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  1. I'm only trying to say that if there aren't any resources on a planet, then the visuals shouldn't have them, either. It's misleading and could cause a waste of time as it often takes long to dig through a planet.
  2. First of all, I'm unable to post this in the suggestions tab because the site keeps giving me a 403, so maybe that could be another thing to help me out with. This planet shows me that there are two pools of resources on the planet's surface. I take the time to go around the planet twice using the transmitter as a marker, and I don't see anything. I even drill through the planet from two sides to see if there could be any resources at all (I'm at the center), but there still aren't any resources. I would really like it to be more accurate. It doesn't even hav
  3. Ah, OK. Not as slow as I thought it would be.
  4. Could you tell me what tolerance is for the directional sensor?
  5. Painfully slowly? Has God intended me to suffer?
  6. As someone new to the game, this seems very confusing to make.
  7. I would just like to know how you can make use of the green part of the terrain, which I'm pretty sure is used as currency. I drill or shoot it, but it doesn't seem to help me in any way.
  8. This ship moves as it should in testing or another planet, but is completely unmovable in the arena.
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