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  1. Oh gee, sorry. I feel bad when someone else has the same idea and has posted it already But I will say this, it means there is a community in which wants this to be a thing, and I think it's great to have similar ideas! Let's both hope our voices are heard!
  2. I gotta admit that sounds really sweet... Ooooo what about a gecko tail? Like a leopard gecko, they store fat in their tails so they won't starve when food is scarce if they have been properly fed for a while. Also this brings up another point: Desert animals are mostly nocturnal. Could see the rise of an actual night cycle while in this biome? If so, nightvision becomes an adaptation, and so does a couple other ideas like lightning bug bums or cricket songs, which again I think is pretty neat... Anyone else? Also tiny add-on for cobra head, we get a ranged attack with spraying venom to blind enemies. Because this is a thing with certain cobra species. I mean it would help out since all attacks are physical, so this would add some real advantage to this.
  3. I honestly thought of something else that could go with this: Termite mounds. Especially in savannah as a food source! And maybe an ant-eater head to work like nimble fingers on bushes. Like I said the ideas for this are everywhere! And it would give a reason to eat insects in the game, which is one source of food not covered. I love the idea for beetles btw! Like dung beetles! And I love the idea of snakes as well, maybe they could be cobras, and maybe it could give access to a hood gene of some kind to scare away predators! Could be like meerkats too and dig for millipedes. And what would be really rare is an oasis island! Also, apologies I had not realized someone else had the same idea points for reptile add-ons, but it does add the point that this is a possibility and it would be pretty cool!
  4. Hello there! So I know it is a big ask, believe me, but I do notice you have a LOT of biomes and I especially notice the cacti in the dry grassland areas of the game. I was curious as cacti are found in deserts and it got me thinking: what about a new biome with new traits to compliment it. With the new birds update, it made me think. We have mammals covered on all bases, we now have bird parts to play around with, so why not add reptiles with the new desert biome? I believe it would be really cool as we could have scale-bodied creatures with a higher defense, or creatures with lizard faces that would help in the desert area, or even a crocodile evolution trait. The posibilities are endless and I think it would be an amazing idea, but again it is a big ask and/or task, so my hopes are not high. I love the game though, and hope to see many awesome new things! Mystic
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