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  1. Goggles-kun

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    Snow islands are pretty easy, I’ll say that. Long Winter can be a pain in the neck though if the game bugs out on ya or something else happens. (I.e. nothing spawns, no permanent nests, etc.)
  2. Unrelated, but you need our help, eh? Attention all Niche Gamers, Bostonlobstah is in great danger, and she needs YOUR help to get out of the island loop. To do this, she needs the island directions so she can mortalize Bostonlobstah again. To help her, all she needs is your credit card number, the three numbers on the back, and the expiration month and date. But you gotta be quick so that Bostonlobstah can secure the bag, and achieve the epic H O M E I S L A N D F L E X
  3. Goggles-kun

    Rank All Islands from Easiest to Hardest!

    My list of the hardest biomes! Hardest: anything to do with the jungle Easiest: Everything else
  4. Goggles-kun

    Whims Playthrough (Patriarch Days)

    I tried the Whims challenge before, and since I actually didn’t know or care about the rules I failed. I mean, I didn’t look at their genes, but I didn’t do anything like control the population count using a number generator or stuff like that. Oops
  5. Goggles-kun

    Wonderwall (WC Playthrough)

    Speaking of wanting things, I wanna hug it
  6. Goggles-kun

    Whims Playthrough (Patriarch Days)

  7. Goggles-kun

    Look at this Pretty Baby!

    Or, perhaps you could be just like me and console her 😅
  8. Goggles-kun

    Wonderwall (WC Playthrough)

    Why does he look super precious like seriously what the heck
  9. On a discord server instead of “nicheling” it autocorrected me to “niche king”
  10. Goggles-kun

    Shipping Nichelings

  11. Goggles-kun

    No perma nests

    That, or it was extremely bad luck.
  12. Goggles-kun

    Miss Niche January 2019!

    We all do
  13. Goggles-kun

    Gods And Godesses

    Grahaha! The hunt is on boys! Guess who has more Gods and Goddesses now? Siam- The God of Love and Healing In the distant mountains, a young girl named Hershey wanted to investigate the lands and break open a mysterious ice block. When she did, she was surprised to see a young, golden male with giant horns and a snout like a cat's. He introduced himself as Siam and thanked her for rescuing him. When Hershey and Siam traveled back home, they fell in love and had a child. He was tasked with collecting berries and hunting down rabbils if they did ever appear. One day, when Hershey and Siam were collecting berries with each other, a huge balance bear came out of nowhere and attacked! Siam warded off the bear, but was shocked to see Hershey wounded. He purred and healed her, saving Hershey in time. When he died, the tribe kinda made a deity based off of that and called him the god of love and healing. Mask- The God of Beauty Mask was the first son of the two starter couples Velvet and Golden. I think that was their names... Anyway, Mask was adored by his parents for his beautiful pattern and quickly rose to be a favorite. He is worshiped by today's tribe for his beautiful and elegant mask. Thunder- The God of Luck I call Thunder the god of luck, because look at him! Yellow pelt isn't really my favorite, but he has poison fangs, a claw, and nimble fingers! That's perfect for the snow biome! A++! Mera- The Goddess of Bravery Ages ago, a young creature (I forgot her name hhh) fell in love with the local friendly bearyena and had a child with it. She named the child Mera. For most of her adolescence, Mera was made fun of for her awkward bearyena-like claw. Determined by this, she set out for the mountains in hope of proving them wrong along with her brother. She, instead, found an elderly spit-snouted creature that would've made a wonderful Miss Niche competition entry if I had realized it. They ventured home and for some reason, everyone congratulated Mera for saving the wanderer's life. Apparently it was very brave of her. Mera felt rewarded because of this, and thanked everyone. When she died, I'm not even kidding, she was brought back to life and awarded genes that would allow her to live on top of the mountain and watch over the tribe peacefully. Legend has it she's still up there to this day.