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  1. Another strange cub has been born... And Donpriah has grown up to be immensely handsome!
  2. One of the slayers seems particularly interested in him and offers that he may tag along.
  3. Donpriah's mother has passed on, leaving him all alone. He doesn't truly belong to either of the tribes. Meanwhile, Niorizen has found a mate. It is only their relationship that protects Donzena from being slain. Donpriah has a run-in with a group of slayers. Neither side seems to know how to react at first. It is his bearyena paw as well as his smell that make the slayer's recognize him as part of the tribe.
  4. A strange-looking cub has been born on the outskirts of the island.
  5. These berry bushed are hard-earned territory.
  6. It is to be expected that some forbidden relations will crop up
  7. Also, here's Pimi's second daughter.
  8. Also these three are our new breeding pair/triple. Two of them are already poisonous, so everyone else will star attacking now.
  9. Look at this cute baby!
  10. Pimi has made a friend! In case you are wondering, Pimi is allowed to have kids with members of the original Home Island Tribe. Ape-slayer descendants, however, are not.
  11. Not to worry we're fast adapters.
  12. The message makes this very heartbreaking...On the other hand I have been here twice before so...
  13. Aaaand here we go!
  14. This time I had to breed both pairs about three times in order to get two more breeding pairs. Funnily enough both of these new pairs resulted from the two mates on the right.
  15. Aww she's adorable!
  16. We haven't fully made it. We will have to camp out for two days in order to wait for Deice's cub to grow up.
  17. I'm trying to get away from here as soon as possible, but we're on a race against the clock in order to bring Deice to a safe birthing place before she passes.
  18. Next port is looking good - no more cold!
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