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  1. Does anyone have advice on stat distribution & battle stones?
  2. It says it'll be two more incubation periods, not sure if that's two or three days.
  3. Thank you so much for giving me this precious girl! I've named her Circe and I love her so much already, she's so beautiful.
  4. Just bought a new Coatl baby, Deia! She's going to be bred with Heracles once they're old enough.
  5. Game price is 2920 Treasure, but it gets auctioned for 3-20(!) gems and 3000-10000 treasure. I'm not sure if I should sell it though...
  6. Got a new familiar from the pile, what should I do with it?
  7. I think I'm going to call him Heracles...
  8. Yeah, I thought of that possibility too, but I haven't gotten too attached to her, so it wouldn't be that bad if that would happen.
  9. Okay, so since I'm unable to control myself I'm gonna buy this precious boy right here: Any name ideas? And I'll try to buy this baby here, so I can breed them together, and then their offspring with the offspring of my other coatl/wildclaw pairing. But I'll need 7000 treasure to buy her, and since I have 4394 left I'll have to wait until tomorrow to do so.
  10. Wow, you got lucky! Congrats!
  11. I can't wait for my babies to hatch, but it's still taking sooo long.
  12. Got my second familiar:
  13. Great, then I'll take the six left.
  14. @Impy10 How many gems do you want?
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