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  1. I am Back Nox has found a nest with a wanderer in it. Normally I wouldn't invite her, as she is sick and has double Deformed paw, but we are desperate for diversity here. Onyx and Jet have had their first child, A daughter named Void. Cole and Darkness have also had a daughter, her name is Eclipse. Nox has found a berry bush, making him the first to fill in all his gems. YAY! Sick wanderer has been invited in and is named Flora. She and young Spooky have mated. I have given the Mutations Runners Leg and Good Eyes. Chance of some interesting babies, or a disaster... Midnight has found a stump and a bush, giving her her third Gem. Nyx and Nox have had a son named Ink. Flora and Spooky's child is not what I was hoping for... Will try once more...
  2. If anyone has names I would appreciate them.
  3. So I should be working on my Tourniment tribe, but this looks so cool... I rolled for Black, so here we have: Shadow, Jet, Nyx, Midnight, Onyx, Darkness, Cole and Nox. Not too confusing right? Right off the bat, Midnight finds a nest. She recieves a Yellow Gem for her discovery. She and her mate Shadow will have the first child. Meanwhile, Jet has found our first Berry Bush, Recieving a Pink Gem for his find. He and his mate Onyx will begin unlocking Nimble fingers for there children's children. Darkness had found another berry Bush and gotten a Pink Gem. Her mate is Cole by the way. Onyx also found a bush and got a Pink Gem. How Shocking, Young Spooky looks just like his Father. Nice Job, Nyx has found two Bushes and Nox has found one. Pink Gems for both. Cole has found a Bush and a nest right next to each other. Pink and yellow gem for him. Midnight has found another nest so another yellow gem.
  4. Some sort of pattern? I personally am fond of Spots. Need to try this sometime....
  5. Still Traversing the Archipelago... So close to getting an Adam Clone with this one... 🙄 Unlocked Wedbbed Paw and Webbed Hindlegs. 2 of my least favorite genes... +1 point for Webbed paw +1 point for Webbed Hindlegs 15 points total
  6. Why does everyone else get amazingly beautiful Eve's and I get Potatoes with waterbody and webbed paw? Water genes are my last choice...
  7. Im Back. We have unlocked Normal Fertility +1 point for Unlocking And we have arrived at the Archipelago. We have a tribe of ten members, from the top we have: Gov and Liberty (Mates),Tru (Brother of Gov, Mate of Cassi), Rex (Mate to Amber), Flag Brother of Gov, Asami (Daughter of Rex), Crown (Son of Gov and Liberty) Cassi (Blind, Daughter of Rex and Amber, Mate of Tru) Deigo (Last of the Poison Fangs, Son of Rex and Sugar Father of Illigitimates), and Amber (Mate of Rex) +2 Points for Moving Islands Unlocked Digging Paw and after breeding Diego with every female availible, got one more Poison Fanged boy... +1 point for Digging Paw Unlocked Normal Blood Clotting, And have started seeing some Adam like Coloring +1 point for Normal Blood Clotting Current Total 13 Points
  8. bannergirl411


    Flawless logic. I am exactly between 27-32. Got married at 24.
  10. bannergirl411


    Also, was given this beauty as a gift. (aged up with Wardrobe) http://lioden.com/wardrobe.php?c=8VEYRVXOnO
  11. bannergirl411


    LOL Thanks. That is why I get off when drama happens, Im too old for that stuff.
  12. bannergirl411


    I am nearly 30 dont tell anyone.
  13. bannergirl411


    You are all babies....
  14. The original Parent Trap.
  15. bannergirl411


    I am making plans for future generations. Hoping for red hued Tigons or Leopons. I've kind fallen for some of the dark red bases and want a pride full of them.
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