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  1. Ah, okay. The genes were all sold out when I finally had the time to start with scrying, and now I was worried about what to do. At least I saved up enough gems to buy all the rare ones I want.
  2. I'm confused about how the banescale genes in the treasure shop work. Will they be available again or are they sold out forever?
  3. Ok, so my first girl will be going from this: to this: Her "sister" who has started with this look: Will get this one instead: And last, my little scattered ray of sunshine: Is going to look like this once I'm finished: What do you guys think of them?
  4. I think she looks awesome! She would probably be classified as an eyeburner, which I personally like a lot. I love the idea of dragons with toxic, vibrant colours, and the pink in combination with the orange and the green looks pretty great to me.
  5. Goodness, look at him! He's such a precious little ray of sun! And his tertiary is ruby, which fits his other colours perfectly! Aaaaaah, I'm so happy!
  6. I just used the tri-color scatter scroll on him, which basically randomizes all three colours of a dragon. It costs 350 gems, so if he looks worse than before I'll be disappointed. I'm about to see how he looks now.
  7. Bought this guy for 29'000 treasure at the auction house: His tertiary gene is brown, so I understand why they sold him. Wish me luck, I'm about to scatter him...if it fails really badly I'll maybe rage quit the game for week or so.
  8. Before I follow the will of the Flight Rising gods, I shall present you all with my two Banescale girls: She's the older one, here colours are Garnet, Algae and Spring (Her eyes look awesome with certain genes): She's the younger one, she might not look like it, but her tertiary gene is Robin, which makes here a whole lot prettier): Example:
  9. The craziest thing just happened! I was thinking about buying a cheap banescale male and using some of my 1218 gems to buy a scatter-scroll, so I could have another chance at getting a random dragon: But since I hate spending anything remotely similar to money, I was reluctant to do so. Then I decided that I was going to scavenge in ice territory (with ten turns, since I stopped feeding my dragons) and IF i got an ice egg, I'd spend the gems. AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND! AN UNHATCHED ICE EGG!
  10. But why do all those other pronouns exist if they don't equate gender? Aren't pronouns meant to show/represent your gender? Because else, why would misgendering be a thing then? Just trying to understand.
  11. Could someone elaborate on that, please? It's a new thing for me.
  12. Could you give me a source where I can read about all those genders? After what I've found so far, it seems that this comes from the Facebook gender possibilities, where (according to my limited knowledge) there are multiple versions of one identity, like cis-man, cis-born man, cis boy, cis-born boy, etc. I really don't want to discriminate here, I'm just curious.
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