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  1. Goggles-kun

    Gods or best?

    Reminds me of this comic made by Lil’ Sun Leopard
  2. Goggles-kun

    Your dream nicheling?

    Anything that looks like my precious bean Pacific immediately gets an A++ in my book
  3. Goggles-kun

    This song

    I already was cancer, sorry man for spreading the love ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Goggles-kun

    What is the worst/funniest injury you have ever gotten?

    No they forced me to
  5. Goggles-kun

    Miss Niche November 2018

  6. What if I start on crossing, give my creatures home island immunity, and go there? 🤔
  7. Goggles-kun

    Miss Niche November 2018

    Here’s the Thornstar version!
  8. Goggles-kun

    I'm having wonderful luck!

    Either way there will be a dead body
  9. Goggles-kun

    Adam returned to his home

    Increaseage -99999999999999
  10. Goggles-kun

    This song

    This song here gives me life. Screw you Eurovision for not letting this song win your competitiom
  11. Goggles-kun

    Bearyena Research

    Kinda like how male lions with darker manes usually are head of the pride? Or maybe it’s an endemic thing?
  12. Goggles-kun

    I Bless The Rains (Playthrough)

    Goosecreek and Tinystorm look so similar
  13. Goggles-kun

    Ruler of The Mountains

    Got inspired after seeing a screenshot of the game featured on Niche’s page at the Steam Store