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  1. A logic gate that works like a input/output of a bus: Two inputs, one output When input 2 is on, the output gets set to the state of input 1. When input 2 is off, the output remains unchanged
  2. I've Reworked Nimbatus-Mods, it should now work for the latest Nimbatus Version https://github.com/OmegaVoid/Nimbatus-Mods-Rework
  3. Ninbatus-Mods is the collection of mods including a modding api i am making. I made a forumpost about it some time ago, but now its for thelastest version and will soon have custom blocks! If you have suggestions, dont just reply to this post, but post them Here as enhancements
  4. will be in my mod when i manage to add blocks
  5. we need to be able to connect blocks to two other blocks
  6. A T Flip Flop part would be nice, a T Flip Flop toggles between two outputs when the input gets pulsed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flip-flop_(electronics)#T_flip-flop
  7. This is on my list of stuff to add once the modloader is fully working
  8. So kinda like a chaingun in most games
  9. There are mods for removing resource costs
  10. You probably made a mountain of code lol
  11. I could try and mod that in if you want I can maybe mod them to allow weaker springs
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