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  1. ValkyrieWolff

    How Do You Survive In Winter?

    Dig dig and dig If you're starting in snow, you want to keep reloading until you start with a digging paw. The ice blocks will often have helpful genetics as well If you're in story mode, aim for claws and digging paws before you get there (also if I'm remembering correctly, first snow has a fair amount of poisonous berry bushes, so poison immunity will help) For the most part, as heyitsgeorgie said, ignore walrus deer, but check every so often if one swings past if it's close to death, cos you can swoop in and swipe up the meat. Also Balance Bears have plus 2 for defence, so you need to have more than plus 2 strength if you want to take them down
  2. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    As would be expected with such danger surrounding him, the poor unnamed kit was quickly snatched up by one of the many nearby birds in the sky, though Faith's Chosen could not find too much sorrow or guilt in his heart for the child. Meanwhile, having all faced the harsh, energy draining cold of the approaching winter, it is with wonder that SwiftCurrent and Salvation discover the healing magic of the newest member of the tribe. Kirvan tells them of the tribe members they had never met, and the way a defenceless kit was abandoned to the fates, a particularly harrowing act to Salvation, who had been tasked with caring for SwiftCurrent at such a young age. As Kirvan sings his healing songs through the night, Salvation feels a powerful draw towards the kind and mysterious creature, encased in ice as SwiftCurrent's father had been, but with the opposite of his curse. In the other half of the tribe, a tragedy has befallen Isis. In her haste to escape the peril that stole her first child, she has grown too tired to build her nest, and will pass away without her dreams of a family built from love ever being achieved. Salvation and Kirvan's first kit is also born with Salvation's all important double digging paw. With Salvation's permission, SwiftCurrent asks if Kirvan would help her try and keep the gift of flight alive in their tribe, to which Kirvan agrees. Meanwhile, things look grim for Faith's Chosen and his wanderer friend. Surrounded on all sides and too cold to do more than swipe at the nearest fox a few times, Faith's Chosen reflects on his choices in life and the path he has walked. He does not know about the other tribe mates that the strange ice bound creature went to join and believes his path here will lead to the end of his family's line and legacy.
  3. ValkyrieWolff

    No perma nests

    When I've done my challenge tribes on Long Winter, both times only spawned one permanent nest
  4. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    A gift from the goddess is brought to the tribe in the form of a healthy kit born with double digging paws. She is named Salvation Before he passes, StarSpot asks Nukirduk if he would do her the honour of having a kit with her. His gifts have helped the tribe collect food in ways that they could not have dreamt of, and she hopes their child will be blessed with the ability to continue his work Meanwhile, Faith's Chosen and Isis have found themselves quite an adventure as they search for food, and though Isis still carries CloudStream's kit, she finds herself growing fonder of Faith's Chosen, allowing herself to dream of a family made of love, not for survival Through his sickness claims his life, Nukirduk does have a moment to meet his daughter, a perfect creature sharing of his wings, if not his strength. In his last moments, he suggests she be named SwiftCurrent, in honour of StarSpot's parents, who brought her to this place and thus held a hand in the birth of his daughter. With only a day before her own passing, StarSpot asks Salvation to look after and care for SwiftCurrent, though she knows it to be a heavy burden for one so young. Though aware that winter is fast approaching and they should be focusing on finding food, Faith's Chosen's curiosity about the creature he could only just make out in the frozen glacier was too strong, and so he freed the strange creature, with its funny face and strange, hard tail. Upon the birth of Isis' first child, Faith's Chosen hears a call for help from a nearby creature, drained of energy and in mortal peril Though it goes against his every instinct, he calls for Isis to leave the baby to its fate as he was, and help save this wanderer.
  5. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    Oh, don't worry, I still have two full pages of notes before we even catch up to where the tribe is at currently (and I am glad you are enjoying it )
  6. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    While threats continued to surround them, so too did a new hope, in the form of rabbils On her last day, beside her mate, LightningSwift built her nest, fearful but also hopeful. Many threats surrounded them, but she knew they would be well protected by CloudStream and StarSpot Surrounded once more, StarSpot and CloudStream found themselves facing a tough decision - protect the youngest in their tribe and risk death in the process, or leave him to a cruel fate. Fate however must have been feeling kind that day, for luck was on his side as both the fox and the bear bypassed the unnamed cub in favour of other, unknown targets. The threat had not completely passed however. Once again, the unnamed boy was spared by fate, and so in thanks, he was given the name Faith's Chosen. The small tribe happened upon a glacier in their wanderings and, spotting the shape of a creature inside, broke it open to discover a stunning remnant of ancient time, who held a dark and sorrowful secret - that his tribe had consigned him to the ice, to prevent his sickness from spreading With the gift of flight, Nukirduk was able to bring another wanderer to the tribe, despite ever dwindling food supplies. Though he was sick, Nukirduk quickly proved his worth to the tribe, snatching up rabbils as fast as his wings would allow him to. Meanwhile, now nearing the end of his life, CloudStream asked Isis if she would carry the tribe, telling her the stories his parents had brought with them from the grasslands And so it was, consumed by the need to collect enough food to survive the rapidly approaching winter that the small tribe found itself split in two.
  7. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    The heavy snow makes it difficult to move, but now fully grown, CloudStream is proud to help his father collect food for the tribe. As they scavenge, a fellow wanderer appears before the small tribe, however, before she can be invited to join them, she disappears The distant sound of foxes makes LightningSwift fear for the wanderer, though she looked strong, she was still alone, while the foxes travelled in a pack Somewhere, the sound of a creature crying out in pain could be heard, only confirming LightningSwift's fears. Though now grown, she cautioned her children to be wary of the foxes. The presence of a strange and unwelcome creature caused the small tribe to fear for their food supply. Through more food was in sight, every morsel was precious and not to be wasted Even worse than the persistent visitor was the sudden appearance of a bear just like the one that had forced them to leave their planned home A situation that had once seemed so hopeful was now fraught with terror. With a threat lurking at every corner,, would this little family never find the peaceful mountain home they sought?
  8. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    Two more travelling creatures from the grasslands find themselves at the foot of the Long Winter Mountain. In the distance, three frozen nichelings dream of eventual rescue, but for now, ThunderStruck and LightningSwift are more interested in building up their food supplies, a task that will be made a lot easier with ThunderStruck's double digging paw Both struggle to stay warm in the cold weather, a factor that influences their decision to immediately have a kit, without first stocking up on food as they had initially planned Little CloudStream is gifted with the same digging paw as his father, an auspicious sign in these mountains. Nevertheless, the awareness looms that with three mouths to feed, food will soon start running short. With a sky clear of birds, the decision is made to leave CloudStream in the nest while they search for food. ThunderStruck's double digging paws means that he can dig up enough of the roots to feed the tribe all for a day, allowing him to rush back to his son's side, and just in time too, as the next day brings with it the dreaded cry of a bird on the search for prey On his way to find more roots, ThunderStruck stumbles across a bear lurking just outside of sight from the nest he and LightningSwift had hoped to make their home around Thankfully, they manage to flee as the snow beings to fall, hopefully covering their scent from the bear. LightningSwift finds the next root, and though her family lacks the energy to collect it today, sapped by the cold and their hasty escape, she builds a nest secure in the knowledge that the root, and the one nearby will be dug up tomorrow. StarSpot's birth brings with it another accursed bird, but LightningSwift will not leave her undefended.
  9. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    Update, this one is turning out to be a longer one (though apparently I'm incapable of not spilling angst all over the floor), I'm wondering if I should start a new thread or keep going here. If anyone has any opinions either way I would love to hear it
  10. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    Fear not, more wanderers will find their way to the land of Long Winter, though hopefully they'll be more suited to the environment (i.e. I'm gonna keep restarting until one of the starters has a digging paw )
  11. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    Winter's Gift manages to convince Sorrow to leave the nest and move to FlameHeart's side, while she gathers enough food to survive today Sadly, FlameHeart passes on, while danger continues to surround Winter's Gift and Sorrow. A strong survivor appears in the winter wastelands, but with no food to offer her, Winter's Gift is unable to invite her into the tribe. With little hope and now all alone in the freezing tundra, Sorrow bows her head and struggles to find the energy to move away from the approaching predator. She was not built for this environment, more suited to sneaking through the long grass, like the parents she had never met. And so it was that after 15 days, the journey of our small tribe came to an end, having failed to find their evolutionary niche in the mountains of Long Winter
  12. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

    Winter's Gift joins the tribe, with only a day's worth of food left. She quickly snatches up a root, providing just enough food to get the tribe through another day. ForestSpirit manages to grab another, providing a glimpse of hope that maybe they will be able to survive this winter wasteland. With not enough food to feed the entire tribe, DawnBringer fears for her unborn child. With no roots in sight or smell, the future looks bleak for our little tribe. With the morning comes the passing of ForestSpirit and with it DawnBringer's realisation that she will never get to meet her unborn child. With that awareness, DawnBringer builds her nest by a rabbil warren, hoping with all her heart that one of the dormant creatures will stumble out and provide food for her newborn. Little Sorrow's birth brings with it some hope for salvation in the form of a Walrus Deer, but even with FlameHeart's strength, it will long outlive this little family. Surrounded by both danger and potential, it is up to Winter's Gift to make an impossible choice. Risk Sorrow and collect food, or protect her from the threats surrounding her.
  13. Many thanks to @Brokenshock! Our journey starts as DawnBringer and ForestSpirit find themselves in a strange wintery land, far from the grasslands they grew up in. Though there are no berry bushes or rabbils in sight, they do spot a frozen nicheling in the distance. As they journey towards this poor frozen creature, DawnBringer manages to dig up a close to the surface root, providing a little more food for their tribe of two. The next day, ForestSpirit manages to find a shell for DawnBringer to snatch up, replenishing their food supply. Inside the ice, they find young FlameHeart. Not the digging creature they had hoped for in this frozen tundra, but his big body and strength could potentially be helpful, so they welcome him into their tribe. ForestSpirit was the next to manage to dig up a root, but the struggle to do so haunted the small tribe, as did their awareness that just below the surface was food aplenty, if they could just reach it. But what is this?! A lone child with a digging paw has appeared! Will the tribe be able to reach her in time, with a bluebird flying overhead and an ever dwindling food supply?
  14. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge Thing

    Long winter......oh dear....I'm gonna cross my fingers for some digging trunks, otherwise I predict starvation real fast
  15. ValkyrieWolff

    Niche Community Challenge Thing

    If there's still space available, I'd love to join as well!