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  1. This would explain why things tend to go "pear-shaped"
  2. Anyone who is familiar with my sumo designs knows that I have troubles with logic stuff ~_~ My question: is there a logic part that allows me to block out a signal temporarily? For example: if signal (A) is active, then I want it to disable signal (B), which would otherwise be active. I have a hard time with logic, so it's kinda hard to explain
  3. terry pratchett would be proud, however, even he knows the truth... ITS IN THE SHAPE OF A LAZER
  4. Basically yea, I find myself tinkering with sumo designs alot, and sometimes I want to change a fuel block to a battery block, or change one logic part to another
  5. Soooo... I ran into the springs guy again, but this time with an experimental design that I've been tinkering with. The gif looks jumpy, but this is how it actually played out. I guess he collided with me with such explosive force that he crashed into me, destroying my drone, and sent his core ricocheting off out of the ring? (top right corner at the end) 😆😆😆😆
  6. I sometimes run into situations where I want to simply change one block to something else, but it's so interwoven into the structure or has so many other connections that this can be quite time consuming or daunting. Currently when you click on a block in the bottom menu, that block is attached to your mouse. I think it might work out like this: When you have a block selected (highlighted green) and you click on a block from the bottom menu, that highlighted block should be replaced with whatever you click on, retaining all of the previous block's structural connections. This might could
  7. To all the free-thinkers and innovators, forging the new dawn of sumo competition ...and something about springs
  8. Here... let me just... I'll clean that up for ya >_<
  9. Good work on the bug fixes and new features
  10. Thank you devs! Hopefully this change will inspire further creativity in an ever-evolving landscape
  11. To all the enemy minidrones who've helped defeat their own masters along the way
  12. To all the ineffective mini-drones I've swept aside
  13. Alusares

    Race mode

    I like the idea of adding more types of problem solving / puzzle type activities
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