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  1. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Luck Challenge Generator

    I've heard of the Whims of Fate challenge, but I've never actually seen any of those videos. It might be similar, but I based the numbers and stuff of my generator off this steam post by MysticTopaz (obviously you could use it for the Whims of Fate challenge as well)
  2. So, one of my friends decided he was going to teach me to code and naturally, I decided I had to do something Niche related. I decided to write a code that basically does the work for you when playing the luck challenge. I believe the luck challenge was originally created by @MysticTopaz? It is incredibly bare bones right now, and not even remotely finished, but it works, so I thought I would share it. So far I only have two done, the Island Selector and the Mutation Menu Selector If you have any problems with it, please let me know, apparently learning how to fix things is also an important part of knowing how to code 😁
  3. ValkyrieWolff

    Set Starting Food

    It would be awesome (particularly in connection with many of the other features) if you could set the amount of food you start with. Basically my end goal is to be able to just jump into a new world and focus purely on trying to make the most aesthetic nichelings I can and pretty much everything else already needed for that has been suggested
  4. ValkyrieWolff

    Bushfire Season

    It's so strange the way the RNG works! I was back at the Savannah again recently (only my second time there) and once again I ended up with a huge fire, not as big as these ones, but still probably at least a quarter of the island
  5. ValkyrieWolff

    Share your favourite nichelings!

    Oh my gosh, that is beautiful! I love the mask pattern so much, there's so many beautiful possibilities I got such a cute little guy as my starter on a save I was just doing to help work out which island I wanted to move to next (and of course he has the mask :D), I'm gonna be sad to say goodbye to him (maybe I'll backup his save so I can play with him later)
  6. ValkyrieWolff

    I can hear AND smell a rogue male and I don't see his outline

    I had that happen and it turned out he was stuck? Like he wasn't making any moves or anything and I originally thought he was dead and just glitched, but then I brought a female creature down to try and mate with him (because he had some good genes) and he would mate with her when she was next to him, but he still couldn't move? I have no idea why it happened, but at least you know you're not alone with the strange ghost rogue males?
  7. ValkyrieWolff

    Bushfire Season

    On our last day in the savannah, the fires were still burning, but the next generation were ready to move on. This is how much of the place ended up being on fire after fifty days
  8. ValkyrieWolff

    Bushfire Season

    Despite the fact that it's winter here in Australia, clearly it is Bushfire Season in my niche world right now! This fire started pretty early when I arrived in the savannah and just never stopped burning. I've been trying to migrate all my creatures down towards the ports (and have the babies I need for the next generation on the way) but even that couldn't save them! A new fire spawned right next to one of my newborn babies, right where their dad was standing!! Hopefully everyone will be able to survive the eight more days needed to finish unlocking all the hot climate genes!
  9. ValkyrieWolff

    Share your favourite nichelings!

    I ended up with my little scorpion family all in one spot, they're all so cute and also I'm kinda proud of myself, I haven't actually unlocked the scorpion tail yet, I was just lucky enough to get a wanderer with the tail and through some very selective breeding, I've managed to keep it in my tribe! I love my little desert family
  10. ValkyrieWolff

    More customization options for sandbox mode

    Right now, I'm working on making a save with all the genetics unlocked and with lots of food so I can just pop in and chill out and make cool little creatures, I would love so so much to be able to set a food amount and unlock specific genetics (maybe you have to have unlocked them at least once before in something like story mode or the current sandbox?) and just start working on making purple eyed, spotty, poisoned fang creatures with fluffy tails. Creatures made in the custom sandbox probably shouldn't count towards things like trait specific achievements though
  11. ValkyrieWolff

    Old grafic optional package

    I'm fairly new to niche, but I would also love this! I play on both my main computer and a laptop that is nowhere near as high spec and to be able to play such a pretty version without potentially melting my laptop would be fantastic!
  12. ValkyrieWolff

    Stuck in an island loop

    I've been having the exact same problem, I've tried different options from Whale Island and no matter what, I just keep ending up back at Whale Island. I get different islands in between, but always coming back to Whale Island. After 676 days, I really don't want to lose my tribe to the curse of Whale Island This is the save, I hope this was the right way to load it, please let me know if it wasn't Slot3.nichesave