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  1. We are going to continue with Marvel names. Joey has had a Son and a Daughter. His Daughter with Izzy is named Kamala and Son with Yoyo is Kamran. Kamala will be Grant's mate I think. Kamran only matches with her and I havent decided if im ok with half siblings breeding. Lola has died of old age. Hunter has died of old age. Maria gains a pink gem. Elaina gains her third pink gem. Fitx and Gemma have a bright orange son named Bruno. I wanted them to have a girl... Gordon has died of old age.
  2. Ooooh, books and Marvel. I can do alot with those.
  3. Hello all, went to a grad party yesterday and I'm so tired. Apologizes for any spelling mistakes today. Apparently I'm too old for late night parties. Joy has died of old age leaving behind... A baby boy named Phil. Raina gains a Yellow gem. Elaina gains a Pink gem. My favorite family has even more members now. Poppys son is named Ruben and Lola's daughter is Inhuman. Phil and Inhuman might be mates. Poppy and Arlo have died of old age. Kora and Gordon have a daughter named Robyn. I love her. Grant gains a pink Gem. Mack has died of old age. Izzy gains a Green gem for unlocking purr Snout. Raina and Kora have died of old age. I have used all the Shield names I can think of, anyone have another theme for me?
  4. We are back, packing is killing me. We had a small baby boom. Roz and Arlo have a daughter named Maria. She looks like one of our original Basic Nichelings with one Webbed paw. This family has gotten even bigger. Lincoln's son with Lola is named Grant and with Poppy we have Thomas. Thomas will be Maria's mate. He is glorious. Joy and Jip now have a son named Christian. He will be mates with Ruby. he got the A immunity which is a relief. Joy only has enough life for 1 more baby.
  5. We are back. I LOVE both of the children Lincoln has given us. Lola's daughter is named Quake and Poppy's is Izzy. Izzy has b immunity which we lost awhile ago and Water Body which will hopefully get us off this Archipelago! She may be a second mate for Joey, as we are low on compatible males. Hunter gains a Pink gem. Mack gets a second Blue gem for finding Joy a mate. This Albino boy is Jip. He isnt amazing, but has A immunity which we need. Jip's mutations will be Webbed Paw and Good Fertility. Kora and Gordon have had a daughter who looks exactly like her father. She is named Ruby. Yoyo has gained a Pink gem. Lincoln has gained a Yellow gem.
  6. Thank you for your patience all, I am in the middle of moving, changing jobs and buying a car so its gunna be a bit crazy for the next couple of months. Arlo and Roz have had a Daughter named Yoyo. she will probably mate with Joey. Our tribe is suddenly very orangy. Hunter has gained a Yellow Gem. Arlo gains a Pink Gem. Mack gains a Blue gem for finding this interesting Wanderer. Her name is Poppy. She can only mate safely with Lincoln, so she will be his second mate. Poppy gets Good Eyes and Water Body as her Mutations. Gordon and Kora have a son who looks exactly like is mother. He is named Fitz. Roz and Arlo have the yellowest baby ive ever seen named Gemma. Dandelion has died of old age.
  7. Dandelion and Cal have had a lovely orange son named Lincoln. He will be a mate for Lola. Rosetta and Charlie's final child has been born. I love the Savanna Horns on this boy. He is named Hunter. Mack gains a pink gem. Gloria has died of old age. Rosetta has died of old age. Dandelion and Cal have a daughter who is identical to Lincoln. She is named Elaina. Cal and Mocha have both died of old age. Lincoln has gained a pink gem. Raina gains a Blue gem for findin a Wonderer. He is blind and not amazingly pretty, but he has F immunity which we no longer have and will be a nice mate for Kora, He is named Gordon. He gets good eyes and Webbed paw in his mutations. Lola gets two Green gems for unlocking Water Body and Gills. Elaina gains a pink gem. Raina gains a Yellow gem. Cal and Dandelions' final child was born. He also looks exactly like brother Lincoln. He is named Joey.
  8. Continuing on in a second, Serious question though. For those who know me on here, Am I Rude?
  9. We are back! Gloria has had her final child, a girl named Lola. Charlie and Rosetta have a second daughter named Rozalind. She will be a good mate for Arlo. Charlie gains a pink gem. Joy gains a pink gem. Love this pairing. Dandelion and Cal have a daughter named Kora. So pretty. Blossom has died of damage... Charlie has died of old age.
  10. Have not yet watched Twin Peaks. Yes I will name characters after my favorites, waiting for a nice pairing for Fitz-Simmons.
  11. $100 well spent. Were they cute plushies?
  12. I am back and I'm going to invite the wanderer. Dandelion gains a Blue gem for inviting her new mate Cal in. Cal has High Fertility and Good eyes in his mutations. Franco and Gloria have a webbed paw daughter named Raina. one more baby before he dies. Gardenia has died of starvation damage. Franco has died of old age. Dandelion and Cal have had a Spotty Baby! His name is Mack (and if anyone is noticing a theme with the names today, yes I am totally rewatching S.H.I.E.L.D right now..) Charlie gains a pink gem.
  13. Ah, the old age post is back alive. *checks that I am still the ancientest one here* Very good, carry on.
  14. Food situation is manageable... Dandelion can mate with Mocha, he is boring though. Dandelion has the rare for our tribe C Immunity so I definitely want to breed her. Wanderer has spots and is a pretty red color. Decisions are hard, I'll probably decide later today and update tomorrow.
  15. We are back, sorry for short updates lately. Life has been hard and Archipelago frustrates me. Also if you guys have more name suggestions please keep them coming. Leif's second and final batch of cubs has been born. Florence's daughter is named Blossom, she isnt very pretty, but the nimble fingers and Beareyna claw are useful. Might have her swim to the next mini island to see what she can collect. Pina's daughter is named Dandelion and may be a mate for Mocha. Judge has died of old age. Gloria gains a pink gem. Lionel gains a Yellow gem. Garden gains 2 Green Gems for unlocking Webbed Paw and Webbed Hind Legs. Lionel dies of old age. Florence has died of old age. Garden gains a Pink gem. Charlie and Rosetta have their first child. A Poison fanged daughter named Joy. I love her. Dandelion gains a yellow gem. Mocha gains a Blue gem for finding this boy. Franco will be a good mate for Gloria. Franko gets Good eyes and Webbed Paw in his mutations. Pina has died of old age. Franco and Gloria have a son named Arlo. Love the Webbed Paw, maybe we will make it out of Archipelago somehow... So I found a cool looking wanderer who could only mate with Dandelion safely and doesnt have any genes we really need but I like him, should I invite anyways?
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