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  1. Clearpool- "Oh my! Prikupri! You are one of the most handsome nichelings I have ever met! We'd be happy to have you in our kingdom! I'm guessing that you want to join my side?" Juniper- "Strong warriors are always welcome in our kingdom. Seeing as you value war and vengeance, I'm guessing that you want to join my army, yes?"
  2. Saffronleap: A windclan she-cat
  3. This reminds me of another green haired boi from some game... He was also called Rantaro.
  4. I watched it! I also got mentioned but she used my real name.
  5. (@Lilytuft, what are Fennec's genes?)
  6. Fennec's horns hit the bearyena and the force of her charge pushes her backward. She goes head over paws and rolls a fair distance away. She stands up, notices a creature calling her name, ignores them, and runs to stand protectively in front of her brother. "Go away!" She growls. (If she has Bearyena snout, this is her using Strong Roar to scare him. If not, she just tries to act menacingly)
  7. Fennec charges into the intruding bearyena, not noticing that her brother had been pulled away.
  8. Fennec hears a growl in bearyena from inside the grasses. Thinking that it's her mom, she walks toward it. As she pokes her head out of the rough grass, she sees a large bearyena, definitely not her mom, growling at her older brother. "Hey! That's my brother!" She growls, charging toward the bearyena.
  9. Fennec jumps at all the commotion before replying to Speckle. "I don't know but I can't smell it anymore."
  10. Fennec smiles and chips at her sister. "Hi, sis!"
  11. Fennec stumbles over to her sister (Speckle) and sniffs her.
  12. Fennec sniffs her new siblings curiously.
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