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  1. Yeah I’d adore having some merch for Niche!!!
  2. I’d really enjoy being a PC beta tester, Niche is one of my favorite games! My pc can definitely handle it and I have experience with beta testing (I’m one of the closed beta testers for Feral)
  3. Thanks for making these! They can be helpful
  4. Your Eve is really pretty! I rarely get ones that are so pretty):
  5. Yesss! I absolutely love the update, I haven’t found any issues yet besides once I hit a rogue male and he still impregnated my female but I have a few pictures!
  6. I also have Willow (who is one of my personal favorite creatures)
  7. This is Cherry (and the only picture I have of her) I liked her pattern and thought it was unique
  8. Hi everyone! I am new to the forum but I've been a fan of Niche long before I even bought it! I go by multiple names, (many nicknames) so you can just call me Brook! I'm currently having an issue playing Niche but hopefully that gets cleared out soon, here are some things about myself! I'm a female and I absolutely love animals, currently we have 9 pets! I have a big family so naturally I love little kids, I love drawing, Once I am able to, I would like to get into the career of ethology (being an ethologist, studying animal behavior) I am a quiet person (with a big mind!) I love the genetic and biological aspect that Niche includes in the game, I absolutely adore it I used to read Warrior Cats, I'm still a fan though Well that's all I can think of currently!
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