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  1. Kinda want to use some of these in a playthrough just to see how they end up...
  2. Take it, its a male. Kinda need those. He kinda looks like my Perdi's mate in her first reincarnation.
  3. Welp my girl is gunna freeze... Lean body and snow dont mix.
  4. Anyone want to guess who Im gunna use...? Thats right, My Perdi!
  5. Husband is doing a double at work, so I wont see him till Thursday... More Whims it is. Wonder's first child is a Daughter named Tali. She somehow got the Ram Horns that haven't been sticking around through the Generations. Huzzah! Her next child will be with King. We are being surrounded by Beareynas... Good thing I have Purr Snouts... Rowdy has left the tribe since the passing of his mate. Wonder's child with King has been born. This Beautiful boy is named Gale. Paya has died of old age. Scorpius was killed in a Beareyna attack. Have to turn it off and cry now. So sad... 😢😢😢
  6. Im having a lot of fun doing the Harry Potter Challenge. It can be a bit hard as you start out, but once you have a few members of each House it gets interesting.
  7. Spark has died of his illness. Cramsicle and Ruby have become mates. Ruby gets Short Snout from the whims and White fur from me. Creamsicle gets Normal blood clotting from the whims and good eyes from me. Peya has had her last child with Sil. A bright red Purrsnouted daughter with orange spots, a wing and a digging paw. She is named Sotha. Wonder has caught the eye of two good looking males. Crepe and King are both vying for her attention. She got Bird Beak from the Whims and Wing from me. Crepe got Big Nose from the Whims and Pecock tail from me. King Also got Big Nose from the Whims and he got High Fertility from me. Her first child will be with Crepe. Roost and Warbeak have died of old age. Ummmm, so Sparra and Scorpius have had a magnificent son named Princely. Renio2490 If you start... I will block you. I definitely need more Bebes with these two after Sparra mates with the Friendly Beareyna.
  8. I trust you have seen my beautiful Perdi?
  9. I put in all the genetics you mentioned and randomized a Nicheling. Here is what I got.
  10. Be careful... He will be a tricky one. He has the name of the Trickster.
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