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  1. These two are probably my favorite nichelings just in terms of looks:
  2. Quick thing I noticed - sometimes when sending out my nichelings for a mission, immediately after the biome pops up the game scrolls through all my nichelings very fast and then even further, until there are none displayed. Also, I have also had the issue of the game crashing randomly.
  3. And so it comes that at nightfall there are not one, but two nests occupied.
  4. While his sister is busy with her young, Dikeh works on clearing out some more space for the tribe. Nadu joins him silently, and Dikeh can't help the warm feeling arising in his chest. Nadu's presence feels natural, as if they both were merely halfs of one whole. Dikeh suddenly finds an old, yet still functional-looking nest. Together with Lendok's birth and Nadu's presence, the find stirs strange feelings in him. He stares at it, lost in thought, when he feels Nadu's presence close to him. Turning his head he meets their gaze, and suddenly everything falls into place. Because Nadu's eyes are a reflection of his own feelings and - more than that, an acknowledgment.
  5. While Adave nurses the newborn cub Liri takes great care to pick only the very best berries for his mate. After they've both eaten, they marvel at their son. Adave is the one to bring up the question of a second child - and Liri is enthusiastic.
  6. As night falls the tribe doesn't sleep. Instead they gather around Adave's nest, fur brushing against other. Dikeh and Liri are the closest to her, with Nadu respectfully standing a little farther away. The birth is uncomplicated and quick - and as the first few rays of light begin to illuminate the island, a new nicheling has joined the tribe. Lendok has been born.
  7. Adave leads Liri away for a private talk, while Dikeh and Nadu get to know each other. Revealing her rounded belly, Adave doesn't need to say anything for Liri to react with delight. He is excited to be a father, and enthusiastically helps Adave build her nest.
  8. Nadu's pronouns are they/she by the way.
  9. Ther next morning the tribe awakens to find another newcomer sleeping soundly next to them. They appear to feel fully safe, remaining asleep even during the late morning, when the rest of the tribe has already begun their day. In the end they open their eyes only when Adave, who's appetite has grown bigger over the night, feeds on some berries. "Oh, hi everyone! I'm Nadu - I arrived on this island during the night and figured I would just sleep here!"
  10. The handsome newcomer introduces himself as Liri, and quickly starts doing his best in order to support the tribe. Equally talkative he and Adave quickly take a liking to each other, both enchanted by the other. After just a few days, the two of them feel as comfortable around each other as if they'd been tribe mates for years. And so, Liri confides in Adave that he left his original tribe due to being bullied for his crippled paw. Ever since he takes great care of his appearance, in hopes it will make others overlook his flaw. Adave snuggles up against him, licking his already perfectly groomed fur in order to comfort him. For quite possibly the first time in her life she doesn't say anything, yet Liri understands her perfectly well.
  11. The very next day Adave finds a tree stump and, curiosity rising, jumps on top of it. Suddenly remembering one of the things her father had taught her, she calls out. Her calling awakens not only Dikeh, but also causes a stranger to appear. His scent is fresh and healthy, fitting his well-groomed fur and strong horns. Yet, neither of the siblings feel threatened by his presence. He elegantly bows his head as a greeting and Dikeh offers him some berries.
  12. Next to a huge, strangely reddish tree the two of them rest for a bit. With soft ground and tall, lush grass this part of the island is quite the nice place, especially in contrast to the wet, swampy regions the had traveled through the previous day. After a short discussion, Adave and DIkeh decide to stay.
  13. After a few days of traveling, the sibling's still haven't found signs of other nichelings. However, spending the last days together has helped them both process the passing of their parents, and made them closer than ever. It is usually Adave who leads the way, brimming with energy, while Dikeh follows a little behind, much calmer.
  14. Just got a male whose name translates to branch-branch-light, which really is amazing naming.
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