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  1. I mean, maybe have like, a base poll to start with A ton of collected songs people have suggested, people vote on which ones from there they want Then the ones with the most votes go onto the next poll... then so on basically Honestly I'm up for anything tbh lol
  2. Hey, sorry this is so late but I miscounted! So Clover can join!
  3. Well I start school in August... and not really sure if the breaks/vacations thing is different from other schools ngl. Only extra breaks that I got was when I was sick lol
  4. Man I've been out of school for ages. What the heck are yall's schools doing?
  5. Cosmo Sheldrake - The Moss Hide And Seek (forgot the author ripppp)
  6. your mom is so cool
  7. maniacal laughing
  8. Aw I'm sorry D; Maybe when I do another playthrough I'll add clover
  9. You're lucky Prince got the last spot!
  10. Ayy he's so CUTE AAA thanks for joining!
  11. I really like her pattern woah thanks for joining!
  13. Ooo he looks really cool ngl
  14. I think I may do FlowerMask ^^
  15. In celebration for my computer getting fixed and now being able to access the Nicheling creator, I wanted to make a playthrough with Dragon Tear and a few other Nichelings! I'm not entirely sure whether I should use all nine slots but I might depending on the amount of replies I get. So just send one of your own Nichelings with a picture of their genes! (Also tell me anything else about their customizations that you might want) Also, I'm not doing the special colored gems. Sorry about that ^^ I also don't really know what island I should do. I was planning on Deadly Hills, but I'm up for suggestions Edit: Oof guys, sorry I didn't check on this sooner lol, didn't expect so many responses so quick!! There is now one spot left for any last straggler to join! Edit 2: OKAY IT'S FULL GUYS NO MORE ENTRIES, THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED THEIR NICHELINGS! I'll try to start the playthrough asap!
  16. Dragon Tear and Ossen are destined to be together Matching immunities mean nothing I feel that Dragon Tear knows Meringue pretty well, ngl- chillin with the other nicheling gods like yo wassup homie
  18. Dragon Tear lookin a little young to be having three gems
  19. Hey, I think this belongs more in offtopic?
  20. That might be too excessive im also liking "the queen" a little too much
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