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  1. Save file, it's the same one as the new one with the invisible wanderers. Slot2.nichesave
  2. It happened again on a different file, this time the wanderers are invisible. Same settings, still whale island. Save, hopefully it hasn't reset again: Slot2.nichesave
  3. Okay, now I went to continue playing and suddenly, everything's gone back several days. Before it was day 21, now it's day 13. I'm going to put the file here again, and then see how the file I posted above shows up in my game. Slot2.nichesave
  4. The save is deleted now, but I have a screenshot. The tiles didn't change after he moved multiple times.
  5. I'm on version 1.1.11 and using sandbox settings with customised age settings, 1 day baby, 1 day child, 1 day teen, 7 days adult and two days pregnant. One of my nichelings called from a stump a few times, and now, one of them is apparently a wanderer. It's a different wanderer than the one on the left, different name and gender. Can't be invited even though I have enough food. Here's the save: Slot2.nichesave
  6. Tried this a few times on the hard setting. Haven't succeeded yet, but it's fun to play. A tiny suggestion: Maybe put the pregnancy duration in medium on two days?
  7. I'm not that active here, especially not in the roleplay section (been there right at the beginning, then never again). Anyway, @Morso has made me wonder about what's going on. (And slightly panic). Would you (all) care to tell me what's going on?
  8. Tried this three times so far, two times my females just lived a long, happy life of mole hunting and died of old age, one time I starved. I'm going to try to start on Deadly Hills now, maybe there it has a higher chance to find a baby bearyena.
  9. Yeah, I think that would make sense.
  10. This is just an idea that has been on my mind for quite some time now. Whenever my tribe is at the brick of starvation, I always get annoyed when I have exactly as much food as nichelings. I can't afford to banish one of my members because they will steal my food, but they are also using up food that could be saved. I though that a solution to this could be a fourth rank - when an animal has this rank, they won't get any food, even if there is plenty. Apologies if something is unclear, I'm sick at the moment.
  11. I've started a new storymode file and I got a poison fanged eve, so I decided to continue playing, even though she had webbed hind legs. I bred two sibling together, even though they had immunity A in common because I wanted a blue eyed baby. So now I have this beautiful, sadly sickly boy: And I promptly decided to draw him on my new tablet: Feedback would be appreciated, it's my second time drawing a baby nicheling and my first time drawing with tablet.
  12. Just came by to say that I absolutely adore your art. It's kind of like the style I'm aiming for (though I'm far from it) and it just looks so good. (Don't mind me, I'm really bad at describing my own feelings via writing) In case you open these again I would love to submit a character.
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