the rainforest, but she still can't really believe that the good-looking Tourmaline chose her to be his mate.
  3. jutzi.sophie

    Free niche drawing requests!

    Thank you so much, it's awesome! I really like your drawing style, especially the way you draw the fur and the pattern.
  4. jutzi.sophie

    Community Challenge Playthrough (Rainforest)

    And here comes the next update. I didn't really feel like playing, plus school has started again, but once I began, the fun started. When we left off, a wanderer was around, a new baby had arrived and one of the females was still pregnant. She's the daughter of our derp snout Kuta and therefore the half-sister of Tourmaline. Her genes are a big disappointment, as she has recessive blind eyes, no velvet paw and only a recessive toxic body. Also, the wanderer gets invited. The tamed bearyena appears again, just in time for Kois to mate with him. She hopes to bring the bearyena genes into the pack, where they could be needed. Tourmaline and the rest of the tribe get really hot for some reason. Also, Lame has mated with the invited toxic-body wanderer, and is ready to give birth. Lame has given birth to a little clone of herself, the only differences between them are eyecolour (the baby's eyes are black, Lame's are green) wings (the wings have switched sides) and paws (the baby has a claw, while Lame is crippled). It's her last day, and she's pregnant again, because none of her children have inherited her J immunity so far. Lame passes away shortly after she gave birth to a little baby girl. She inherited the toxic body and the velvet paw, but not her mother's J immunity. Because of her golden pelt and her brown dots, she's called Amber. Our invited wanderer dies, but a new pair of mates has appeared. Tourmaline and his half-sister Rekola mate together. They are trying to start a lineage of winged, toxic bodied nichelings. Also, a wanderer appears next to the two. He looks cool, but doesn't carry the right genes (actually, they are really weird). Also, Kois has given birth to her hybrid child, but was too old to survive the next day. The baby, Kunuro, possesses all bearyena genes (most of them recessive) and unlocks the bearyena claw. He's destined to be a warrior, and a protector of the pack. A day passes, and Lame's clone daughter (aka Sisana I think) discovers a rabbil at the shore. She jumps onto it, trying to catch it, but fails as it jumps away- although not far enough to avoid her deadly hit. Proud, she gathers the meat and decides to become a hunter. Meanwhile, Koana (the yellow female with the stinky tail sitting on the nest) has mated with Vannuduk. They both carry the velvet paw, and hope for a baby that carries on this precious paw onto the next generation, since it's not sure which lineage Amber will follow - the one of her older brother or her own? Koana anxiously awaits her firstborn - only to see her hopes for a velvet paw crushed. The healthy little girl between her paws carries nothings but the digging paw - twice. Apart from that, her genes are almost pure perfection (apart from the yellow fur). Still, little Kolaana will most likely not be used for breeding. Meanwhile, Tourmaline and his mate Rekola have decided to build their own nest, and Rekola has given birth to a daughter. However, she's not at all what expected. With double claw and lacking toxic body, Ralame is entirely not what Tourmaline and Rekola wish their line to look like. Islais is the second result of the desperate breeding for a velvet paw. Like her older sister, she only possesses digging paws. This seems almost like a curse. Also, Tourmaline and Rekola have their second child, a rainforest-beauty with bad eyes and recessive peacocktail, Kola. Or Coca Cola, as I like to call her. The digging paw curse has happened again - the third daughter of Koana and Vannuduk is born, no velvet paw is to be seen in poor Rare's genetics. Meanwhile, Amber is off to discover the unknown depths of the jungle, while our huntress Sisana hunts in the grass. Tourmaline and Rekola also had their third daughter, Memera, the first winged creature in the history of the tribe. Her crackerjaw will be perfect to crack nuts. She also has the toxic body and recessive poison fangs of her father. While Koana gives birth to their last child, Vannuduk passes away. The tribe is panicked - will the velvet paw stay? In the early morning, little Tataku is born - the first nicheling of the tribe to carry a double velvetpaw. His genes are almost perfect, except for the non dominant webbed hindlegs, but the curse of the digging paw has been broken. He gets renamed to Velvet, showing the importance of his genes. As you see in the top left corner, Ralame (the claw child) and Kunuro (the hybrid) are both next to a nest. This is because they are a breeding pair. The primary goal is to give the recessive bearyena genes on to the next generation, and then to pair two of their children up, to unlock all bearyena genes. The secondary, long-time goal is a line of protectors and fighters. The double digging paw Kolaana also went to the west, since there are many roots underground.She's right next to Sisana, who's there to hunt rabbils and stagmoles. Kolaana discovers an albinistic wanderer with poison fangs, but since he has a recessive purrsnout (I don't really use purrsnout) and a crippled paw, we won't invite him. The fourth daughter of Tourmaline and Rekola gets born. She's basically a copy of her older sister Memera. Our first bearyena gene kid gets born. Taroduk is perfect, except for the lacking dots and the bad fertility. The pack hopes for a female that he can mate with. Behind the young family, a bearyena appears. He picked the wrong prey, getting killed by four hits. Memera sits onto a tree, starting to gather food by cracking the walnuts around it open. The group is doing really well so far. Tourmaline and Rekola get a fifth daughter, Analare. She possesses the toxic body, but lacks a wing. Her genes aren't too good, but they are alright. Our second hybrid son gets born, showing off the poison fangs of his grandfather, Tourmaline. Speaking of which, Tourmaline is now father to a sixth daughter, that proudly presents her toxic body. Except for her gender and her head, she's the exact reproduction of her dad. Our two hybrid boys finally get a sister. She shares the same immunity genes with her older brother, and one with her poison fanged brother, but it is still decided that she will mate with both of them, for the sake of the new genes and the future of the pack. This is were I'll leave everything so far. The tribe has grown since the beginning, and begins to part into three different bloodlines: The winged toxic bodies, the strong bearyena hybrids and the fast velvet paws. Let's see how well this will go.
  5. jutzi.sophie

    Cast call for Jojo's Hunger Games round 3

    This is one of the best things I've seen.
  6. jutzi.sophie

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    Keep going here.
  7. Wonderful! District: I don't really care, but 5 would be nice. Names: Meana and Roku Personalities: Roku: Roku is a very pack-orientated nicheling. He'd do anything for his pack, especially for his siblings. He normally spends his time with picking berries or hunting rabbils. He's very friendly and likes a good talk. However, if his pack is under attack, or food is stolen, his protective side takes over and he mercilessly attacks everyone who poses a threat. While attacking, he makes good use of his poison fangs and big body. Meana: Meana is Roku's niece and like her parents part of a twin litter. She's the first one of her clan to have the poison body and is really proud about this fact. She's somehow got a higher rank than Roku, since her twin brother has compatible immunities to her, meaning that they are a mating pair. She's a bit of a complicated character, only getting along well with her close family. She's afraid of water, because she almost drowned while traveling from one island to another. Even though she's rather weak, she's not afraid of many other things, since she's been born with the ability to poison every attacker. She's really fast and likes to walk around a lot, even when it't potentially dangerous. I'm really interested in how this is gonna come out.
  8. In my storymode tribe, I just got those kids. And their parents are obviously pure bundles of creativity. They are all from the same dad, and Vanvan and Vankir are brothers, so when their halfbrother was born, they just decided to do...this:
  9. jutzi.sophie

    Send me nichelings to draw!

    Ooooh I need a picture of him: And maybe her too if you have the time? I don't wan't to make others wait longer, so I'll just add her, but she's least priority.
  10. jutzi.sophie

    I wanna draw too!

    Alright, here I go: I don't know how many you want per person, so I'll just send a bunch.
  11. jutzi.sophie

    Jungleclan ;; Community Challenge

    I literally read Crapbeeper and was really confused.
  12. Does this mean that I could send in two nichelings?
  13. jutzi.sophie

    tell me nichelings to draw

    Wow, they look sooo good. I really like how you did Meana, she looks awesome.
  14. Are you going to do a second round?