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  1. meredithheck

    Niche Hunger Games EXTREME!

    District 2: Juniper (the gray one) and Pearlia (the tan one)
  2. meredithheck


    You guys watch Jessimew and Seri!?!?
  3. meredithheck

    Gods And Godesses

    Clearpool: My God of Beauty and Peace Juniper: Goddess of Poison and War Meek: goddess of Prey Rhea: Goddess of Plenty and a minor goddess of Beauty
  4. meredithheck

    Free niche drawing requests!

    Thanks! I love her too. She’s my goddess of plenty but is also a minor goddess of beauty
  5. meredithheck

    Niche Community Challenge Thing

    If you ever get any more space, could I join?
  6. meredithheck

    Free niche drawing requests!

    Please draw her
  7. meredithheck

    I wanna draw too!

    I forgot her real name but I call her Meek. She's my goddess of prey.
  8. meredithheck

    I wanna draw too!

    I think she has green eyes.
  9. meredithheck

    Send me nichelings to draw!

    These two please.
  10. meredithheck

    more free sketches

    Sfgsdfhfdsdfg!! She looks amazing!
  11. meredithheck

    more free sketches

    Her name is Juniper
  12. meredithheck

    tell me nichelings to draw

    Can you draw him?
  13. meredithheck

    Some Questions

    1. Depends on the tribe. I will invite them in unless I’m playing a challenge where I can’t 2. Same with 1 3. Run. Just Run 4. Wait unless my creatures are more then halfway through their life. 5. Keep the baby! It’s the least I can do after killing it’s mother
  14. meredithheck

    Niche Hunger Games

    Username: MeredithHeck District: 6 Tributes: Forest Heart and Seastar
  15. meredithheck

    Gods And Godesses

    Most of my tribes follow the deities from Seri and Jessimew's playthroughs but I have some of my own. My first was Rubi. She is the goddess of flight and hunting. he was a red-furred, ram-horned wanderer with wings and female peacock tail. She spent her entire life chasing bunnies and leaving piles of meat behind. The other creatures had to collect the food as she just left it behind. Now, whenever my tribes find meat laying around, they take it as a gift from her. Their children were also deities. Filly: Goddess of Gathering (Berries, Grass) Monarch: God of Hunting (Bunnies) Umbra: God of Loyalty (Following the leader) Mulberry: Goddess of Family (Having kids) This family represents the duties of a nicheling.