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  1. Thanks for telling me. It's nice to see that this problem might get taking care of though.
  2. Can you make the family tree not reset every time you reopen the game? I don’t know if this ever bothers you guys but It sure does bother me. I usealy document my family’s tree with my drawing program and I have that, but it’s a pain to reorganize it every time.
  3. With this option you have the ability to set what is allowed in in your game. Tired of bright ruby red nichlings with white spots looking like a mushroom? Just turn the combination red fur with white dots off. You also can control genes too! You can have a game made of only derp snouted fishes if you want.
  4. This is a great idea, I find myself in the same situation too often.
  5. you have the ability to start with two niching you create from scratch. you get to customize all the genes from fertility to eye sight. start with all the genes unlocked might be a bit over powered but you can have the option to play with unlocked genes from story mode. What do you think?
  6. I posted this on the steam community but now's my chance to speed the word. I got this idea from birds, cats, dogs, wolves and many more animals.
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