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  1. it would be cool to make a maze out of rocks that you could give to a friend to survive on. or make it big and dont remember the way thru XD. you could make the paths 1 wide except for little stops for berry bushes and things like that. you could also make the very end impossible to reach without breaking the rocks so that you need to breed with bearyenas to beat the island.
  2. DogCatCowPig

    Competition between tribes.

    maybe the wanderers but i don't like the idea of one of my nichelings just randomly deciding to go join the other tribe
  3. DogCatCowPig

    question regarding the tree stump

    i think the strong voice is just for scaring away predators. i kinda don't feel like that would also be attractive.
  4. DogCatCowPig

    Deformed Body

    if you had webbed hind legs with the crippled body you would have 0 speed.... and that would just suk.
  5. DogCatCowPig

    Food Limit

    maybe you could also do something like max is 5 food per nicheling as well. you could do that manually but itd be nice if this was an option anyway.
  6. DogCatCowPig

    Bones and scavengers!

    ooh i like the idea of it gaining Armour as time goes on so that you have ti exterminate it quickly unless you are super strong
  7. i wonder if there is anything you could do for a thunder path XD
  8. DogCatCowPig

    Tribe size limit stuff ​🐾

    twins might be a bit of a problem. if you have a limit of 15 and there are currently 14 in your tribe but one of your nichelings is about to give birth. will it stop them from giving birth in case of twins? will it force it to be a single birth even if it would be twins? would it let you go to 16 if you get twins? will it automatically banish one of your other nichelings if twins are born? will it force you to chose a nicheling to release before you can do anything else? and similarly what if you had two pregnant females who are about to give birth but you can only have one more nicheling? will it randomly pick one to give birth? will it do one of the things mentioned for twins? have i used to many question marks XD? srsly tho tell me how you think this should work if this is added.
  9. DogCatCowPig

    Challenges with win conditions

    lol i end up using lots of lol and XD online and often i end up with lol and the beginning and end of my sentence and it looks stupid often times XD
  10. i would probably make something stupid like 1 space islands in a hexagonish grid shape separated by shallow water. or an island filled with nothing but bunny hills (and maybe a nest if you cant make them on the hills idk if you can). or maybe archipelago but 10 times as big. and other stuff like that XD.
  11. DogCatCowPig

    Give Away Circle Empires :D

    ill try my luck
  12. DogCatCowPig

    Toxic Body Colors

    i coulda swore it said in the niche wiki that it is chosen completely randomly and they should all be equally likely but i cant find it now to take a screeny. maybe they changed the wiki idk.
  13. DogCatCowPig


    this stuff is so interesting. i want more XD!
  14. DogCatCowPig

    Tribe size limit stuff ​🐾

    @RandomWanderer maybe when you start the game you can just pick if you want the ability to change it or not. that way you can have that game mode that stops you from cheating and if someone wants to change it in game they can do that. these sandbox options are all about customizing things so why not have both.
  15. DogCatCowPig

    snow claw

    seeing so many wc fans here made me want to try them just finishing up the origanal series now. i really like em😄