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  1. Decided to get Swirl eyes and Morph. might improve the babies...
  2. So I got a bunch of Treasure and gems from the chests. Do I buy Tertary gene Smirch (forest) or secondary gene Morph (Ivory)?
  3. I got it too, had a familiar in one of the chests.
  4. Ooooh, that first one is beautiful!
  5. There is a slight chance I have too many Females...
  6. It was the Firefly Tertary Gene, would have changed my starting dragon to this... I know... Still not amazing, but it'd be better
  7. It changes in 5 minutes and these things are 8000 treasure for 5.
  8. Uuuug, Swipp has a Gene changer item but there is no way I can get 60 Fanned Cockroaches in time. 😥
  9. They are gorgeous! love that first ones coloring.
  10. Would it be worth it to add a new Teritry or eye Gene to the Dragon I started with?
  11. Got a new familiar from gathering.
  12. Pretty Girl I impulse Bought. Her name is GildedSlipper.
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