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  1. i have an ultrawide monitor, so when i make a GIF its usually more than the 8mb limit of discord, please downscale or compress the image in some way so its under 8mb, that would realy make my life easier, bcs i dont have to go to a gif -> mp4 converter
  2. or just add a round variant, sometimes the square sensor fits better with geomatric drones
  3. sometimes in sumo you see some.. uhm inapropiate bots.. so add a Report bot feature so those nasty bots can be removed!
  4. i get what you mean now (kinda) but its actually a good idea. (just to be clear xD) if arrow points up the thrust will go up, if down the thrust will go down, etc etc and diagnal it will be like leveled? shouldn't be that hard 4 the devs (i hope)
  5. this might just be a dump question from me, but do you mean that it goes with the arrow or against the arrow, that it will stand still? (this just might be my dislectia)
  6. some other game already had it and it basicly ruined the game bcs of the snapping, you could never get it to snap right and they had exactly this, and it didnt work out well
  7. you're in the wrong section, this is the nimbatus section
  8. Strayfawn devs, drop everything your doeing and start working on this
  9. started rethinking this and now it sound like a great idea ­čĹŹ
  10. it could be a cool fearture but i dont realy see the handy part in this, it doesnt matter wich way you make your drone, its all up to the controls (still gonna thumb it up cuz it could be cool)
  11. competetive sumo would be sick! and maybe it could be determained by mass, thrust power or amount of blocks
  12. Alt + a is maybe better, but i dont know much about good keybindings
  13. Yes, i actually was there doesnt have to be soon, it would be a nice feature in the finished game they dont have to move vast, just like 0.5 - 2 orbits per hour (depends on distance and mass)
  14. Just do it! dont let your dreams become dreams, so just HMMMM DO IT
  15. whot i fought nokias were invincible
  16. when you are in the galaxy vieuw, its nice and all but it would be sick if the planets where orbiting thier sun, just a small estatic change that would make it look soo much nicer
  17. *that need ammo that is produced by ammo factories
  18. explosions are always the best option
  19. Jeroeno_Boy

    Snake egg bugg

    i found a planet that only has 6 snake eggs Version: 0.5.7 Planet: Laerovo System: Magiwizhe system Galaxy: #13 Slot1.nSave Slot1.nSave.Meta
  20. This seems to work fine, would still be much easier with the directional tracker ofc
  21. ooooooh ima try, no idea how to do it but im goeing to do it
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