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  1. This would be so helpful, I end up having a complex gem coloring system to identify mates and then trying to keep them together limits the amount of space I move them so I don't breed them with someone else. Would this interfere with rouge males and friendly barina's mating? Sometimes I end up having one or two niches follow a friendly barina around and having nichelings with them. I usally consider it their mate until one of the two dies or I loose track of it because the barina moves around too much.
  2. I didn't even realize that I could name my game files for the longest time, or I don't think you could when I started some of my older ones that still work. Now I have all of them named "new game" and one named "desert game" that is in the cold mountains. I know being able to rename them would definitely help me be able to keep them straight, or just be less confused why I am not living in a desert.
  3. @MysticTopaz Thanks so much for telling me! When I searched for the idea originally it didn't pop up. I will make sure to triple check next time!
  4. This looks so carefully thought out and planned. A suggestion if possible, if you are able to play with these niches which you say you are. Then for more of a challenge you might be able to make rouge males that you would place but not necessarily play, damage the health of some, make some that might be sick, and so forth.
  5. When you unlock a gene to mutate the message only says that you have unlocked a gene, not which one. I personally can find this to be confusing, especially during the beginning of the game. So when you open up the menu the highlighted menu the unlocked one would be highlighted or if the unlocked gene could be specified this would be less confusing. Once you close the menu the highlight would go away, therefore making sure that you can not confuse it with other unlocked ones later. Sometimes I unlock two or three, the same idea would apply and all three would would be highlighted. Another
  6. I really like this idea overall and think that having this subspecies would add a lot to the game.😊 Although I don't really know how I feel about the rogue females, I feel like there would need to be a reason for the newborn to be born into your tribe; such as a food shortage or the mother abandoning the child as sad as that would be. With rogue males they move to the point where you loose them on an uncovered map, and so with the female I feel as if the nicheling would be born and attacked by a bird before I could get to it; unless, the rogue female nested in the nearest available nest.
  7. Cami

    Horn Growth.

    Also if we ever got an option for making super long lifespans than there could be a possible to have the horns fall off and regrow. Although with shorter lifespans this is not needed, but could possibly work if you had an option for it on a menu for players who didn't want the growth cycle option.
  8. Cami

    Fur Genes

    WWF facts about Sea Otters Bostonlobstah is correct on Sea Otters having very dense fur. #9 in the list on the WWF website sites that "Its fur is the densest of any animal on Earth—an estimated 1 million hairs per square inch. That’s because, unlike its fellow marine mammals, it has no blubber to keep it warm. " Another fact while we are stating them, on the WWF site #5 says " 5. If a sea otter’s fur becomes dirty, it has trouble absorbing the air needed to keep it warm. Therefore, sea otters are obsessive about keeping their fur clean, and groom themselves practically no
  9. Thinking back to it, the game could possibly combine the current foods to make new diets but I usually get stuck in the "harvest fish and berries" cycle. I know that this would be a fun and unique way to expand my game play style. The head also looks so cute!! I know that I am always going for a look like this anyway in some of my more ascetic challenges. 😊
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