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  1. I think they‘ve said in the last newsletter mail that they are looking into contacting the people from scout tier and higher because those will be the first testers.
  2. Day 25, Sunny We are overjoyed to announce that #002 has not departed from #001 due to a fight! Instead he appears to be providing for the tribe as he has stopped his movement upon finding a new berry bush. Our drones managed to record #001 quite clearly - and we have reasons to believe she might be pregnant! Day 27, Rainy Due to the rain we have refrained from using visual surveillance. The warmth signatures of #001 and #002 remain in their usual locations.
  3. Day 23, Sunny Due to our equipment being damaged by the heavy rainfall we were unable to properly observe the animals until now. It seems that #002 is migrating away from #001, the exact cause for this change in behaviour unknown. In this snapshot taken by one of our drones he appears to have grown quite a lot, leaving us to believe he may have reached adulthood.
  4. Day 18, Rainy This day is marked by rain. As Zalee continues to remain close to Pianafi and there is no aggression over the newly grown berries between them, we have decided to dub him #002. The rain seems to attract more Rogue Males, as #001 is once again forced to defend herself against the advances of one.
  5. Day 17, Sunny Pianafi and Zalee appear to be moving together, encouraging our beliefs that they may form a pack.
  6. Day 14, Sunny We must be careful not to judge the arrival of another Nicheling too quickly. It can often happen that strangers remain close to each other but ultimatively go their own way. But as our mission is not only to rehabilitate but also observe Nichelings we have taken care to identify the newly arrived individual. He appears to be an adolescent male, most likely in the last staged of teenhood. His distincive ears and tail combined with his lean-looking body mark him to be an individual native to this biome. Our researchers have taken to calling him "Zalee".
  7. Day 12, Sunny The last few days haven't shown much activity. #001 seemed to prefer remaining close to the berry bush, apparently valuing the safety of said food source over exploring. This concerned us, as the vastness of the Burning Savanna demands animals migrate regularly in order to find members of their own species. This morning however, our heat signatures were able to detect a second animal! A few hours later one of our drones managed to photograph both #001 and the newcomer.
  8. Day 0, Sunny #001 seems interested in her environment. She quickly disappears in the high grass, now only traceable through her heat signature as well as her implanted microchip. Day 7, Sunny After spending her first few days in the shade of tree #001 has matured into an adult. Our drones spot her next to a berry bush, calming our fears that she might not be able to find a food source on her own. Day 8, Sunny While feeding a Rogue Male appears next to Pianafi. She reacts aggressively, attacking the stranger and causing him to flee. This is an excellent sign - while in captivity #001 never encountered a threat such as a Rogue Male, but it seems that she instinctively knows how to defend herself.
  9. Quick advice: I used to "store" nichelings in order to always have on ready to console. For that I'd take nichelings that were about to die and simply used the "MoveOccupant" command to put them somewhere where they wouldn't be seen on screenshots. Next I'd age them down so they wouldn't die and just compensated to the food they ate with "ChangeBerryCount".
  10. The Nichelings #001 "Pianafi" At the center of this project stands Nicheling #001, or Pianafi, as our researches have affectionately dubbed her. She has spent most of her life in captivity after her and her mother had been rescued from illegal trading. Due to the bad treatment suffered during their time with the smugglers Pianafi's mother didn't survive, causing Pianafi to be handfed. She has since been integrated in a small group of other rescues but now is the time for her to be released back into the wild. We posess a complete record of Pianafi's genetic code, as we had to ensure that she was healthy and genetically suited for this project. Going forward we will not be recording any other genetic codes, as that would create too much interaction between us and the animals.
  11. The Habitat As we have stated previously, the chosen biome is the Burning Savanna. Characteristic for this habitat are the arid climate, frequent bushfires and huge landscape. We have elected not to divide this biome into parameters, as previous (although scarce) research suggests that Nichelings inhabitating this biome migrate rather frequently. The Life Cycle As research on Nichelings has become a higher priority our understanding of their life cycle and biology has grown as well. It is now universally agreed that a Nicheling's ageing process more or less adheres to the following graph:
  12. Our current objective is to rehabilitate only one nicheling in order to ensure that the delicate habitat manages to support that. We are, however, open to discuss this in the future.
  13. Welcome to the Nicheling Rehabilitation and Observation Program 2021! After our efforts in the Nicheling Preservation Program 2020 sparked the rise of many similar projects we are proud and overjoyed to announce that the Nicheling population has not only recovered substantially but that many of their natural habitats have recovered as well. Here at the Nicheling Rehabilitation and Observation Program we have decided to dedicate our efforts to the release and subsequent observation of Nichelings into one of those previously barely existant habitats - the Burning Savannah! It is our primary goal that we gather more information about the life-cycle and behaviour of the species in one of the more extreme biomes they inhabit, allowing us to understand and protect them even better in the future!
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