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  1. Goggles-kun

    Two ports together??

    I kinda had something like that in the past...
  2. Goggles-kun

    Whims of Fate

    You're on, Wanderer. (This was back from an earlier build when the textures were kinda broken... I'm also not sure what the green stuff is around the momma's mouth)
  3. Goggles-kun

    Have you met two wandering siblings?

    I don't know if this counts, but these two creatures popped up randomly and kinda look like siblings...
  4. I'm surprised nobody is talking about it... (It's called "Retimed", and I think it's a 2-4 multiplayer game)
  5. Yeah, I'm sure you all are familiar with accidental children that you loved in the end. I'm talking horny male children, what happens when you accidentally breed two siblings together, and such. Take this little kiddo for instance: (The one on the left) I named her "Angel the Skull Kid" and she's basically a huge Mary-sue. What's that? You never heard of a Mary-sue? How uncultured are you?? Her mom died the day she was born and her dad died two days later. The mom and dad were siblings with very similar immunity genes, yet they had Little Miss Beauty Pageant winner Angel, whom had perfect immunity. Angel the Skull Kid was a result of a misclick; I meant to breed the dad with the cracker jaw you can faintly see in the background, but I wasn't paying attention and I clicked the dad's sister instead... Do you have any accidental children that turned out to be perfect?
  6. Goggles-kun

    How to know if the game hates you (or not₩

    I'm actually more curious on how you managed a creature with homozygous purr snout
  7. Goggles-kun

    Well, what're the odds of this?

    Wouldn't it be weird if Stray Fawn trolled us and half the time Eve didn't spawn? I'm pretty sure that's an actual bug in Niche. Anyway, addressing the statistics of Eve spawning with wings. I only got one Eve to spawn with wings, but I'm pretty sure it's within the "likely" range, or however statistics work. I fell asleep during 7th grade math, okay?? My only Eve with a wing actually had pretty cute children. It was the fourth generation when I got a full-winged creature and then we went extinct ( >_<) Oh wait, I went off topic... I just got lectured today because going off topic distracts small children... But, yeah. I'd say wing has become common between wanderers and Eves.
  8. Goggles-kun

    You know you have no life when...

    Why do people like me all I do is play Splatoon and Mario Kart
  9. Goggles-kun

    You know you play too much Niche when...

    You know you play too much Niche when you log 0 hours in the past two weeks
  10. Goggles-kun

    Odd starters and port deformation?

    Huh. 🤔 I had weird ports like that too. Good luck getting across, Adam!
  11. Goggles-kun

    Non-niche artwork dump

    It wasn't intentionally supposed to be a creature! XD
  12. Goggles-kun

    What are your favorite genes?

    I forgot something!! I absolutely LOVED panda pattern from earlier builds. Note: In some earlier builds, creatures had four gems. I also took all of the screenshots
  13. Goggles-kun

    Non-niche artwork dump

    Ahem... Since I don't really make Niche artwork anymore, I mean, have you SEEN my old Niche artwork?! Absolute garbage! I just decided to post some non-niche artwork here. These images are also up on Steam 😆 The last one was a request by a friend Do you have any non-niche artwork?
  14. Goggles-kun

    Short snouted wanderers

    I'm not. The image I posted was referring to the "Bob the crippled horny male" image.
  15. Goggles-kun

    Short snouted wanderers

    Huh. I haven't really noticed that short snout disappeared 🤔 Bob the Crippled Horny Male was the funniest thing at the time for me... so was this