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  1. Ah, ok thats one feature I was not aware of then
  2. I would agree but, I feel like the game is sort of lacking in progession currently... I think that this could give a good way to progress
  3. I don’t belive you can scroll in worlds
  4. I never played the closed alpha, but I have a decent number of hours in the game... I thing it was the mother hive or something like that
  5. A 2x2 block that has a icon on the minimap and allows for directional sensors to track it. They can be named and when selected by the directional sensor will have you type in a name for it to track, simular to the TAG mode
  6. I know that this would be difficult if not impossible to code, but if we could make it so that you could detect the scroll wheel and use it as a button that would open up millions of possibilities like scrolling through crafts. And while were at it, also make it so that you can scroll through the tag feature list
  7. bring back the, 'hive' in the core?
  8. listen, I get that gravity should always be going down, but make it so where the Altimeter reads is not 1000000 feet below the border
  9. I literally have to idea how to use it idk if its like this right now, but your altitude goes up it should make the altimeter... level?.. go up higher and lower seem intuitive enough.
  10. Epb7304


    just a way to change them if wanted yes that would be it
  11. maybe, the controls I really could not care about, its more the concept
  12. if you press a button lets say A then it will show all of the keys that are being used for each part, if anyone here plays factorio its kinda like the alt view, were it shows what you are doing, to if a thruster's imput key is D then a green D will be hovering over the piece if its a directional sensor then there will be two red characters over it
  13. I feel like this should apply to some weapons like the rocket launcher grenade launcher shotgun and blaster and they just couldn't use energy at all
  14. Love the factory block don’t get me wrong, needs to be nerfed
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