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  1. NEW BLOCK "RESSOURCE DETECTOR" A bit like a metal detector it would beep or change color based on the distance and heat up the surrounding parts (for balancing you know) I like this idea it's pretty realistic And outputs a key / tag when a certain treshold in reached
  2. I didn't intended to be agressive or somewhat I was just asking if he/she knows what is optimization Just a question really
  3. and they more complex as we place more an more simple blocks ok got it
  4. yeah I tought about that but instead of having a table system don't see how it could be a thing
  5. Just put a prefix on your tags I.E.: D1GL >>> Drone1GoLeft O R G A N I Z E
  6. Maybe to overkill depends how it's implemented
  7. I'm Totally in X & Y Symmetry With the possibility to change origins of each for building sub-drones
  8. That would very useful when making either complex or big drones B U T ... THERE IS M O R E BLUEPRINTS COULD BE USED WITH THE FACTORY PART And also show the estimated print time in the tooltip when we over the mouse on a factory part and show on every part how much time they add to the print And so in the blueprint manager we could see each blueprint print time T R E M E N D O U S
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