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  1. So I have finished my Masters program and am now returning to the wonderful world of Niche. I opened Steam to discover I have spent over 500 hours playing Niche, which is incredible to me! I definitely thought I was around the 200 mark. Anyway, what's everyone up to? Any fun new challenges for a returning oldie?
  2. If you're looking for someone who is excellent at bug finding and accidentally destroying software in ways that no one can understand, I have finished my masters and am returning to Niche! I would loooooove the opportunity to be a play tester for the mobile game!
  3. It's been a little while since I've been active here, but I'm still excited for mobile and switch! Some thoughts on adapting for switch: definitely controller support, I know the switch has a touch screen, but as someone who struggles a lot with touch screens support for both would be excellent (my fingers aren't conductive enough) A big thing for me, since I usually play in handheld mode is how the UI scales. I can imagine if everything is scaled as per the computer version, some of the menus, such as the mutation menu may be a little small and difficult to see, so maybe mess around with the scale in different modes to make sure they're all readable? Regardless, I hope you're all going well and it's nice to be back on the niche train
  4. Hope with time zones I'm not too late! Here's a selection of some of my favourites
  5. Just checking, if it's a shared computer do you have different user profiles on it? This is how I found the right section on my computer. If you still can't find it, it might be worth uninstalling and re-installing Niche. Steam should hang onto your save data, but if you wanna make sure, you can right click on the game name in steam and backup your files
  6. I've never had insect swarms spawn in grass adventure either, I just assumed that was how it was meant to be, to make things a little easier
  7. Attempted spots and bearyena ears, Perdita (who belongs to @bannergirl411)
  8. Some more sketches My goddesses Rose and Jasmine (i didn't finish Jasmine but i have a terrible habit that if i don't finish in one sitting, it's not going to get finished)
  9. No problem! Thanks for posting him on the site!
  10. I really really love how you've drawn the horns on all your nichelings, but especially the last one! With regards to the nose as mentioned above, if you want to keep the illusion of depth with the more obvious nose, one thing you can do is use a colour slightly darker than your base colour (but not as dark as the outline colour) and put a few parallel lines right above the nose. It's kinda similar to what is in the third picture, but much closer to the nose itself. My advice for the second picture would be to just round out the chest just a little bit more. Not only to give it more of an impression of a rib cage, but also to distinguish a little better where the neck ends and the body begins. Finally, with digital drawings, it can be really helpful to flip the image after you've worked on it for a bit, especially if you want your nicheling to look kind of symmetrical. It's a bit like how with traditional drawing, one of the suggestions I saw a lot was to hold the drawing up to a mirror. It sort of disrupts your mental image of the drawing and lets you see how it actually looks/how it looks to other people. I hope that helps! (side note, I love the crossed eyes on your rogue male, he is just unbearably cute)
  11. If you're still taking requests, can I offer Selene? She's very much a protector of her family and friends and you don't want to be around her when she's angry, but she's also super playful
  12. Ooooooooh if you do, please tag me! I still love how cute she is!
  13. And my little wanderer family (I was real ambitious with upside down boy and i really had no idea how to do his face)
  14. ValkyrieWolff

    Sketch Dump

    Seeing everyone's amazing art recently really inspired me to start drawing again, so here are some sketches I've done during my short course this week First off, two random nichelings And then I just wandered through the forum finding nichelings that had the elements I felt like drawing Goldenrose (who belongs to @Badgercat17) And then Raana chilling in a banana split (who belongs to @RaanaTheBanana) My short course has ended, but I'm hoping to keep on sketching. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Feel free to provide me with inspiration nichelings!
  15. ValkyrieWolff


    Now I wanna buy something like this
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