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  1. Ugly duckling These make for the best dragons sometimes. Though I'm still learning to put together outfits, so please have mercy on me.
  2. Got the pride baby for an amazing 100kt. Swapped out some dragons for prettier ones to ? --> Potential waste of an imp, but much more interesting.
  3. They're evil. The world must know.
  4. -- Studying for the Aufnahmeprüfung to get into Pharmacy -- Wasting too much time on video games -- Flight Rising/Dragon Vale. I must have some 150 dragons. -- Helping out in whatever way I can with planning/minor tasks for the house being built -- Chores. Since no one is at home -- Learning cooking, since I won't be allowed to escape otherwise. -- Spending too much time on Quora/reading. I finally got off that medication and can eat like a normal person. Mostly, your stomach does shrink over time. Not sure if not dying is an activity. But I hope to learn how to drive soon.
  5. Ironic that I got away with helping clean out the garden in our new house just fine. I cut so many dead branches and didn't sever anything from my body with a chainsaw But one bench. Oh, boy.
  6. I injured my hand today in a freak accident and now have a piece of wood stuck deep under my fingernail Pretty. This better not get infected
  7. Found I only have 4, though none really fit lawful good or chaotic evil, despite my awful old writing.
  8. There's an existing thread somewhere about this, wait
  9. Wh -- How Good thing I get to be freaked out before I go to sleep at 3am
  10. Still, some more breeding would be fun while saving up for apparel. It's so much easier to buy stuff now just by brewing eggs. Solar Blades! Though nothing saves anyone from lair purges. I had this funky multigaze bane I'm still partly in love with, but she got adopted by a really great lair. Somehow an almost better surprise than the primal
  11. If I can gather the patience to haunt waterway for food (since I'll be gathering salt for some wings), the final might be below 600- 750kt, too :). Really okay for a flight rep.
  12. Still no response :/ my quest just took the most anticlimatic turn as I found this on the AH, haha. I'm really happy with that 400kt. She's probably better than I can expect to hatch ^^'.
  13. I thought you specialise in identifying what is not a fish
  14. Ace pride! Also not mine, but I hope they're willing to sell since he was in a thread today
  15. This is going to look so great once it's finished and a bit more cleaned up
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