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  1. I don't mind it at all! Its nice seeing that people like my little playthrough. I was considering Draedith as well. I'll probably pick her!
  2. During the night Frakivi and Zeeerzur pass away. A new leader must be chosen - who will it be?
  3. Frakivi has given birth to a son named Arrah. When Zeeerzur comes to congratulate her, he gently plays with the newborn.
  4. To everyone's shock, Ithlurlee passes away during the night. Eluthna grieves her mate, and Babhelrin is distraught over the loss of her father. Dradeiith doesn't speak much the whole day, and when she sees Obtu and Nifra standing close together, purring, she gets upset.
  5. Frakivi announces that she is pregnant once again. The tribe is surprised, as she and Ithlurlee seem to have been distant since Nifra's birth.
  6. Obtu sits next to Nifra and begins purring. Niva isn't used to being this close to someone else, has the tribe has stayed away from her due to her sickness since she can remember. When night falls she moves away from Obtu, hoping he won't get sick.
  7. Ithlurlee and Dradeiith have been talking a lot, and Dradeiith's belly appears to be growing.
  8. Babhelrin meets a stranger named Obtu. She invites him into the tribe when he tells her that he is a healer. His random mutation is tiny pattern.
  9. Eluthna and Babhelrin go hunting together, while Ithlurlee and Dradeiith reminisce about their old tribe together. Frakivi and Zeerzur picks berries.
  10. Zeeerzur and Eluthna's daughter is named Babhelrin. Her random mutation is huge pattern. Ithlurlee and Frakivi's daughter Nifra is worrisome. She's been born sick. (Her random mutation is black fur) It breaks Frakivi's heart, but she orders the tribe to stay away from her newborn cub.
  11. But for now, it is time to settle in.
  12. The tribe finds themselves on a small, much warmer island. The port that they will use to travel on is the middle one...
  13. Eluthna has found it! Out comes Dradeiith. The god's must like her, for her random mutation is armored body, the extinct gene she herself carries.
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