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  1. Finally got back on... continuing... Golden and Wren have become mates. Golden recieves Green Eyes from the Whims and Bat Wing from me. Wren gets Medeum Ears from the Whims and Bat wing from me. Leader Wonder has had a Daughter named Thistle. Sass has died of old age. Wren and Golden have had a daughter named Vanilla. Hoping she is a good mate for Briar. Tia has found a very ugly wanderer. We arent inviting him into tribe, but they mate anyways. Tia recieves Purple eyes from the Whims and the newly unlocked Peacock tail from me.
  2. Tribe size goes down to 11 under Leader Wonder Keia died of old age putting us right at 11. Leader Wonder has chosen to change Islands Speckle, Lily and Maia decide to stay behind We end up on a large grassy island. Time to repopulate tribe. Lucky becomes the mate for Leader Wonder. Lucky gets Yellow Eyes from the Whims and Big Nose from me. Wonder recieves Good Eyes from the Whims and Nimble fingers from me. Sass has had her final child with the Late Keia. Another girl. She is named Dee. Leader Wonder and Lucky have a beautiful Baby boy named Briar! Steam has crashed and wont let me play anymore...
  3. About to get started. Winged girl has been named Wren. Since no one voted for one of the 4 leader choices, the random generator chose Wonder.
  4. Sepia Died giving birth to her and Leader Nico's final child. Baby girl is named Monochrome. Lil has died giving birth to her and Solars final child. Another girl. Need a bird name for this pretty girl. Keia (our last unmated male) and Sass have mated. Keia gets Chestnut Brown Fur from the Whims and Nimble fingers from me. Sass gets Red Brown fur from the Whims and Nimble Fingers from me. We need gathering... Solar has died Keia and Sass's first child is a pretty Girl named Tia. She has Nimble fingers, but we need boys. breed again. The good news is we have more Nimble Fingered babies. The bad news is more girls... We found a Boy! He isnt very pretty. But he can Gather. His name is Lucky. Keia and sass had a boy! his name is Golden. Leader Nico has Died! Vote for who is next leader! Unamed Bird Girl, Tia, Wonder or Golden?
  5. *Dives to Find Nicheling Favorites* Child photo of my Perdi Dipper, the most fantastic looking creature I have ever gotten. Deigo, Savior of the Community tribe Snow, Only survivor of my frostlands challenge. I suppose that is enough...
  6. Now for today's update Tume has died of old age. We need to find food. Willow has died of starvation. So many deaths, Cant deal with it right now...
  7. Twins have been named Maia (girl) and Kei (boy) Willow and Kookaburra's child was born, unfortunately Ray is crippled and will likely stay behind when Island hopping. Blind Wish got attacked by a beareyna and did not survive. Aussie and Kookaburra were badly injured and also died a day later. We have landed on a very small Island. We will stop here only long enough to have the babies we are expecting, then continue onwards using the northern port. Babies! Our current Tride is; Sepia (mate of leader), Baby Speckle (daughter of Sepia and Nico), Nico (Leader), Willow (wanderer/mate of Kookaburra), Baby Saloa ( Daughter of Willow and Kookaburra), Tume (Mate of Aussie, Mother of most of the Tribe), Baby Sass (Daughter of Tume and Aussie), Solar (Mate of Lil), Maia (Daughter of Tume and Aussie) Kei (Son of Tume and Aussie), Lil (mate of Solar). As you can see we need males.
  8. Had a whole long update typed yesterday and computer crashed. Am Attempting to recreate it. Stand by. Still need baby names.
  9. About to get started again. Still need names for the new twins. May have to dice roll them.
  10. Ok. New Leader will Be Nico! Tribe size goes to 13. Nico is an energetic young leader, who wishes to change Islands as quickly as possible. Crest, unhappy with the choice of new Leader, Has left the tribe to wander. Poor Blind Wish got Rouged again... Kookaburra found this pretty mate. Her name is Willow. Kookaburra receves Dots from the Whims and Good Eyes from me. Willow recieves Black Eyes from the Whims and Bat Wing from me. Rouge born Perry has decided to wander. Pine has died of old age. Tume and Aussie have had another set of twins! Anyone got heatbody related names? Sickly boy Jax has Died Leader Nico and Sepia have become mates. Nico recieves Nimble Fingers from the Whims and Blue Eyes from me. Sepia recieves Beareyna Ears from the Whims and Dots from me. Solar and Lil have become mates. Solar recieves Pattern Density Tiny from the Whims and Bat Wing from me. Lil Recieves Mask from the Whims and Bat Wing from me.
  11. Im about to get started again, if no one votes on the next Leader in the next 5 minutes it will be left to a dice roll.
  12. Poison Fang girl has been named Sepia and Sickly boy is Jax. May breed them together but... We'll see. There are 4 rouges around. One of them got Poor Blind Wish. Wish has been given Nimble Fingers from the Whims and Good Eyes from me. Blossom and Pine's final child has been born. A son named Solar. Rouge boy is named Perry. He at least got Nimble Fingers. We need food gathering... Tume and Aussie decided to risk 1 more Baby and... Twins! And they are healthy! Meet Lil and Nico! Leader Blossom has died. Who should be the next leader? Solar? Lil? Nico? Sepia? Someone else?
  13. The Twins have been Named Aussie and Kookaburra. Blossom and Pine have had their first child. A heat bodied, 1 bat wing boy named Vitti. Tume and Aussie have become mates. Tume recieves Big Pattern from the Whims and Purple eyes from me. Aussie receives Small pattern from the Whims and Purple eyes from me. (The Whims are very concerned about pattern size this run.) Two Babies born! Leader Blossom and her mate Pine Have had a daughter! She has Poison Fangs and Beareyna Claw and Bat Wing! I need a name for her! The good news is he is Really Pretty! Purple eyes even. The bad news is he is Sickly. Need a name for him too.
  14. Kiria has left the tribe to wander, as her mother has let it be known that her Sister Blossom is the favored child. A young male named Pine has joined the tribe. Pox has died of old age. Perdi and Pox's son has been born. He has 1 batwing and 1 Beareyna claw. He is named Crest. Rowa and Pine have mated. Rowa Receives Big Pattern from the whims and Short Snout from me. Pine recieves Medeum Pattern from the Whims and Beareyna Claw from me. Monkey has died of old age and some cactus damage. Perdi Mated with him one final time in his last moments. Little Tume is very similar to Her sister Blossom, but with A fishing tail. My Perdi has died. The new leader of the tribe is Blossom! size goes up to 16 which is good because... We've had an unexpected Baby Boom. Rowa has died leaving a Blind, 1 winged Baby girl named Wish. And Blossom has finally has her child with Pox and had Twin Boys! One of the boys is Tan with Red pattern, Beareyna Claw/Claw. The Other is Red with Brown Pattern, Double Bat Wings. Could use some name suggestions Please!
  15. Going to be playing again in a moment. Probably kicking out Kiria unless someone says otherwise.
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