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  1. Hey there, thanks for submitting the report. What you received was not a weapon upgrade, but a passively active perk that affects all of your weapons. You can check your perks by hovering over the icon of your captain in the upper left corner or by going to the upgrades-screen. I can fully understand the confusion though, since you are playing researcher and there is a weapon upgrade that has the same description, maybe we'll need to clarify that in a future update ^^
  2. Yeah, the cap on drone part stack size was a leftover from when we first implemented that mechanic, it will be removed in the next update. That limit has also been increased, so in the next update you'll see bullet count upgrades have an effect on shotguns.
  3. You are completely right, thanks for your many great reports. We'll have a look at it and it will be fixed in the next update.
  4. That is absolutely amazing, I've never even thought of that. Thanks for the test and the great video, we'll have a look at it, though this one looks a little tricky
  5. ArnoJ

    sandbox mode

    There is a sandbox/creative mode currently on the preview branch where you have the option to start with everything unlocked. You can find all information on how to access it here:
  6. Thanks for the report, we've fixed it internally and it will go live in the next update ^^
  7. That's correct, the behaviour you see is because the drone isn't symmetrical and the drone core has a circle as a collider. Can fully understand the confusion though, especially since the sprite of the afterburner specifically is currently a little smaller than its collider, something that will likely be fixed in a future update ^^
  8. Thanks for the report and the great explanation, we've looked at this and it will be fixed in the next update
  9. Thanks for the report, we've looked at this issue and it will be fixed in the next update
  10. Thanks for the good report, we'll have a look at it and it'll be fixed in the next update ^^
  11. @Dumpy219 I checked it out, and you are absolutely right, there is no transmitter on this planet. Thank you for reporting this bug, we'll adress it as soon as possible
  12. ArnoJ

    More cores

    Good idea, it would certainly add another level to the design of drones We'll certainly keep it in mind, but we don't have any concrete plans for it yet, the next thing in drone brain customization is probably going to be skins ^^
  13. We have discussed skins, only for the drone brain for now, but they are not implemented yet. However, once we implement them, we could potentially also expand that functionality to the basic blocks. But even though I'm a big fan of the idea personally, I can't guarantee it at the moment. Thank you for your suggestion ^^
  14. We have actually thought about adding skins as a reward for sumo-tournaments, and even have a few assets ready, it's just not implemented yet ^^ But unlocking some of them through missions/progression is a great idea, thanks for the suggestion
  15. ArnoJ

    Niche ideas

    Moved it to the Niche section
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