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  1. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    Thanks! There were a couple iterations before this craft where I was fine tuning the part layout and the vacuum design. It came together pretty well for the restrictions in place. Only takes a few minutes to bring in well over 2k yellow.
  2. Factory blocks are the most fun thing to happen to this game yet. I can finally build proper carriers!

  3. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    25 part limit or severely reduced thrust, huge yellow deposits. I didn't want to make a bunch of trips with a small maneuverable craft, and didn't want to have to crawl back in a more conventional tanker, so I made a (minimalist) miner/vacuum cleaner.
  4. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    Slot1.nimbatusSaveGame.MetaSlot1.nimbatusSaveGameSlot1.nSave.MetaSlot1.nSave Hope this helps!
  5. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    Did you need the save files, too? gameSettings.dat output_log.txt
  6. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    This subfolder doesn't exist. My appdata file doesn't include a locallow directory. I'll run a few searches, but I'll happily take any other suggestion on where to look
  7. Hello, Recently, I'll find myself unable to back out from the galaxy menu to the save menu; the "back" button doesn't work. If I force close the game when this happens, that game session time is recorded, but any progress I've made is gone.
  8. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    creating weapon bug

    Waaaait.... Has the patch fixing this already been released? I can't seem to reproduce it any more.
  9. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    creating weapon bug

    So I had this bug, too. It seems like any new weapon is overwritten by the previously created weapon. If you go to your new weapon, copy it, and then delete the first copy, it will work properly. That's the workaround I will be using until the patch goes live.
  10. I've been playing around with a "carrier" style drone for a while, and I've found that hammerhead shoal don't seem to notice to my sub-drones. I can literally run into them, shoot them point-blank, spin around them, and they just float there.
  11. DethLazrs4Lyfe


    I have build a "carrier" style drone with sub drones, but It's a real hassle to make one that can move, and of course I can't have the drone redock. I'd especially like if the dock deactivates the drones completely so they don't interfere with regular maneuvering.
  12. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    repair bubles?

    I like Ed's suggestion. It would A.) give wider use to a couple of parts that probably aren't included in most crafts, and A.) allow some measure of damage mitigation separate from the shields, which I feel has been lacking.
  13. DethLazrs4Lyfe


    A detachable part that creates a beacon (a blip or ping would be perfect) on the planet map. My idea is that you can identify places of interest (large resource deposits, bio barrels, collectible materials or chests, etc) and navigate back to them easily.
  14. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    NOT gate "always on" on planet

    Thanks! I'll go try this little guy again.
  15. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    Concept drone: Art drone. "Landscaper" Bio flamethrower +particle lifetime +Particle speed +Sticky particle "Little Garden +" Bio short laser +Range -energy consumption "Eraser" Plasma short laser +Beams +Dig (Max) -Energy consumption "Scupltor" Cryo long laser +dig (small) -Energy consumption Self leveling with directional sensor, light build for fast movement and ease of maneuvering. AND gates to numerically select tools.