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  1. DethLazrs4Lyfe


    I have build a "carrier" style drone with sub drones, but It's a real hassle to make one that can move, and of course I can't have the drone redock. I'd especially like if the dock deactivates the drones completely so they don't interfere with regular maneuvering.
  2. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    repair bubles?

    I like Ed's suggestion. It would A.) give wider use to a couple of parts that probably aren't included in most crafts, and A.) allow some measure of damage mitigation separate from the shields, which I feel has been lacking.
  3. DethLazrs4Lyfe


    A detachable part that creates a beacon (a blip or ping would be perfect) on the planet map. My idea is that you can identify places of interest (large resource deposits, bio barrels, collectible materials or chests, etc) and navigate back to them easily.
  4. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    NOT gate "always on" on planet

    Thanks! I'll go try this little guy again.
  5. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    Concept drone: Art drone. "Landscaper" Bio flamethrower +particle lifetime +Particle speed +Sticky particle "Little Garden +" Bio short laser +Range -energy consumption "Eraser" Plasma short laser +Beams +Dig (Max) -Energy consumption "Scupltor" Cryo long laser +dig (small) -Energy consumption Self leveling with directional sensor, light build for fast movement and ease of maneuvering. AND gates to numerically select tools.
  6. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Cool Nimbatus GIFs

    I made an an excessively fast laser ram (without the appropriate armoring to really function effectively as a ram), and for the lulz I made 10 equivalent auto deployed cursor chasing buddies for it. It wasn't effective. It wasn't reasonable. But it was fun.
  7. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    NOT gate "always on" on planet

    UPDATE: Taking it straight up seems to reliably fix the issue I'm pretty sure bumping the Nimbatus does it. I'm on repetition 5 and this has worked every time. Hovering just below the ship doesn't seem to help. Edit: Alternate hypothesis is that the impact knocks the sensors out of alignment, and that quick toggle resets it. I'm unable to repeat this "fix" with a single central sensor (like in the drone file I sent.)
  8. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    NOT gate "always on" on planet

    Of course! Here you are Mining drone test.nimbatusdrone
  9. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    NOT gate "always on" on planet

    Running version 0.3.2 Possibly related to Aevus's post about NOT gates below I was trying to make a little mining drone that activates once the distance sensor stops activating (see very crudely drawn explanation on screenshot) It works exactly as anticipated in the testing area, but once I got to the planet to test, the drone immediately activates, as if the NOT gate is activating B even though the distance sensor (A) is still detecting the drone above it.
  10. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Carrier Style drones

    Yeah, I was trying to figure the logic for it, and the most efficient I could think of looked like having AND gates for every function and basically a master override key for each drone. I was hoping someone knew a better way. I thought a carrier type would be fun, but I guess it's unfeasible. Maybe they'll introduce some new components that will make it possible.
  11. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Carrier Style drones

    Hey, does anyone have a build for a carrier they can share? I want to make a mini-drone army that I can direct one at a time, but the drones always try to follow their automated routines (Like chasing the cursor or diving for the core) immediately and before I decouple, making them impossible to direct singly. Instead, I want some that stay nice and still until activated. I can't seem to figure out how to make them do that. I would appreciate some recommendations for logic and and builds that could accommodate that.
  12. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Drop system and more features

    No, I think your English was spot on. I actually wouldn't have guessed you weren't a native speaker; you articulate very well. But what I meant was making complicated weapons seems far from the point of the game. There's a good variety of weapons modifications as is, and I expect there will be even more before the official release, since modification suggestions are common in the forum. As it is, it's simple, easy to manage, and I can get on with customizing my gear for whatever particular drone I need, rather than managing a complex array of stats, slot costs and grinding out the resources necessary to make a couple of decent mining lasers and a handful of defense blasters. It seems to me that your proposed system would require an enormous amount of gameplay balancing, in terms of cost and stat values, and basically require a whole new play type besides the sandbox creation mode we have now. Honestly, it sounds like it might be fun with a campaign or competitive game, but until those are added, I don't think I would enjoy it. This is, of course, my personal taste in games, and not a reflection on the value of your suggestion.I think I'd like to revisit this thread once we see which direction the devs are planning for later releases.
  13. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Shield tech tree

    I would like more options for shields in general, so I support this.
  14. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Drop system and more features

    Honestly, I think the weapon modifications systems you suggest would make the game very convoluted. At a certain point, more customization just makes the game bulky and non-intuitive.
  15. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    Mirror Mode

    I didn't know about flipping parts. That's gonna save me LOADS of time on fine tuning mirrored parts