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  1. I know nothing, becouse im way too dense, therefore whatever you say is most probably way more correct. So yeah, its not a bad idea to increase the limit of characters, it definetely wouldnt hurt anyone, and to be accurate, i was never against it.
  2. I mean, i always name my variables in compact names, so i dont feel a need for this. I guess some people need that, its just that i dont. And he probably has tiny to no experience in programming.
  3. If you were a programmer, you would not have requested this. At least i wouldnt have.
  4. GreyCore


    This kind of water doesnt fit this game. I have no idea how this would be implemented, since what you describe is not a feature, but a structure, whic in these small planets have no space to be put in. If water would be added, it would be a good idea to add water planets, with water that could be frozen or boiled. That i would love to see.
  5. Coolers should be removed. Possible upgrades: Efficiency, Power, Range, Integrity (+health), Heat, Heat downgrade ( transforms a heater into a cooler ), Spring stiffness, (armor) Hardness (defense against kinetic), (armor) Composition (defense agains thermal), Shape Rounder, Shape squarer, Size decreaser, Size increaser. I am having a hard time thinking of more... I dont know if it would be that interesting, but i would love that this idea would get deveoped upon
  6. Thanks for writing about that. I made a mistake in a sentence, and didnt see it until now...
  7. When applying a tag, each and every time i have to erase "ENTER TAG HERE", write the tag, or choose it and then press confirm. Its annoyingly slow. I know that i can press delete, but that could be not necessary, therefore more conveninent. What if when adding a tag, the "ENTER TAG HERE" would be gone and we could write at once, or even better, choose from the list, and then there would be no confirm button, becouse confirmation would happen by closing the tag addition window?
  8. Im kind of lost... is there gonna be another giveaway, or no? If its still coming, please count me in. That game definetely looks amazing!
  9. oh..... what i meant is that in 8 seconds ofcontinuous using they get to the melting point, or the lava-ish state
  10. oh. You mean that they would be sensitive to damage, and would explode easily?
  11. i suppose, but in 8 seconds of using it the drone is already burning. That is alot already... maybe too much even... explosions would only make it quite over the top, although cool...
  12. Ok, just gonna fix it right quick and overclocked thrusters dont need that as they could easily melt the entire drone if not controlled
  13. Wait... second chance?? Im definetely in then!
  14. Pressurised thrusters - if all of the fuel storages are 100% - 95% the thruster gets ~25% bonus power. If there is less than 95% fuel left, power drops to 100% - ~25% when on the brink of running out of fuel. For more clearity i attached some numbers. More fuel - more power Hybrid thrusters - they are very fuel efficient, but uses energy. Fuel to energy alternative Ion thrusters - 2x2 sized thrusters that have the same amount of thrust, but uses energy instead of fuel. Large energy thrusters Overclocked thrusters - have 30 % more power, but use 50% more fuel and act as heaters:
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