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  1. This is just an idea that has been on my mind for quite some time now. Whenever my tribe is at the brick of starvation, I always get annoyed when I have exactly as much food as nichelings. I can't afford to banish one of my members because they will steal my food, but they are also using up food that could be saved. I though that a solution to this could be a fourth rank - when an animal has this rank, they won't get any food, even if there is plenty. Apologies if something is unclear, I'm sick at the moment.
  2. I've started a new storymode file and I got a poison fanged eve, so I decided to continue playing, even though she had webbed hind legs. I bred two sibling together, even though they had immunity A in common because I wanted a blue eyed baby. So now I have this beautiful, sadly sickly boy: And I promptly decided to draw him on my new tablet: Feedback would be appreciated, it's my second time drawing a baby nicheling and my first time drawing with tablet.
  3. Just came by to say that I absolutely adore your art. It's kind of like the style I'm aiming for (though I'm far from it) and it just looks so good. (Don't mind me, I'm really bad at describing my own feelings via writing) In case you open these again I would love to submit a character.
  4. This is a storymode savefile I've played for hours. We've just been to home island (though I didn't get the achievement) and I have almost every gene unlocked, except bat wing. I'm on crossing now. Now, the problem is that I've been playing this save file for hour and hours with only one goal in mind: Unlocking all genes and reaching home island. To reach this goal, my nichelings were pretty much just put in specialised pairs. Then, they had kids until there were two with fitting immunities, these two then became the next breeding pair, etc. This whole thing led to a thriving, but very bland tribe. Everyone looks the same, no one really stands out, and the only way to keep the game interesting is to just hunt for genes. I don't think I can escape out of this circle of boring functionality - but my savefile can, through the power of the internet! So, in case someone want to take my overly specialised creatures on a fun trip of - I don't know - wild consoling, breeding with wanderers or just going extinct - you're welcome to do so! It would be nice if you could say what happened, even though I don't believe anyone is going to play this. Slot0.nichesave
  5. God, I'm an idiot sometimes. I actually meant the version with the soft z. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this
  6. No clue if anyone will read this, but anyway: I've been thinking about names and I've had two ideas: Tazme (german pronounciation, not english) which comes from fantazme aka ghost. And baki, which according to the all knowing internet means black in some weird language I've never heard from (the rat that would get that name has the black tail mark and I think it's funny to call an albino black.) I'm going to ask my family about it, but what do you guys think about those ideas?
  7. Something with stoat or ermine maybe? Randomly came to my mind, but I still connect this animal with being pretty or precious. (Read some fantasy books in which they still wear pelt) Also, this guy is absolutely beautiful. How do his parents look?
  8. Aren't they cute together? Two baby murderers - making their vows.
  9. This is closed for now, hopefully I'll be able to draw everyone (though it wil take an eternity)
  10. I'm going to get a drawing tablet soon and I plan on drawing some nichelings. Until its delivered, I maybe doodle around a bit. It's not meant in a "I draw for you" way but rather in a "I need some material to experiment on" way. I take at max 4 nichelings for now & it would be nice if you have some pictures from different angles. Thanks in advance!
  11. Now I know which nicheling I'm going to butcher when I try to learn to draw with my tablet (that I'm so excited for by the way)
  12. Holy hell he looks amazing! I love his eyes, the eyebrow pattern, the colours, everything.
  13. Thank you so much, he looks absolutely adorable! I love the way you drew the eyes.
  14. since they were rocks they could just live between the cracks in the walls, which lead to
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