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  1. FlyingPanda


    My suggestion is to add different kinds of pupils, Different pupils could give you different improvements. Like a snake pupil could be earned earned by killing ten rogue males or wanderers and give away a distasteful look or even a new buff being intimidation Crescent eyes could be earned by earned by not using any energy on a nicheling for ten days ( five days, five nights ) and give a nocturnal vision, adding a night in the day cycle and would give the nocturnal effect, though if any sleeping nichelings were attacked by a bearyena they would wake up with one energy, but saying this you could have Nighttime nichelings though they'd only have one energy, as not to debuff the crescent eyes. Believe it or not some animals have W shaped pupils so don't @ me xd W Pupils could increase sight in water, since some water dwelling frogs have these eyes, with this also comes a suggestion poorer eye-sight in water, earned by having a entire three generations living underwater Geckos have pupils that are explained like this 'thin string of pearls' -w- 'thin string of pearls' pupils could give a better view behind the nicheling, adding the aspect of bearyena ambush/ surprise attack, earned by having a 0 attack nicheling ambushed by a bearyena Feline pupils could give a extra tile of sight e.g. 4 tiles of sight, being earned by having at least two generations of good eyesight ( In a row ) If anyone has got more pupils with buffs and ways of being earned comment them :3 Please
  2. Leopard geckos have a tail that can store fat as many Leopard Gecko owners know. I'm going to make a suggestion. When a nicheling has this tail food options have an option to take that food to store fat so when going into times of starvation this also means that if you pick this option it will be stored in the tail. No this is not realistic but I think if this was to be implemented in future updates it can feed the other members of the tribe ( 4 food each ( For 4 tribemates ) ) and also there is an option on nichelings, Rogues and Wanderers to share four food but if you do not have enough food for every nicheling and skip the day four random nicheling will be fed ( Or more depending on how many nichelings have the leopard gecko tail. If you have any other ideas or any flaws you can comment them
  3. I think it should make enemies instead of poison bleed when attacked though it lasts only four turns
  4. it gives two because with leech tail it can snap it in half. And its okay i got stumped on this suggestion
  5. @ChasingNyx that's what its supposed to do look like a leech. So a leech comes by sees the faulty leech comes close and when it try's to attach itself on you the tail will pull it off. and will become a food source for you.
  6. Cool! but if your not able to get armored body at the moment and leeches go crazy on you , you can get leech tail
  7. With Leech Tail I think the parasite ( Leech ) will not be able to attach itself to Nichlings with Leech Tail. And when you kill it instead of dropping one leech it drops two!. And i think its appearance should be a long thin tail like the fishing tail but instead of bait on the end their is a Leech the exact color of one too. Any other suggestions to help this become a real gene.
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