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  1. They need a high low and tolerance setting a setting for I'd below speed, above speed and then a neutral range just like with directional and altitude
  2. Crossing

    Factory bug

    Okay maybe it's just me then and he isn't wrong I found one time I somehow had a factory block shadow in the background but the double print seemed to happen when a hotkey and a tag go off at the same time I can duplicate a different bug but kind of the same effect with charged thrusters. It has something to do with a tag and a hotkey both being pressed or sent at the same time for the same command
  3. What about a merging block system where two identical blocks become one larger single block. This would mostly be for fuel, energy and basic blocks. It would allow for smoother looking drones and cover a lot of link changes some want and even add triangles which we both lack and need
  4. .... oh speaking of merging what about block merging. Allowing overlapping or side by side same blocks like fuel, energy, and standard blocks to combine into one larger block since all these scale with size
  5. Okay also don't know if it is a thread yet but do a mini game drone challenge. Mostly thinking of like a don't touch the sides game and a race through the core
  6. That is fine 😁 I was just clarifying my suggestion
  7. I also talked about like how parts turn molten or frozen, that type of art .. maybe smoke or dark black cracks
  8. I know there Is a thread on this but search isn't finding it. But let me just get to why The function to copy and paste drones will allow for users to make custom race stages using the planets instead of the sumo ring and many other custom games. As a sub suggestion make your next challenge be a mini game challenge where players make some games like race through the center of the earth and such
  9. I meant more like how stuff slowly turns molten and also slowly freezing just add a cracks graphic as it goes from 100 75 50 25
  10. Crossing

    Factory bug

    Computer is broken atm but should be able to reproduce by doing the following first you need a drone with about 500 parts system handles under a 100 np I assume because their is less input lag, you may.also look at my mothership by rookie to get a better picture. Second I had the turret set to print when receiving command always followed by a decouple and print command if hotkey n when it printed
  11. One other thing to add would be either an option to turn off auto save or add a way to exit without saving
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