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  1. This is definitely needed, along with more options for colours!
  2. Many birds have patterns on the young that fade away as it grows older. These patterns help to camouflage young birds, so it would be awesome to add a (rare!) gene that would give baby nichelings stripes according to their other genes, which would disappear in the teenage years to be replaced by its adult plumage. This would be helpful in grassy areas to camouflage the baby nicheling or places when stripes are not desired in adult nichelings!
  3. Ability to have multiple options of how you want nichelings to be born. Animals like elephants and humans are like the current nichelings and usually only have one child at a time, but this isn’t a good adaptation in some niches. Animals like mice and fish usually have many babies at once. This could be added as a sandbox option, Eg: Option 1: Usually litters of one, rarely twins, very rarely identical twins Option 2: Usually twins, rarely litters of one, rarely triplets, rarely identical twins/triplets Option 3: Usually triplets, rarely twins, rarely identical twins/triplets, rarely litters of one Since lots of animals in the wild have large litters, this might be useful for playthroughs with nichelings in dangerous habitats or short lifespans, and would complement lots of other available sandbox options well. It would make the game more exciting and also offer roleplay opportunities as well as the ability to show survival of the fittest in a faster paced game. Alternatively, this could be added as a gene in its own right, a bit like fertility.
  4. Add a new gene that is inactive in nichelings without toxic body and active only in nichelings with toxic body that lets them pass down traits that correspond to colour and patterning for the nicheling. There would be a dominant and recessive gene and the genes could determine bright colours like green, blue, orange, red and blue patterned etc. This way a group of toxic body niche lungs still have variation! The multicolour coats could be affected by pattern size, and Inspired by the colours of real life animals :) thoughts?
  5. I have a nicheling called Seria too! What a coincidence :) is she named after Seri! By any chance?
  6. Oh my goodness she looks adorable thank you! ❤️
  7. Sorry! She has two names, one in-game and another because she is also a goddess- Kiwi is fine XD Thanks!
  8. Could you please draw/ animate Kiwi Halfwing/ Eldare because I LOVE this style so much XD She has yellow eyes btw
  9. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!
  10. I'm actually the thirteenth zodiac sign, Ochipuchis. (I think that's how you spell it lol) and borderline Sagittarius. Thirteen is my lucky number, funnily enough.
  11. I've read a lot of these, but Fire-bringer has to be one of my favourites because I just LOVE deer ^^
  12. There must be some random story generators out there. For a title, what about something more poetic or a metaphor?
  13. Hedgehogs occasionally wander into our garden; and THEY ARE ADORABLE.
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