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  1. Title says it all. You would only be able to download them if you have the right parts. They’re really cool and it’s a shame you can’t use them in the campaign.
  2. While having a 1x1 button would be nice, I think all logic gates should be consistently the same 1x2 size.
  3. I absolutely agree with you on this one. It would also be nice to be able to replace blocks without deleting everything attached to them.
  4. Does it? I’ve never noticed it before
  5. It’s in the dev roadmap
  6. A bit weird, since visibility isn’t really a problem in nimbatus, as you can see everything clearly. Maybe for decoration though.
  7. Absolutely agree with you. I tried building a diagonal drone once and the directional sensor was an absolute pain to get right
  8. I’ve seen something simillar already, still an awesome idea
  9. Ok, ok, hear me out. What if there was a way to manipulate gravity around your drone. You could increase it, decrease it, change the direction of it, screw around with physics... It might sound a bit powerful, but just make it slurp up power like crazy and it should be pretty balanced. But just imagine the possibilities! Make an anti-grav drone, a spiky ball that crushes enemies into the ground, a bomb that pulls enemies in like a zarya ult and then blows them up, bombs that actually fall to the ground, and so much more! Of course, I might be getting carried away and suggesting something completely nonsensical and impossible to implement.
  10. Would be a nice quality of life addition
  11. Hmm what do you mean by island? Like a base? Or are you wondering how to carve an island out of terrain
  12. Maybe itcould have two or more connection points; one at the base and one at the extending end
  13. So I was checking out the early acces roadmap, and I stumbled upon something pretty interesting: bossfights. I really like this idea, as it would add some great challenge to the game and surely make things more interesting. So I thought I’d come up with some suggestions for potential bosses in the future. Hope you enjoy! 1. The motherhive: A massive hive has formed in the planet’s core! This boss may seem very familliar to people who have played the old demo, as it used to be a mission, but got removed once the alpha came out. It was a cool concept so I thought it would make for an interesting boss. When you land on the planet, you are immediately greeted with swarms and swarms of bugs. And I’m talking hundreds of normal, large and explody bugs (hopefully the game engine takes it well) and their respective normal hives scattered all over the planet. These will be a huge nuisance to deal with, but I’m sure people will be able to think of a drone broken enough to handle it. Your goal is to tunnel down into the very core of the planet and destroy the motherhive. Of course, there will be elite sentinel bugs that will shoot and bite your drone in order to stop you. Once you destroy the hive, you are rewarded with plenty of yellow resource and maybe something else too (I’m sure the devs can think of something here). Tip: The hive is weak to plasma weapons. 2. The war machine: The corp has created a massive elite war machine, capable of mass destruction, but a malfunction in the programming has caused it to go rogue! You must stop it! I don’t really know what it would look like in game, but I imagine it as some type of huge tank/walker type of thing (simmilar aesthetic style to the transmitter and lab) with lots of guns and cannons. It would shoot homing missiles, small swarms of ships, mortar shots, and a massive long range laser that could absolutely devastate your drone if you’re not careful. It would also sometimes lay aerial mines that would detonate upon contact with your drone. Once destroyed, the corp will reward you with lots of red resource and something else too. Tip: It’s weak to kinetic weapons. 3. The hammerhead mariarch: This one is pretty self explanatory. It’s just a really thicc hammerhead with a bit more visual flare. It’s huge, and its main attacks include charging at you and trying to squish you against the ground. It will also do a huge ground pound type attack where it will make lava fountains emerge from the ground, making the battlefield more intense. It will also shoot fireballs and summon mini hammerheads for you to deal with. Also, every hit it lands will heat you up, so make sure you pack some coolers. Once defeated, it gives you tons of blue resource and a unique something. Tip: Although it can’t be frozen, cryo weapons deal more damage to it 4. The mega fungus: Remember those purple brain looking things that grow land? Yeah, well a growth mutation in one of them has caused it to grow to collosal proportions and start overgrowing the entire planet. It would be a pretty grotesque blob looking thing with tendrils and bumps all over it. Pretty gross to be honest. It would try to hit you with tendrils and throw rocks at you. It would spit out toxic spore clouds and acit that would damage you on contact. It would also throw tiny versions of itself that would grow big spikes out of the ground, which could impale your drone and easily get you killed. At low health it would start to grow a protective layer of land around itself, which you would have to destroy in order to finish it off. Also around the planet you could find agressive fungus monsters which would jump at you and then explode into land which could really mess up your drone. Once beaten, the reward would be lots of green resource (when it’s added, of course) and something else as well. Tip: it’s weak to bio weapons, and if you manage to hit the spore clouds with a plasma gun, it will catch fire and damage the boss Well, those were some of my ideas, hopefully the devs find them helpful, and have a nice day
  14. So basically a minecraft piston? It’s been suggested a few times already, but it’s still a good idea
  15. Interesting idea, the current enemies are a bit too easy and we need some more challenge. Great suggestion, but the grammar is making me reeeeee
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