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    (my sister would be even more excited since she’s a real Zelda fan lol)

  2. Goggles-kun


    I’ve seen a lot of posts where you said you’ve been sick. Did you... get vaccinated this year? (Okay, probably a bit of a stretch question, but it’s worth asking at this point.) Main point: GET WELL SOON!!!! I know what it feels like to be sick, and it’s seriously the worse besides depression.
  3. Happy birthday!! 💕💖💗🎉
  4. Okay so I’ve read some posts and I am so sorry to hear about your parents it does sound like you get verbally abused by them Rememer— if it gets to a dark point with them, please call a trusted friend/family member or don’t hesitate on calling child protective services. (Okay, maybe not someone as extreme as that, but if it gets significantly worse you should call them) “Went up in flames”? I’m scared now... What happened that made it go up in flames? (I saw Lilytuft’s member title, too. Is there anything I should be worried about?) And thanks, guys, for the welcoming replies
  5. I see no real difference July 17th, 2015– June 12th, 2019–
  6. Goggles-kun

    Hey so uh

    I’ll try to be more active on here... So what happened since I disappeared?
  7. I’ve been to Disneyland before. I feel your pain Silver
  8. Aah... I just had a bad day and I come online to see this Thank you so much, FlowerMask
  9. Ooh, I remember doing a group drawing of everyone’s nichelings back in November. You know the drill. Can you please add Pacific? Thanks!
  10. Happy birthday from a person that should be paying attention in school!!
  11. Some people are polyamorous and need to be in multiple relationships, but I stopped looking after I got into a relationship.
  12. It’s probably worse if you’re demisexual lol I’m probably not demi, but one time a discord friend said he was crushing on me (he wasn’t aware of my bf) and I immediately turned him down. I can’t really love people on a whim, you know?
  13. Same here, but I definitely still hold my asocial qualities online. Say I’m on Discord chatting with friends. Most of the time I’m still selectively social and normally choose to talk to two people daily. Usually it’s these lovable dorks: Sometimes people will message me and I’ll openly ignore their message, because I simply don’t want to talk to them. It’s usually never me that starts a conversation, because I definitely can’t do that. Interesting fact: I literally don’t trust any of my online friends to know I have issues. Seriously. Welcome to the asocial life
  14. Oh, good thing I have my glasses then! (I wear a pair of glasses that deflects blue light so it doesn’t hurt my eyes. Without my glasses I’d be blind )
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