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  1. This is definitely needed, along with more options for colours!
  2. Many birds have patterns on the young that fade away as it grows older. These patterns help to camouflage young birds, so it would be awesome to add a (rare!) gene that would give baby nichelings stripes according to their other genes, which would disappear in the teenage years to be replaced by its adult plumage. This would be helpful in grassy areas to camouflage the baby nicheling or places when stripes are not desired in adult nichelings!
  3. Ability to have multiple options of how you want nichelings to be born. Animals like elephants and humans are like the current nichelings and usually only have one child at a time, but this isn’t a good adaptation in some niches. Animals like mice and fish usually have many babies at once. This could be added as a sandbox option, Eg: Option 1: Usually litters of one, rarely twins, very rarely identical twins Option 2: Usually twins, rarely litters of one, rarely triplets, rarely identical twins/triplets Option 3: Usually triplets, rarely twins, rarely identical twins/triplets, rarely litters of one Since lots of animals in the wild have large litters, this might be useful for playthroughs with nichelings in dangerous habitats or short lifespans, and would complement lots of other available sandbox options well. It would make the game more exciting and also offer roleplay opportunities as well as the ability to show survival of the fittest in a faster paced game. Alternatively, this could be added as a gene in its own right, a bit like fertility.
  4. Add a new gene that is inactive in nichelings without toxic body and active only in nichelings with toxic body that lets them pass down traits that correspond to colour and patterning for the nicheling. There would be a dominant and recessive gene and the genes could determine bright colours like green, blue, orange, red and blue patterned etc. This way a group of toxic body niche lungs still have variation! The multicolour coats could be affected by pattern size, and Inspired by the colours of real life animals :) thoughts?
  5. I have a nicheling called Seria too! What a coincidence :) is she named after Seri! By any chance?
  6. Oh my goodness she looks adorable thank you! ❤️
  7. Sorry! She has two names, one in-game and another because she is also a goddess- Kiwi is fine XD Thanks!
  8. Could you please draw/ animate Kiwi Halfwing/ Eldare because I LOVE this style so much XD She has yellow eyes btw
  9. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!
  10. I'm actually the thirteenth zodiac sign, Ochipuchis. (I think that's how you spell it lol) and borderline Sagittarius. Thirteen is my lucky number, funnily enough.
  11. I've read a lot of these, but Fire-bringer has to be one of my favourites because I just LOVE deer ^^
  12. There must be some random story generators out there. For a title, what about something more poetic or a metaphor?
  13. Hedgehogs occasionally wander into our garden; and THEY ARE ADORABLE.
  14. So, my idea is to add a mode to sandbox that you can switch on or back off. Playing in this mode would appear normal, but as time went on, natural disasters would take place, such as floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, ect. Floods These events would be triggered when it rained, but only a small amount of the time, maybe a 1/20 chance or something. Anyways, when this event is triggered, rivers would burst their banks, making the tiles around them have a small amount of water on, like a puddle, but as it kept raining the sea level would rise, as well as river tiles would increase, and this would happen for a range of 5-10 days, which would be the same amount of time it would take for the floods to recede. During the floods fish would be able to swim up the river and any tile which is deep enough for the swim icon. If left on land they become dead and nichelings can collect them. You'd get a notification when the flood began. Tsunami This would start with a block of raised water like the river in the sea, and there would be no notifications. it would slowly grow until it was many blocks long and a few wide. after a few days, it would sweep across to the island at night before the player has a chance to move their nichelings, and sweep any it catches (none on the high ground or in the centre of big islands!) and deposit them many tiles in a particular direction. they could be left in a different part of the island at best, or deposited in the sea itself at worst. The only notification a player would get would be one after the tsunami struck. If they are observant, they could spot the tsunami forming and move their nichelings to a safer place. If a tsunami hits a nut tree it could easily make it a tree stump, and any other entities such as bearyenas, rabbils and nuts would be washed away too. Berry bushes would be reverted to their destroyed state. Earthquake This rare event could be triggered completely randomly, and it would cause the geography to change ever so slightly in height sometimes. The notification would be given before, the day of, and after the event. When there is an earthquake there would be a 50-25% chance of a repeat earthquake, with the maximum being ten. The most dangerous aspect of this event, however, is that it can trigger eruptions and tsunamis. Eruptions These could be triggered by an earthquake on a mountainous island or by itself. You would get the very topmost block disappear, and be replaced by lava which would turn by turn move 2-3 blocks in rivers down the mountain. Any nicheling that steps in it instantly perishes and the lava sets fire to any grass around it. Berry bushes or trees in its path are destroyed fully as are animals. Nichelings within two blocks experience added heat and nichelings within three blocks start taking damage, like sickness. after a few days, the lava starts to cool off and leaves blackish tiles which are very fertile and have a low chance of spawning a destroyed berry bush on them. they also tend to grow grass (re-growing usually) and spawn many roots. I hope you like my ideas, I'm sorry if some of them have already been suggested!
  15. Hi! Love your drawing If you have time you can draw Kiwi Halfwing (otherwise known as Eldare) if you want. No pressure tho!
  16. I LOVE this. I’m so gonna attempt a play through!!
  17. Seasons sounds good to me honestly but creating islands also has its merits!
  18. Could this have to do with the order the nichelings are created in? Funnily enough, they all appear blue in the sandbox creator. Huh. Order of creation and places: Test 1: 1. Green (platypus beak) 2. Blue 3. Green (brown pattern) 4. Green ( gills) 5. Red (derp snout) 6. Purple 7. Green (white pattern) 8. Red (gills) 9. Yellow Test 2: Same placement apart from the yellow- but if you look at the first post it matches the island spawn. Order of creation corresponding to places/ colour? The exact same. Each tile seems to be given a number and toxic body colour. When the spawns are different shapes, the numbered tiles move but the numbers and colours stay the same- no. 6 will always be purple, no 1 will always be green etc. Hope this helps to unravel the Toxic Body Mystery!
  19. Savanna ooh na na my nichelings are in the Savanna ooh na na but I have come without a plan a ooh na na my nichelings are in the savanna bearyena have no manners savanna ooh na na i made this one up 😁 you guys know any?
  20. I’m insanely happy that 4.75 percent of people actually think my Blossom is the prettiest XD
  21. F12 doesn’t seem to work as far as I know, and I use the forums on mobile most of the time. Thanks for the help though!
  22. This is Blossom, an insanely beautiful member of an ice tribe, along with Heather, her daughter Sorry for bad quality, I couldn’t take screenshots on my computer.
  23. That is a really good idea- you could make an extra area or fence off a port or ice block so you have to reach a goal to get it or a part of camp!
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