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  1. goodbye friend :' (

    1. polly


      wait, what happened to this person? if you don't mind me asking that is.

    2. Sky


      no idea, she just hasn't logged on since last september

  2. Yup, challenging the order and biting everyone's tails.
  3. The below is a wind one from the AH I think they're both pretty neat, but actually prefer my own gal more? Controversial, maybe, but she's more visually interesting. Also a a faux XXY... I've been hunting for a long time to get a less eye burning, not lime green-ish wind primal. And then the first to appear is a freaking gen1. Feeling mildly prone to manic laugher of despair
  4. Got a dream dragon Bred, but all the right genes Planning to add keel Is to be named after an Austrian ice cream/raspberry desert, Heiße Liebe No excuse, just mindless dragon hoarding. Reminds me of orange juice with that capsule... Which makes him. My third food derg? Since this monstrosity exists... Also a one off XXY gen 1, But I got this (yet) baby for an egg today Prettier if you ask me. Almost, but thankfully not XXX. Dragons with some gradient tend to look better... the prior owner got her for 16kt from a hatchery but prefered darker colours, so I guess we both got a good deal. I sell shortly owned dragons all the time too, though. Like this alien. I'm not a starcon or even space themed lair... This one was needlessly expensive, but hey. Might need to be gened, though. Still weird every time you find a dragon that would look decent with smirch. I doubt she'd sell as guardian, so even breedchanged and at 500g I wouldn't get any profit. She might make for a good contrast with the planned light rep, though... Can't forget aro/ace derg Came with an awful 30 day hibden cool down, finally stored yesterday. If you're questioning how I still have money, I don't. Though it mostly still went into assets over the festival
  5. I traded my gen1 nature girl for a wind primal. Said primals massive list of scrys: I'm pretty set on the wings, even though they're expensive. She's currently a bane, born on day 1 of their release date! That's pretty neat since I missed it. For once I favour the least expensive scry, lol The new fest stuff is amazing ❤️ I had a minor crisis about her prior wing apparel, but Light rocks it New derg: (Bastet) Pregened, bred gen1 ^. I'm really confused now if she'd still look better as a spiral...
  6. That's my last post here I guess so prepare to be spammed
  7. He's our grey/white boy's ... 75%? brother and already smarter. It's tragic. Their dad is a) gigantic b) evil and c) made me believe spiderleg is not only a valid, but actually great name. Lotti also got the Thunderclan is best clan genes, but the kitten is unusually extroverted and friendly to other cats.
  8. *gasp* I just came here to post a bunch of unbelieveably jealous cats. It seems that's the only thing these two can agree on. That's the last remaining kitten, anyway, he's pretty tame. Two were adopted, two died. Horrible photography skills are my mom's. He's got a white tailtip and is pretty cute all around.
  9. Oh no, someone offered art in that auction :( So I'll be buying this (bred) -- currently pearlcatcher -- girl for 500g. She's pregened like in the first scry. Not sure if that's a good deal or not? They're well named, and it's at least a long list instead of three random offspring. I honestly don't mind these that much.
  10. I just bought my first project from a mass hatch! I don't know these prices but 10g seemed like a really great deal? He'll be a good noodle. I'm hoping to get a faceted girl too, but they haven't responded yet.
  11. Oh my god. Someone kicked a gen1, which was then put up by a sniper Only It's a gen1. For 20kt (background screetching)
  12. My day has come An useful item! The first anyway since the familiar for the firefly gene.
  13. There's a 100kt hatchling less likely to burn your eyes Not really my favourite element either, though.
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