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  1. Unfortunately, we seem to be in the minority of thinking that to be a good idea.
  2. I would go with the name "attractor/repulsor". Might stick "matter" or something sci-fi-ish to the beginning. Maybe split it into two separate and smaller parts.
  3. How about instead of impenetrable skin, it just regenerates? I'm thinking of some flesh terrain with a background component that's left behind when it's destroyed. Any still-existing flesh terrain will naturally spread to refill these areas. I'm thinking that just that and maybe a few appropriate buildings/enemies and maybe an acidic core that acts suspiciously similar to lava cores might be enough to sell it as a planet-sized organism while keeping it at a level of programming difficulty closer to that of lava/ice planets. Could have missions to kill the giant creature, exterminate
  4. So I think I've got an idea that will greatly improve the functionality and number of uses for magnets: the ability to choose what they will attract/repel. Drone Parts: I've heard of some people who use magnets instead of struts, but how about letting them do that without also attracting enemies? Can finally pull yourself together without attracting unwanted attention. Enemies: Who doesn't like tossing a magnet in the middle of enemies and activating it? People that don't want to get caught up in the ball of things that want to kill them, that's who! Put this on a magnet, slap that
  5. I'd just ask for a rope part like in... Add a magnet at one end and you have a way to tether stuff to part of your drone. Then you can work on making it detachable/factory-printable and give it whatever it needs to anchor itself in whatever place you want.
  6. So would it be a damaging forcefield or more like a plasma globe, just sending electrical arcs at targets that get close enough? I rather like that second one. Maybe the default would have just one electrical arc that would hit the closest target within its limited range (whether it be enemy, building, or terrain) and upgrades would raise the possible number of electrical arcs to allow it to hit the second-closest target, third, and so on. Of course, a single electrical arc could hit an enemy and another enemy close to that enemy with the right upgrade.
  7. Well, if you aren't going to link one of them, then I will just take this opportunity to link my own version of this suggestion. Why not post a reply to it with the naming/tagging idea?
  8. I think something that might be of use is a sensor that just checks to see if a specified type of part is physically connected to it. Minimum Requirements: Part gives output when it is part of a chain of drone parts that goes back to core. It ceases to give output if it gets detached due to decoupling, factory part releasing, or a part in that chain being destroyed. If stuff connected to this part can receive fuel/energy from a battery/fuel tank attached to the core, then this part is giving its signal. How would this be useful? A common thing to put on a factory part is a logic spli
  9. Yeah, they work exactly how they do when I explained why they don't work for what I want in the section titled "The Reason".
  10. So I was reading another "have directional sensor/weapon target closest ____" suggestion when I had some ideas for options for what to do with a directional sensor set to target something that there is two or more of. Nearest Let's get the one that inspired this out of the way first. This just has the closest of the multiple targets decide which section of the directional sensor is activated. Maybe show multiple targeting dots with the nearest one being visually different from the others. Default For a default, I was thinking that we would have a visual of multiple smaller
  11. The Idea Just have the various parts with inputs and outputs only give those inputs and outputs to parts that are physically connected to them. Have an exception for parts that come after a logic connector. Maybe have the exception also cover parts connected to the drone core. The Reason I want to be able to make a drone whose layout includes something like... core --> factory --> resource box --> flight stuff to get it to the resource collector Because I want the ability to have multiples of the factory-made part without their inputs and outputs messing each
  12. Marker Mage


    If we're going with propellers being more effective underwater, we could also try having them also be effective in denser atmospheres.
  13. So these faint energy beams... They remain after decoupling and just pull back the part for recoupling, not allowing recouplers to switch what they recouple to?
  14. Do you think a friendly fire upgrade that lets a weapon damage your drone parts is a possibility? It could be used to destroy excess factory part creations that are slowing the game down or have just piled up in an unappreciated location. Like if you got a harvester drone equipped with a factory part that makes resource boxes with thrusters and sensors that detach and fly to the Nimbatus to dump their contents, it might be nice to have some sort of incineration strip for them to go to afterwards. Too many times I've seen my self destruct TNT leave a single part or two behind. It coul
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