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  1. bannergirl411

    I had my husband make a Nicheling...

    First 3 children, A daughter with Moms face and dads ears 1 wing, 1 Beareyna Claw and Tailfin A son with 1 wing, dads head and pattern. Moms tail and runners leg. Another son, similar to his sister, but with Spiky Body. All have identical coloring and Immunity.
  2. bannergirl411

    I had my husband make a Nicheling...

    So thats a yes? This could be interesting. Definitely gunna be a hunting tribe... He wanted to make the awesomest looking creature, but has no idea what genes do together...
  3. bannergirl411

    Whims Updated (Names and Leadership Decisions)

    So I did one more turn and Pansy died of Starvation. We now need a new Leader. The two babies are our choices. Send me names for them and who you think should lead please.
  4. So I made my husband make a Nicheling... This is what he made... Its kind of terrifying, But I kinda want to save it and start a file where he and my Beautiful Perdi are mates. Whats everyone think? They would have beautiful children right?
  5. bannergirl411

    Whims Updated (Names and Leadership Decisions)

    Sorry its been so long folks, up to my eyeballs in responsibabilities. Upon arivving on Whale Island Ladybug gives birth to an adorable but sickly son named Rade. He has cracker jaw, Beareyna claw and beareyna ears! First one to have Beareyna Ears since Perdi. Talonsi and Soso have become mates. Talonsi gets white fur (maybe they will have Pink Bebes!) from the Whims and normal hind legs from me, Soso gets no melanism from the whims and Digging paw from me. Polly has given birth to her son with the now left behind Kain, Kuta is a sickly cracker jaw with his fathers coloring and one digging paw. Lillie has died from her illness and Melanisi sacrificed herself to the cactuses to provide food for her sisters. Talonisi and Pansy have both had sons. I need names for them. Talonisi had a Cream platopus baby with Beareyna Claw and Digging paw. Pansy had a red Bat Headed, Swimming body, Runners leg/Beareyna claw baby and I don't even know how to begin naming him. Sparky has starved to death, we need food and females fast! Polly and Nakia have died of starvation, Soso has died of old age. We are down to 8 Nichelings. Ahhhhhhhh
  6. bannergirl411

    When you give your 5 year old a save and walk away

    I am only slightly kinder to the rouge bebes. I ether send them to wander or make them gatherers of poison berrys or cactus fruit.
  7. bannergirl411

    Whims Updated (Names and Leadership Decisions)

    Hello fellow Marvel fan!
  8. bannergirl411

    Whims Updated (Names and Leadership Decisions)

    NAKIA! Yes I love Black Panther! Thanks @Skysplash8! Polly has mated with Kain on his last day, They both get stripes from the Whims and Nimble Fingers from me. Kain, Hahaha and Courage have died of old age. Prince and Cloud have died, leaving behind a Sickly daughter. Her name is Lile. We are trying to get off this island, there are too many former tribe members stealing the food. Sickly Poppop has died of his illness. Almost There! We are losing so many Nichelings to old age... Nico and Pansy have become mates. Nico got White Horns from the Whims and Digging paw from me, Pansy got Brown Pattern from the whims and Cracker Jaw from me. We have rescued a drowning wanderer named Soso, He doesnt look like much, but maybe a mate for Talonisi (red Purrsnout). We have now arrived on Whale Island!
  9. bannergirl411

    Counting Challenge

  10. bannergirl411

    Whims Updated (Names and Leadership Decisions)

    Ok, Pansy it is. Tribe size goes up to 20. Baby Boom! First we have Anaha's baby with the Beareyna. Melenisi is jet black with big ears, Platopus beak and a beareyna claw. Then we have Hahaha and Shadow,s next child Poppop he has big ears, spots and double digging paw, unfortunately he is sickly. Finally we have Nico, a beautiful crackerjaw with one beareyna claw from Bramble and Willow. Bramble and Willow mate one last time before Bramble dies of old age. Anaha had another child with the Beareyna. This time with Purr Snout. She is named Talenisi. There are too many wanderers and rouges stealing food here. Leader Pansy orders everyone to head for the port. Willow have birth to her last child, a Cracker Jaw son with one Velvet Paw and Ram Horns. Ladybug and Crimson have decided to mate. Ladybug gets Nimble Fingers from the Whims and Cracker Jaw from me. Crimson gets Black Eyes from the Whims and Cracker Jaw from me. This baby looks like a carbon copy of her older sister. Names please?
  11. bannergirl411

    Read this before posting!

  12. bannergirl411

    Whims Updated (Names and Leadership Decisions)

    Ladybug it is! Thanks @Skysplash8! Peach has died of old age. Shadow has had his first child with Hahaha, a son named Crimson has been born. He has his mother's nimble fingers so maybe we wont starve... Kuno has died of old age. OMGosh, I love her! Meet Polly, The first child of Willow and Bramble. She has Cracker Jaw! and a Beareyna claw, and Water Body. I love how she looks, need more babies soon. Sol has died of old age. Willow has decided to mate with Courage. I misclicked while trying to move him to hunt a bunnel.. They had this very brightly colored daughter with Claw and Digging paw, and Also Cracker Jaw. I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEE Cracker Jaw. Her name is Rere. Lako and her daughter Reis have left the tribe to become wanderers. Our leader Rose has died, leaving behind another gorgeous daughter. This is Pansy. Now, who should lead next? Pansy or Polly?
  13. bannergirl411

    Miss and Mister Niche March 2019 submissions

    I shall enter Prince! Its a whims challenge so this is my only good photo of him. Ignore his mate.
  14. bannergirl411

    Whims Updated (Names and Leadership Decisions)

    My Husband has gone to bed early to try to cope with the time change so I have nothing to do, more whims it is! Cloud and Prince decide to mate. Cloud receives Medium body from the Whims and normal Hind Legs from me. Prince receives Blue Eyes from the Whims and Nimble fingers from me. Razor has died of old age. Baby Anaha Has her mothers face, Father's Ears and Grandmother's strenght and coloring. We need more! Lako and Nyx become mates. Lako recieves Big Nose from the whims and normal Hind legs from me. Nex gets Moss Brown Fur from the whims and Nimble fingers from me. So a couple of things happened. First Rose gave birth to a little female bat head baby. Her name is Kora. Also we invited a pretty striped wanderer with claw. Perhapts I will mate her with Bramble? Kora gets Mask from the Whims and Cracker Jaw from me. Bramble gets White horn color from the whims and Ram Horns from me. Xadook has decided to leave the tribe to become a wanderer. Another female wanderer has appeared. Her name is Hahaha. Shadow has become quite smitten with her. Hahaha gets no pattern from the Whims and Peacock tail from me. Shadow gets Digging paw from the whims and Purr Snout from me. Lako and Nyx have had a red ram horned baby. Her name is Reis. I think she has Peacock Tail also. Rou has died of old age. So, I need a name for this Magnificent Creature! She is Cloud and Prince's newest daughter. She has Big ears, Water Body and Beareyna Claw. Thanks!
  15. bannergirl411

    Whims Updated (Names and Leadership Decisions)

    We'll call mine Prince Batty. You must admit that he is the handsomest Black, Spotty Bat Prince.