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  1. Yeah, I've played it with friends.
  2. The graphics look pretty good for an indie game
  3. Actually, who's still active? I see Lily, Pincer, and Tundra
  4. It doesn't look bad. Reminds me of the old thing.
  5. Oh wait, I still have mod on this account? Cool
  6. another meme dump fun for the whole family and the wall you talk to every night
  7. I stopped watching around episode 12. The original DuckTales will always be my favorite
  8. twitter dilemma: > “Keep politics out of video games!” > their profile picture is from persona, a game depicting adults in authority as untrustworthy and useless including political figures and police
  9. It took me two hours to get the data and then make the tier list It was incredibly painful
  10. Ohh. Thanks for the context lol, I don’t really watch television anymore I think Orion’s colour scheme would fit a lot better if their main colour was white, because it appears that Orion’s main colour is white in the picture.
  11. I’m more confused what the giant paragraph about why you like Moth’s Flight and Crookedstar’s Promise had to do with the central theme “Scourge Sucks”. Maybe put each opinion as listed points instead of separate paragraphs? Because the title really looked like “Scourge Sucks. Bad.”, so I assumed it would be you listing why you don’t like Scourge.
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