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    @pieguy56 I love watching Ants Canda too! Ant Love Forever! ❤️
  2. vFlora

    Results of 2nd Community Voting

    Congrats to the top 20! I'm SUPERRR excited for the next update and love all the suggestions made!! (Though horn growth is my favorite on the list :P)
  3. vFlora

    Butterfly Body

    I really like this idea!
  4. vFlora

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    Hi everyone! I'm really happy I decided to finally join the niche community! I've been playing since the beginning, and really enjoy playing it! I'm vFlora, but you can call me Chloe if you'd like! I was born in Maryland, USA and currently still live here. I'm going to be going to high school this 2018 September and would love to be a biologist or journalist when I am older. I enjoy playing video games, drawing, watching anime and writing, and reading (Warriors especially). I love cats but sadly have yet to adopt one. I am a very shy person irl, lol, but am slowly learning to break out of my comfort zone, yay! Also, my favorite youtuber is Seri! Pixel Biologist. And that's pretty much it! Nice to meet you all!