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  1. hey welcome to my new niche challenge, this is just for fun and random stuff. if im bored ill do this save Here are my starter nichelings! From left to right they are: Markiplier, Kambi-Anadose, Analenki, Candy Cane(white and red), Tamiana-Kakulinkra(red w dark spots), and finally-- Ilyak-a-vich! Day 6 and the first batches of children have been born! The reason this took a second is because a bearyena decided to waltz into my nichelings doing the devils tango. Therefore I had to get Tamiana-Kakulinkra her two movement and 8 strength butt over here to save the day. Now the baby bearyena gets to enjoy being around the nichelings that killed its mother. Anyway! Here are the babies: first the twins in the tree (McStriperson Dude and Lemony Delight), Foxy lil Sucka(no mother on the nest) and finally Mark's Pink Mustache.
  2. Kibbles

    Deleted My Save

    Sadly I dont have a second laptop lol, if I did that wouldve been a great relief for my save though, and thank youu
  3. Kibbles

    Deleted My Save

    Hi! Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't thought of looking there. I did actually find five different saves labeled through 1 to 5, I'll attatch the save that would've had my world in it. If it is the save it'll be called Realm of Vrapira I believe, also it would be around day 103- if that helps at all. Thank you for replying to this, hope it goes well Slot0.nichesave
  4. Kibbles

    Deleted My Save

    Hey everyone, I play Niche all the time through steam. One of my favourite games, anyways there is one save that I play on alot. Has 30+ hours, multiple generations and I hold it very dear to myself. Well, I log on today to discover its gone from my saves. I have four saves currently and only that one is gone, I never deleted it and frankly I'm mad. I have literally no idea how this happened, and I dont think its because of it being played 30+ hours. I have a different save played for 52 hours and that one is completely fine though this one save I love is gone. If anyone can help please message, maybe its in my game files or something though I havent found anything yet. Just some help would be appreciated.
  5. I really love the idea of this challenge! Ive also began to make a playthrough of it, having loads of fun making up the stories!
  6. Credit to @StrangelyCloudy for this challenge and check it out! I find its alot of fun ^^^^ thats the link to the challenge! Introduction: Welcome everyone to Alterha! A land where Nobles live lavish lives and look down upon the unfortunate Villagers. We have begun with nine Nicheling's! Two noble families, two villager families, and one matron- hope you guys enjoy this letsplay!! (Day 0) We have all of our starter Nicheling's! The creatures with golden gemstones are the noble families. We have Maura-Ako (white w/ brown spots) and her mate Hiver-Ako (spiky body, poison fangs), then Tame-Ki (red w/ antlers) along with her mate Kirkalur-Ki (double nimble fingers w/ poison fangs). The villager families are Oswal-Ko and Tresiko-Ko (blue gemstones), then Mezelda-La and Ku-La (pink gemstones). Finally theres our matron Yui-Kai (red gemstones). Let us begin! (Day 3) Maura and Hiver decided to settle right into a nest and have had their first child. Her name is Primara and I see alot of males competing for her in the future with her lovely sabre fangs and delicate nimble fingers... (Day 3 pt.2) Our Matron, Yui, has decided to take in little orphan Tare! It seems the Ako family may be interested in her as a servant in the near future, we'll have to see... (Day 4) Oswal and Tresiko celebrate the birth of their vibrant, poison-fanged baby named Adelaine! It appears that toxic body Nicheling's are quite attractive in Alterha, so we may have some noble sons vying for her heart in the future~ (Day 6) The Ki family is estatic to welcome Kestrel-Ki to the family! Even though they hoped their son would posess the stripes that define the Ki lineage, he is a loved son nonetheless. Tensions also begin to rise between the Ki and Ako family when regarding whom is to purchase Tame to be their servant. Whom is the gentle giant that has grown into quite the lovely yound lady.. (Day 7) Sarrow-Ako has wowed the different families when he is born posessing the peacock tail, a trait that makes any nicheling quite the attractive one. (Day Eight) Both Ku and Mezelda were quite nervous that their future child wouldnt be able to marry a daughter. Though Raro has been quite the plesant surprise! On other news, the Ki family has purchased Tare as their servant (leaving the Ako family quite annoyed), though the Ki's also need to battle with the bunnels which threaten to steal their precious berries! (Day 10) Tare has managed to reach the Ki island and will begin to make her way to the noble family. It is getting progressively more difficult for some nichelings to get pregnant because of low fertility. The two villager families, La and Ko have begun to voice their concerns of the fertility genes in the tribe. We'll have to see if the noble families decide to acknowledge this problem, or if they'd even take notice of it... (Day 12) Two babies are born today! At the left of the screen is Tigger-Ki, the first Ki child that has been born with stripes. Next to the termite hill is Kalienta-Ko, a beautiful purple toxic-bodied daughter to the Ko family! Also there has been some conversations regarding a betrothal between Primara-Ako and Ketsrel-Ki, in an attempt to unite the two noble families from their past dispute... (Day 13) Two more babies have been added to the family. Another sabre fanged girl named Amara and an orca snouted male named Hazel! That's not all the news though, a meeting has been organized between Tame-Ki and Maura-Ako to discuss terms of a betrothal between their two eldest children. That conversation will be held on Day 14. (Day 14) There was a storm that day, the rain pummeled down onto the pelts of nicheling's spread across the archipelago. The ones furtunate enough to be blessed with a tree such as the Ako and Ki family, were luckier that day. Maura stood on a small hill, looking down at a red shape beneath the water. The creatue broke the surface, scrambling onto the sand and shaking her pelt off. Maura took notice of her delicate antlers that sat atop her head, and how they had been adorned with seaweed and countless other ocean artifacts. She had used the seaweed to string some clamshells around her neck, something which most members of her family participated in. "Greetings Maura," the striped lady said, beating her paws into the damp grass to make herself more comfortable for the meeting that was to be held. "It is good to finally see you after all this time." Purred Maura, the two ladies chuckling as they briefly nuzzled, Maura pulling away first. The two had been childhood friends on their past island, and both regretted not seeing eachother sooner then this. The delicate female yawned, outstretching her razor sharp fangs that seemed to gleam in the light. She watched Tame, "shall we begin?" Tame dipped her head in agreement. She began, "after our recent.. dispute over the servant Tare, my husband has wished to attempt to reconcile with the Ako family." She continued, Maura listening contently and silently. "It has been no secret that our families have been the most powerful in the history of Alterha, allies to be reckoned with. And since we have travelled to this new land, we wish to continue this alliance. I have...-" "A son, I am well aware." Maura would interupt. "Though my mate Hiver is not exactly welcoming of the idea to continuing family traditions, that being the betrothals between the Ki family." She explained, leaning closer to Tame. "And dear, we havent forgotten of the Ki's... disgust between your mother and a certiain someone..." She purred, her voice like venom. Tame straitened, a protective yet enranged hiss leaving her. "The past is the past Maura, that was my mothers mistake not my own." She defended, the tension rising between the two. Maura chuckled. "Your line has always been infected with filth Tame and I do not wish to mix my children in with it." She turned, ruffling her pelt as thunder boomed above. "Good day love, I do hope you have safe travels on your way back home!" She called, returning to her families side and leaving her dearest friend to her own thoughts. (Day 17) Whats this? It seems Tare has come across a newborn baby girl named Keleke! Upon further conversing, Tame has agreed to raise the newborn (only a day old) as if it was her own! Sarrow has taken young Kalienta-Ko as his mate, he will also be retaking his parents family den when he starts his own family. (Day 18) We welcome Kilen-Ko! Kestrel-Ki has also taken Adelaine-Ko as his mate and she will begin to make her way over to him. Keleke's "birth" from Tame has also been revealed to the rest of the islands and her birth has been widely accepted. (Day 22) Sadly Ku-La drowned (I was an idiot and forgot the damage multiplier), leaving Mezelda-La a widow and pregnant with his last child. (Day 23) Three new children have been born! Far left is Echo-Ki, at the Oaktree there's the birth of Oaknii-Ako, and far right is Ku Cii-La (named after her father)
  7. SO! I'm playing with one of my Tribes and we are currently in the Summer Mountains. Basically my creatures have been getting cold, and getting reduced moves as usual. But when I get a notification that their frozen (or should be frozen) their not! Just wanted to let you guys know but that's really the only issue I've had with the update thus far. Keep up the good work!
  8. @ValkyrieWolff Oh my lord it worked! Thank you so much lol
  9. @ValkyrieWolff Thank you! Though that wasn't exactly my issue. I should've explained it more clearly. I cant find any folder for this on my computer. I've tried searching for the file and have been going through my computer and cant find anything! I'm starting to get worried I may of downloaded the game wrong.
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