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  1. SHRIEKS omg yo she looks like one of Dragon Tear's sisters! (When I had that tribe, Dragon Tear had many sisters and no brothers) I'm sure that sister's name was Setan but I can't remember very well (rip save file) I actually remember Setan's backstory aswell. YOOOOOO time for a story. Setan was born three turns before Dragon Tear. Setan, the one with the best genes at the time, was crowned to be the next matriarch of the tribe. Once Dragon Tear was born, however, that title was stripped from Setan and given to Dragon Tear. Setan became extremely jealous and began to constantly try to prove herself to her parents so she could gain her title back but she never did. She was jealous of Dragon Tear for nearly everything pretty much and always tried to sabotage her whenever she got the chance, but always did a sloppy job. Once Dragon Tear grew up more, Dragon Tear realized that being matriarch isn't what she wanted. She saw how much pain her sister Setan was in and decided to give up the rank back to her sister. Setan, still overwhelmed with jealousy and hate for Dragon Tear, was shocked at the sudden offer for matriarch. Due to Setan basically losing her sanity, however, she declined rather forcefully and ran off into the jungle never to be seen again. (She actually survived and had a family with a rouge male along the beach, she had twins). The rank for matriarch was then passed on to the second youngest sister (Dragon Tear is the youngest, by the way). The second youngest sister's name was Termagant I think. I just ranted oof ENJOY A BACKSTORY LMAO
  2. Basil

    Wonderwall (WC Playthrough)

    Aww dang, that's fine tho, imma just endlessly search into the abyss of pattern genes lmao
  3. Basil

    Passing the day crash

    Have you used console before? Console can be super buggy if used a lot, but I've never heard of it being so bad that even after closing the game. If so I suggest backing up your saves and uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it to see if that might fix it ^^
  4. Basil

    What’s your favourite island type?

    Honestly love the whale island-- it allows for experimentation with genes due to the endless food it provides (if you don't want to use console) and you can have so many creatures! Plus I just love the layout of the island. It's also very pretty!
  5. Basil

    Wonderwall (WC Playthrough)

    i w a n t h i m Do you have a picture of his genes I want to recreate him or have his genes ready to recreate when I get my new computer
  6. Basil

    Sol and Anubis - for Kitten

    Okay I know you said just do Anubis but I COULDNT HELP IT I HAD TO DRAW SOL TOO BECAUSE THEYRE BROTHERS DHFYWVDNWKAODKJF Anywaaaaaysss.... I hope you enjoy these two polar opposite boys! @Kitten Multiple pics because... you guessed it. My iPad hates me
  7. Basil

    Sol and Anubis - for Kitten

    Glad you love it!! I kinda just assumed their personalities but I got them right! ^^
  8. Basil

    Shipping Nichelings

    That legit makes sense slowly makes a large shipping war between all four of these nichelings
  9. Basil

    Shipping Nichelings

  10. Basil

    Gods And Godesses

    Lily is so darn pretty!!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE TINY NOSE SPOTS!!
  11. Basil

    The Frost Throne

    wHeEzE I saw it and loved it to bits! ^^
  12. Basil

    Look at this Pretty Baby!

    Such a nice Eve! Love those neutral spots - if she had blue eyes then she would be absolutely adorable looking at those recessive genes lmao
  13. Basil

    I'll make Niche edits for you!

    Don't worry, I love it! Time to add it to my Dragon Tear collage!
  14. Basil

    No perma nests

    If anything I would consider this as a bug because... that's just ridiculous having to constantly build nests on an island that barely has any nesting material! Maybe it's just the way the island was generated...
  15. Basil

    The Frost Throne

    Though it's short, I love it! Hope you continue ^^
  16. that's so ironic because a username I was considering switching to was Picklewaffles-- that's like my username on almost every other thing i have w h o o p s
  17. Basil

    Testing Stuff (aka I'm a Nichebuster!)

    Yooo that's actually a really good question its dark too i love it
  18. Basil

    Niche Community Challenge - Long Winter

  19. Imma just hop onto the bandwagon and join all of you guys doing drawings of each other's creatures. I'm really into drawing and I want to get creative and try some new designs to improve my drawing skills. You can post multiple creatures, but just try to post one per comment or else I get confused! These will all be drawn traditionally, examples shown below. Also, just a warning, I'm really limited on colors so sorry if I don't get the colors on your creatures exact! I will be posting the finished drawings in the fanart section and not in this thread and I will tag you once it's finished. BRING IT ON!
  20. Basil

    Let me draw your Nichelings!

    Thanks, getting started on him now ^^
  21. Basil

    Meringue - for Skysplash8

    Your little sneezy boi Meringue has arrived. Omg Meringue is adorable! I love him! @Skysplash8 Multiple pictures because I’m on an IPad and they hate me
  22. Basil

    Meringue - for Skysplash8

    You're welcome! ^^ Glad you like him!