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  1. I really like this! I think it would be fun to have a glow-in-the-dark-nicheling! What if the bioluminescent would attract bugs (For better or for worse), like how moths go mental for light? I really like this idea.
  2. The same thing happened to me. But at the time I was unsure if it was because I was using the cheat council ... Good to know.
  3. Thanks for the knowledge. All of my brain cells where dead expect the one craving sleep and the other that ran around pretending to be a cat in kindergarten... I've voted up both posts.
  4. When it comes to slaying the majestic beast- known as Walrus Deer- I would recommend Saber Tooth fangs. They deal a good amount of damage. Once I had a Mega horn, Saber-toothed, Claw nicheling! (It was awesome- Rip Kealinn) I found him to be the most effective. 🙂
  5. My idea is pretty simple. Having genes for head fluff. Like the different cheek floofs that cats have on their cheeks. For example long cheek fur (P.s- Sorry I'm still figuring out gene names 😕) it could give cold resistance. Mabey have it modeled after Main Coon fur? Medium fur? Short fur... Possibly different coat types that can work with body types. (Example long hair spiky body 😸- Omg, I want a long hair spiky body now... I'm thinking of a baby fluffy porcupine 😍😺 ❤️) Short fur could help with swimming and speed for a more arrow dynamic look.... Please, don't judge me. I am making this late at night because I can't sleep... My brain isn't working 😴... So this is not my best works! (Most of you night owls probably understand being tired but your brain refusing sleep... RIP, my brain 2019 😖) Goodbye, Goodnight- Speck
  6. When is the next Niche Hunger Games? (P.s- what if you had a head game maker nicheling?)
  7. So... I just wanted to say we should have winter tails. Since we already have medium tails it would only make sense to have a winter tail to keep the nichlings warmer (Kinda looking like a fox tail). Possibly tiny tails- like a little Bobcat tail. I dunno. It would be cute. ...
  8. I think it would be super cool to have a level fadedness of patterns... Cause sometimes the patterns are just too bright.
  9. *Rounds up old people, sticks in corn field*
  10. I like the idea, but I could see this being overpowered. Mabey turn off achievements?
  11. Maby some ferns and magnolia trees, cherry and apple trees. Flowers, and medium and short grass.
  12. I miss the old graphics too!
  13. Like with the fur color, the eye color should also be mixed. example- The male has brown eyes and female has blue eyes. The child blue eyes with brown bits. I think niche should work like this.
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