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  1. New Babies! Anyone want before I sell/Exhalt? All are Male
  2. Anyone want before I exhalt?
  3. My Next king is nearly ready! Meet Shivers!
  4. Anyone want before I exhalt? Or him?
  5. New Imperial Babys up for grabs Butterfly Wings is a boy, other two girls
  6. Last call, Going to exhalt in a few minutes
  7. Banescales have now grown up and will be exhalted is no one wants
  8. Does anyone want a baby Banescale? I have one of each gender. Too Plain to sell.
  9. I got male and female, with poorly matched colors
  10. First two Baby Banescales born from my Pair! Aqua/Olive/ Sanguine with Goat eyes Female Splash (Jaguar), Avacado, Garnet Uncommon Eyes Male Cant wait to see how much these two go for. Maybe enough to finish Geneing their parents. Also had this pretty pearlcatcher born. Anyone want her?
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