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  1. So apparently in the character creator (or whatever it's called) isn't showing the heat body or the webbed paws, even though I have them in.
  2. First bug I've found, loaded up a game (An old one, pre update) and everyone is now either a teen or a child. Hooray for mass extinction!
  3. I have literally no idea where you came from. And I scent viewed everywhere yesterday. What is happening
  4. I would, but I really wanna perfect my colors, breed out those pesky webbed hind legs and velvet paw, and attempt to add in bearyena claw
  5. I probably won't keep him trapped there forever, I mean, eventually I'm gonna send someone after a rabbil, and I really wanna breed the black and white teenager. I just do it cause I have literally nothing for anyone to do anymore.
  6. In my defense, she wanted to kill me first
  7. Na, I just want him for food. But I'm not mean enough to kill him so he just gonna have to sit there until he's dead
  8. So naturally I decided to trap him until he died
  9. So I made a save about a few weeks ago, which is by far no were near my oldest save, but every now and then, it will randomly get stuck on this screen. When I click, it freezes all together, and I have to exit out. None of my other saves do this, and I rather like this save, so I really don't want to delete it, and I just don't know what's happening. Slot3.nichesave Edit: Okay, so now it's even worse, I can't hardly get on at all. 2nd Edit: Okay, now it won't open at all. I've tried multiple times today, and it won't let me play the save
  10. That could easily be true, seeing as on a save file that I spent only about 15-30 minutes on, I don't have barely anything in the menu, though I noticed that it does have some things (such as bird beak and lean body) and seeing as Adam and Eve are still in the family tree, and Eve had neither, so I' unsure whether it would be that. But to be fair, I don't really know, so who knows? Maybe it just auto adjusts when you move to a new island where you might unlock a new gene.
  11. The gills, bearyena snout and ears, and round ears, are all in game, but aren't in the gene menu, thus making it impossible to search them up. (I probably shoulda made that more obvious in my original post lol)
  12. There were a few others, but these were the ones I noticed. I don't know if this a bug or just hasn't been implemented yet, but I just thought I'd point it out.
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