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  1. New babies! Let me know if anyone wants one. Light colored one is female, brown is Male.
  2. Female when I can Afford to Gene her Male when I can Afford to Gene
  3. My Banescales Female Male Jade, Brown and Blush colors Grey, Cerulean and Flaxen Colors
  4. Yep, I'll send him over. Whats your user again?
  5. Pretty baby boys. Keeping the second. let me know if anyone wants the first
  6. New babies up for grabs. May keep one
  7. Whats your user? All these fawn names are killing me.
  8. No prob, you think of a name and let me know when you are ready for her.
  9. New Mirror babies up for grabbs! Smoke Petals, Black Bee, Antique Okapi, Female Silver Crystal, Cream Butterfly, Eldrich Okapi, Female
  10. Anyone on here gifting for the event? Leave your top 3 wishes so I know what to send you.
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