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  1. I also wanted the game after I watched her Youtube videos! She's great I love all the different Tribes stories! ^w^
  2. Hi everyone! I'm tuna of Finland. Nice to meet you! I enjoy playing Skyrim, Niche, Ark, Sims, Minecraft... things that I kinda kinda use to tell my own story with or build something. Wanna-be-artist and devourer of snacks. So many people mentioning FMA I finally got into it with my roommate last year. My friend used to badger me about watching it. (Am I the only one who kinda loses interest to watch things if someone is _constantly_ telling you to watch it?)
  3. Little late to the party, but I wholeheartedly agree that the purr snout in it's current state is creepy :D Someone said it kinda looks like a fox for than a cat. I love cats and hope to see that soft adorable kitten look someday in Niche... For me the whiskers look kind of jarring, like to poor things have been victims of porcupine attack! D:
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