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  1. Quality of life improvement: Select multiple parts by pressing shift and dragging the cursor across the screen. Center of mass would be calculated for selected part(s).
  2. I'd like to see a day/night cycle in the game which also takes into account how many suns illuminate a planet (maybe add some light sources too?). And if these things were to be added, please make some parts like batteries, fuel tanks, drone cores, enemies, turrets, laser beams, hive entrances produce light. If this is too resource intensive, then just add an option to disable it.
  3. I mean, it's cool that we have a sensor part for velocity. But it needs to work similarly to an altimeter > upper & lower limit (> triggers lower if too slow / triggers upper if too fast). Plus it needs to have an option to change between speed types, horizontal speed and vertical speed based on the planet's centre.
  4. This occurs every time when a new "container" gets created. Desktop_2018_10.12_-_18_26_39_01.mp4
  5. Fixed that the requirements for the travel to a wormhole were not displayed - quote from patchnotes
  6. It broke off when my old, printed drone self-destructed.
  7. They're literally ramming into my missiles and killing themselves. Hammerhead: "Oohhh shiny, a missile!" *rams into it* *kills itself* Other Hammerheads: "Let's do the same thing!" *suicides into another missile*
  8. That's why I never figured out what was causing the "parts with unassigned keys" error message. Desktop_2018_10.08_-_19_03.20_03.mp4
  9. Oh and btw. the galaxy generator is drunk. what.mp4
  10. I also pressed F7 multiple times during the video.
  11. Using Nvidia shadowplay is not my point. I'm talking about the fact that the animation disappears when you record a GIF.
  12. I just wanted to make a GIF of the Nimbatus travelling. Desktop 2018.10.08 -
  13. I used this in literally 50% of my creations now.
  14. If it's that bad: Start a new save, but keep the other one until it is fixed.
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