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  1. Kirnuku's items are absolutely hilarious. What is he even doing with the Bikini?
  2. Ooops, I guess i have one too much..Scrap Kirnuku then. Roku can stay unaffiliated (again, only if I'm allowed to have two seperate teams)
  3. Could I get a spot for those guys? Name: Roku Gender: Male Personality: kind, inventor Weapon: pet turtle team: Mine, I guess ---------- Name: Kirnuku (or Oh ma gosh, whatever you like more) Gender: Male Personality: leader, devious Weapon: rocket launcher Image: Team: preferably only with Roku, but if that isn't allowed then with the others Name: Heria (the red one) Gender: Female Personality: unstable, naive Weapon: No starting weapon Team: Preferably in a team with Aireh, but if I can only have one team then with the others ------------ Name: Aireh (the yellow one) Gender: Female Personality: annoying,survivalist Weapon: big stick Could you PM me the website please?
  4. Two issues I've had today: My nichelings didn't bring home any food, on four different expeditions. Is this intentional? (as in, there's a random chance that they can't bring any food back) One of my nichelings was frozen and the countdown just stopped, even after waiting a few minutes. Also: I love how nichelings with the boar tusk gene only have the tusks after they've grown up to be adults. It's so cute.
  5. The same happened to my animals. I sent them to the Savannah and now they are still showing the sweating animation even though the effect is gone.
  6. I got the game to work on another phone. There I encountered the following bug: On the overview of the nests and all my animals I scrolled to the right. Next to a closed-off nest there was a wanderer. Now, her genes show her as having nimble fingers and hooves. Her model, however, displays two nimble fingers.
  7. For me the issue is that the game doesn't start..The made with unity logo and the strayfawn logo show up, then the loading screen starts and the game crashes. Any idea why this happens? Here are the phone's details:
  8. I'd love to join in as well - I can't use my personal phone, since it's terribly old (runs on Android 4.4.1), but my sister's phone should qualify:
  9. Found them! This one's name will be Rorschach, after a character from the graphic novel Watchmen. No idea how I'm going to call this one. I'm not sure he's an albino, his fur looks beige-ish, especially the part on his head. Might just be the lighting though.
  10. News! I'm going to pick up two six months old boys this saturday! Their owner is giving them and their massive cage away for free because he doesn't have enough time for them. I'm really happy and look forward to owning boys again. There's only one slightly weird thing: The owner described one of them as an albino. But on the picture that he sent me he doesn't look like one. I'll try to post them so you guys can try and see wether or not I'm right.
  11. So, I decided that I'm going to post some stuff about my current rats. Finding out what your rat's character is like is normally pretty easy, but it gets a bit trickier if they look absolutely identical. Even if you just look at them from afar, you can normally tell who's doing what if they have different fur colours. Example: One rat grooms another one. Who? I have no clue. Can't see their tail marks, can't see how they move. Guess I'll never know as much as with others. Anyways, here are their characters summed up. Baki (who has a black tail mark) is one of the "bigger" ones even though she' still tiny. She's the leader of the group, very confident and clever. I can tell her apart from the others because she has a tiny gap in her left ear, where she was probably bitten (that was waay before I got her). Whenever I hand out treats she will inevitably start to deposit them, always in the same spot, and come back over and over to get more food. I have no idea if she even eats it or if the others steal it from her since she doesn't even hide the food and just throws it into a corner of the cage. She's always the first one to do something and will always try to climb on top of me, even if that includes walking over my entire arm. Lumi (who has a blue tail mark) is essentially a more chill version of Baki. She likes doing her own thing and can be seen hanging out alone. Weirdly enough she is the heaviest one of the three, although she's not as much into food as her sisters. In contrast to her sisters she doesn't get scared by fast movements. Tazme (who used to have a red tail mark and now doesn't have any) is the tiniest of the three. She's really fragile, easily scared and very careful. This doesn't mean that she's not curious and outgoing, which she is, just a very paranoid, delicate lady. I can easily recognize her from the way she walks - she seems to tiptoe all the time. if something startled her or something new happens she will first watch from a safe distance and then circle the object (sometimes multiple times) until she dares to approach it. All three of them have a very weird obsession with pushing around their bedding. They will pile it up in front of a house, often the door. Sometimes they push it so hard that it lands on my carpet. Once I saw one of them transport some from the lower floor to the upper floor to - you guessed it - completely bury the entrance to their little house.
  12. Sad news: One of the girls, her name was Lumi, got a tumour about a month ago. She also had some sort of rat-cataract in her eyes which didn't really impact her as far as I could tell and made sounds while breathing (she already did that when I got her). Because of all of this and since I had a really bad times with tumours the last time I had rats (one got operated and had a new one two weeks later) we decided to wait and see how it developed. It turned out to be extremely aggressive and got really big in a short amount of time. Today we went to the vet and she said that operating her wasn't an option. So we put her to sleep...I held her in my hands the entire time and she cuddled with me. This was the first time that I euthanised one of my pets and it was strangely peaceful but also really sad.
  13. I mean, I don't know what the discourse looks like, but I also think that they cause harm by using those labels (I mean at that point a bisexual man could try and say that he is heterosexual gay).
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