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  1. mhiahia


    Okay so: Him: And her:
  2. mhiahia


    EEEK the female pup has merle patches! And Inuit Unders too (I think those were desired once).
  3. mhiahia


    Gonna get those puppies today! I've had bad luck breeding Tier I with Tier II until now, so I'm honestly not too hopeful.
  4. mhiahia


    My lead wolf Rakhsha is finally on Level 10! And also pregnant for the second time, this time with three cubs (I really want to breed a tier 2 puppy and so far I haven't been succesful at all). I feel like their colors match well, so hopefully the puppies will be pretty.
  5. Oh yeah can't forget Tom Harlock.
  6. Also time to shout out my favorite youtube channels! -Danny Gonzalez -Drew Gooden -Kurtis Connor -D'Angelo Wallace -Popculture Detective -Jarvis Johnson -Cynical Reviews
  7. I need get waaay better at french, so I'll have to start watching french youtubers (that helped me get better at english as well). But how does one find interesting youtubers....I'm using a top ten list for now but I doubt those have channels I'd usually watch.
  8. Day 42, Sunny We are happy to announce that the first cub from generation 3 has grown up! #021, son of #013 and #017, has had his genes recorded this very morning. #021 "Rahs" Using warmth signatures, our drones have been able to gather data which shows clearly that #018 and #011 are currently nursing a viable cub. We were also able to take a picture of #014, #019 and their offspring. The cub has been identified as female and nicknamed "Drako". #012 has remained close to the stream and spent the day picking berries. #020 has stayed hidden away under an
  9. Day 41, Sunny We were able to obtain a picture of #013 and #017 as well as their offspring. Their second cub is female and has been dubbed "Trefra" by our team. She is the first individual born on the island to have a pattern! #018 has left her nest, accompanied by a male cub. We assume she might have a second cub, as the one leaving the nest was already quite old. #014 and #019 seem to be more relaxed. #019 has been seen hunting, while #014 stayed back to take care of their cub. While #020 has remained on P2, #012 has crossed over to P1. We are observing him very clo
  10. Day 40, Sunny It is certain now that #013 and #017 are nursing a second cub. #018 left the nest for a short amount of time, shwoing signs of another pregnancy. The fate of her first cub remains unclear. #019 has given birth to a live cub. She and #014 have been observed carring for their young. The cub seems to be very animated. #020 and #012 have continued to ignore eachother.
  11. Day 39, Sunny #013 has left her nest, together with her cub (now identified as male and nicknamed "Rahs"). However, both she and her mate #017 have continued to stay close to the nest, leading us to believe she might've had a second cub. #018 hasn't left her nest at all, with #011 bringing her food. #020 and #012 are showing worrying behaviours, as they have started to search food separately. We are hesistant to judge, but there is a possibility that their pair-bonding was unsuccesful. Recent footage shows us that #019, "Peach" is pregnant. As of now, she has started to nes
  12. Day 38, Sunny As our team had expected, #006 "Lonta" has passed away as well. He was the last living individual of generation 2. "Anli" (#014) and "Peach" (#019) appear to be grieving and have spent the day clinging to the other's side. #020 and #012 have continued to work together. They don't seem to be overly fond of each other, but haven't shown aggression either. During the early morning hours, our drones succesfully took a picture of #013, #017 and their cub. More footage recorded by our drones leads us to belive that #018 is pregnant. During the day she appeared
  13. Day 37, Sunny During the night #009 "Lurroduk" and #009 "Lurroduk",008 "Eve" have died. #006 "Lonta" is still alive, though we expect him to pass away soon as well. #014 and #019 are staying next to #006, caring for him and grieving with him. #011 and #018 have continued to hunt together. We have reason to belive #018 might be pregnant. #020 has settled in quick and has continued to dig up roots throughout the day. She appears to like #012. #013 and #017 have cleared out grass around #013's nest. We believe she is currently nursing a cub.
  14. Thanks! But apparently there is no clear scale, so how many posts you have to make for which amount of dots - I wanna find out now.
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