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  1. Okay okay, I know this might be a little bit controversial, considering that lots of people already hate derp/spit snout and consider it a nuisance and super annoying... bUT HEAR ME OUT! This is something that has been nagging me for a while now, and it's the single shape that you get for your spit/derp snout. So lemme just start out logically- Spit/derp snout is based off natural deformities in organisms that are generally looked down upon by breeders/people in general. How come there is only one shape that you can get? Obviously not all deformities are the same... so why not a few more? Also, for the people who are in love with spit/derp snout (haha me) this would tickle them fancy to see a change like this! The snouts wouldn't have any special stats or act differently, just look different in physical appearance. In a sense, just adding diversity! And yes, like I mentioned earlier, this is probably gonna sink some boats. As it is, spit/derp snout already has a reputation for being annoying and ruining genes, but this just adds variation. Thanks for reading, can't wait to hear input!
  2. Basil

    I can't think of a title for this

    just gonna call cps real fast-
  3. Basil

    Not My Island Challenge Attempt

    I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see more :DD
  4. Basil

    Rogue Female?

    lowkey depressed Salty wasn't made king
  5. Basil

    Blind gene playthrough

    Though he isn't 100% tied to the family, I think Capricorn would make a nice leader. Not sure why. I just like him, I guess
  6. Basil

    The Kingdom of Bakery [Entry 6]

    Oooo yes! That makes sense. I just didn't see much like- stuff about Tahini going on. So that's kinda why I got confused rip But yay! Can't wait to see other updates :))
  7. Basil

    The Kingdom of Bakery [Entry 6]

    So did Wafer every completely get escorted back? Or is she just gonna keep running off? ALSO WHY DID HER PARENTS CHOOSE HER SISTER I DONT GET IT LOL
  8. Awesome! Menoko is super pretty :)) Ever since the new update, I've wanted to make a rouge child too. I'd love to see what you would make too!
  9. -Welcome- Dear child, have you hurt yourself? Do not weep. I will make sure that underneath my watchful eye of the doe that you stay safe, no matter what happens. As the Queen, I will take full responsibility for any happenings in this colony, whether it be good or bad. I do wish for peace and hope for future allies to come. Those who bear long worn paws with no use or even a deformed face with jutting teeth are welcome. Your appearance does not matter. In my eyes, even the most resented and frowned upon creature can make a difference. I, Dragon Tear, Queen of the Colony of Life, vow to protect you with my life. As it is, all I've wanted is to become a mother. In a way, you will all become my children. Please, make yourself comfortable. Grab a berry or two and settle down. I want this place to seem as close to home as possible. -Important Announcements- February 11th, 2019: Though my colony is still young and growing, I have decided to experiment and branch off into a few section of food gathering. With my tail, I am easily able to swim up and down the long streams that circle the jungle and am easily able to catch up the fish, but I am too clumsy with my nimble fingers. I am opening up a new section, Fishers. February 12th, 2019: I have decided that it is not right to punish those who bear the horns of the great ram. I cannot assume that everyone born with this feature is hot headed and set for war, so I will allow anyone in with ram horns. Though, Megaloceros horns are not allowed still. Along with the genes of the great bears, I shall not allow until further notice. February 13th, 2019: I am proud to announce that the Colony has made a new alliance! Please welcome Caramel's Animal Army to our slowly growing list of alliances! February 22nd, 2019: This is a controversial action of mine... but I have taken Purrdolf Kitler under my metaphorical wing. He has been badly wounded in badly and is receiving death threats. I will not let these threats pull through. -Requirements- Those who bear a sign of battle may not join. Antlers are the exception, for they resemble deer, a symbol of peace between others. Claw too, is an exception, for protectors do need to have some sort of way to defend themselves and the others around them. Genes not allowed: - All bearyena genes EXCEPT the ears. - Ram horns. They belong to the sheep of aggression, who bash their heads days on end just to get their way. - Hammer tail, for one faulty swing can result in many casualties in both Nichelings and plant life. - Megaloceros horns. They resemble great and majestic beasts who used ot roam this world, yes, but so much catastrophic damage can be done with said horns of war. - Any other gene is allowed. -When you Join- Ah! Glad to see you indeed are interested. Please read the following so I can provide the proper care that is necessary. - When you join, I would like to hear something about yourself. - Provide a picture. Do not be afraid to show your beautiful self. - Provide the rank that you wish to bear during your stay. - A quote, perhaps, would be nice to hear too. -Alliance- I see you are willing to form an alliance with my Colony. I am glad that my Colony as stirred up an interest deep within your heart, so much that it makes you want to bond with us. - Provide your group's name. - Reason why you want to form an alliance between my Colony and yours. Current Alliances: - Bostonlobstah's Queendom - Ossen's Kingdom of Peace - Prism's Peacekeeping Kingdom - Caramel's Animal Army -Rivals/Enemies- Oh, how I wish this does not have to be an option. Thankfully, as of now, my Colony has not committed an act that has offended those of another group. Lets hope it stays that way, yes? As sad as it is... it appears we do now have rival. Hopefully we can teach these hot headed ones stuck in the spiral of war the ways of harmony. Current Rivals/Enemies: - Destruction Guild -Ranks- Queen: The leader of the colony. CLOSED 1/1 Beta: The second in command to follow up once the Queen passes or resigns. CLOSED 1/1 Gatherers: The Nichelings who go out of their way to provide sustenance to the roots of the colony so we can thrive. OPEN 5/10 Protectors: The ones who have a taste in how battle works and are willing to risk their lives to protect those in need. OPEN 3/10 Healers: The intelligent and passionate creatures that wish to pay their respects and use their knowledge to provide care for the well being of others. OPEN 2/3 Fishers: Those born under the eye of mythical koi have been gifted with a skill like no other. These Nichelings provide a new delicacy for everyone to enjoy. OPEN 1/10 Youth: Those who do not yet realize their place in the colony and honor those who do. OPEN 2/∞ -Meet the Colony- Queen: Dragon Tear "Sometimes others point out how I fret over little things. Isn't it apart of a fish or a deer's natural instinct to fret over everything?" Beta: Aphrodite "Being beautiful on the outside is easy but being beautiful on the inside is hard." Gatherers: Ossek Pearlia Cashe Orca Lasira Protectors: Ossel Whale Olander Healers: Sparrow Kirro Blindpurr Fishers: Spice Youth: Light β€œI’m the beautiful sunrise to... somebody.” Creame "It's hard to tell if you're beautiful in the inside because no one can see inside of you." ------ A/N: I really overdid myself wow lol
  10. Basil

    melanism has faint patterns

    I figured that, I just thought maybe it was melanistic but it couldn't really reach a level like that? Because of the white? But yeah, thanks for the correction ^^
  11. Basil

    polycerate horns

    These are super cool. Imagine all the unique creatures we could make with all these different horn types!
  12. Basil

    Savannah Animal - Jaogs

    I don't think, even with a lifespan of 40 days, that it should only give four food. It would be such a pain to kill for such a little reward that it wouldn't be worth it.. so how about like, 7 or 8 foods?
  13. Basil

    melanism has faint patterns

  14. Basil

    Dragon (Dinosaur) Biome

    Raptor packs in Niche? yes please
  15. Basil

    Dragon Tear's grief (screeshot edit)

  16. Basil

    Nichling Sculpture

    hint hint im making one too ;))
  17. Basil

    Harp Seal Tribe Challenge

    How about the moms have to stay on land with the babies until the twelfth day? And then maybe the babies can't go in the water for another three days?
  18. Basil

    My 1000 Nichelings challenge

    Hah. Challenge accepted actually wait i dont have a computer never mind
  19. Basil


    Killer islands are always my favorite. They're challenging!
  20. Basil

    Onewing Litame and Wigglybrows Primir

    YESSS THE WHISKERS ARE LITERALLY A TELL ALL OF SALTY! He's so fluffy That's so true! Whenever I want to draw, I can't (logic) and when I'm just doodling, it's so good!!
  21. Basil

    Onewing Litame and Wigglybrows Primir

    You gotta do Salty! :O!
  22. Basil


    we need melanism in here to ruffle everyone's fur backwards!
  23. Basil

    Random Name Challenge

    How about Swimmer? All they do is swim. seems legit
  24. Basil

    The Re-population Challenge

    WOAH This is AWESOME!! I can't wait to see what happens when people try this out! Also, welcome to the forums :))