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  1. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    New gene suggestion: Bat Head

    would the bat head include the bat ears? or are they like separate? or is it just for show just like the derp snout?
  2. Thanks! I basically went back through the second community voting and found it.
  3. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Random Gene Generator

    That sounds cool! But is this for only the starting pair of nichelings or every nicheling you have? Or maybe selective nichelings? I think that maybe this could just be something in every single save file where there is a button that you can press to randomize a gene and it would select one for you, but you would have to verify that that gene is something you would want and click the check button, just in case your not playing a game where you want random mutations,
  4. what will the savannah horns do? i know that its not my suggestion of horns.
  5. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Tribe size limit stuff ​🐾

    I do watch some of it, but would you be able to change it during the game? or does it have to be before you creat the save file?
  6. HELLO! I'm back from the dead! No, just kidding, but after a long while of not being so active on the forums, I have decided to come back, replying to suggestions and all. After Niche not being able to load my save files, I have decided to spend some time here.

  7. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Multiple Tribes

    This would be great for role-playing!
  8. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Blind genes mode

    I think that this is a great idea, since I sometimes peek at the genes.... . Also when looking at traits, when you hover over them they usually show the genes that nicheling has, and sometimes its a gene that you did not know your nicheling had, so maybe that could be disabled?
  9. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Challenges with win conditions

    I think that this is a great idea, but maybe there should be some options, cause this does seem a little advanced. Maybe this could be an advanced feature?
  10. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Creating your starter pair

    I think that all genes should be able to be played with, cuase some people might want it like that, to be overpowered, I mean, Niche is a singleplayer game, so I really don't think it matters if all genes are unlocked.
  11. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Self Made & Saveable Islands

    this could be like an advanced feature since this does seem a bit complicated.... but cool!
  12. I posted this a while ago in the forums, but now that there is a specific category for this, might as well post it again. I think that you should be able to choose how many nichelings you want to start with, but the genetics should be completely random, unless making your own nicheling is available in a later update. the range should be from 1-15, since 15 is the most you can travel with on ports, and sometimes you want one nicheling to start a challenge of some sort.
  13. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Add more Immunity Genes?

    There are only 12 immunity genes, and maybe we could add Immunity L, M, N, and O, just to decrease the possibility of sickness and a more diverse tribe
  14. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    Creature Creator/Breeder Mode

    I must have clicked the wrong one somehow!
  15. pebbleheart.the.med.cat

    2 different eye colors

    What about partially, super rare like LUMINE!!!