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  1. This is more of a science-centric research topic (most American schools teach that in 7th-8th grade). I’m not a very math-y person, but I’m sure you can form some sort of factorial or probability equation on the chances of a nicheling evolving a certain mutation You should probably do some more research on basic genetics on your own (I’m not here to tell you the answer), but this website looks pretty plausible: https://www.yourgenome.org/
  2. Am I the only one who actually likes soft-shading? i.e.;
  3. I once named a Bitizen Billie Eilish I went to prison
  4. I don’t really make warrior cat ocs anymore, but I would love to introduce you to my old crappy warrior ocs: I had one named Silverfrost who had blue stripes, heterochromia (blue and green; blind in the green eye) and in general was hard to look at :v Another one was Whitestorm who was entirely dark grey, had a white face, amber eyes, and a red tail. He looked cuter and I’m considering redrawing him. Firetail, my knockoff Firestar with dead parents and a bunch of siblings and adopted ones. No, he doesn’t become leader. Cherrytail, the prodigy cat who can walk in StarClan and the Dark Forest in her dreams. Willowpaw, who I forgot about. Minnowshine, a medicine cat with an insane son. Hmm, that sounds familiar. One day I’ll redraw them.
  5. Unfortunately I can’t find the picture of myself in the costume, but this is what I’m going as:
  6. I heard that’s a pretty city .u.
  7. Demigirl, yeah, but I fly the non-binary flag, so does that count or am I mistaken?
  8. Remember this? (Of course you don’t) Yeah... there’s a German class at my high school, but instead I took Spanish. Lo siento, yo soy un tonto... To flex my spanish skills from over 15 minutes on Duolingo, anyone want to have a convo in Spanish? Got a spanish exam tomorrow and would love to study.
  9. I have Stardew Valley. I’m trying to get some cool duck boys in my farm, but it’s winter...
  10. Cousins and I went to two escape rooms. We didn’t escape the first one, but we got out of the second one because the people working there forgot to lock up an important cabinet with a code lol
  11. Got a quick question. I identify as she/her/they/them, but I feel as though people will say my identity is invalid because it’s not “one or the other”. Any advice?
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