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  1. that sounds fun. but there is absolutely no way my computer could handle that many creatures tho XD
  2. dang lol this is the fastest growing post ive seen on this forum
  3. wow this thread is huge XD but since the more ppl that join the more chances to win i might win anyway
  4. i think this is a fun idea. and maybe if you could change the day on one island but not the other but you would have to catch up with the one you didn't change the day on before you could send nichelings or resources or unlocked genes between the islands. i feel like this would definitely be a big feature XD.
  5. at first i didn't remember it but i googled it and now i remember 🤣
  6. i think the niche wiki pretty much dose all of that.
  7. how do you determine what is behind? they always face you so you could just turn the camera to change where behind is. and why would you need to shoot ink at a leech? just attack it. can the ink work at all on land?
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