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  1. I was thinking about Sumo, and how your bot often seems at the mercy of dodging bad matchups. What do people think about having 1 or 2 losses allowed before being knocked out of the tournament?
  2. I am really looking forward to this. My current bots are at peak development, and I'd love something new to develop towards.
  3. I like this idea a lot! You could have, for example, 3 inputs and 1 output. Do whatever you want to inside the block with basic match and boolean logic.
  4. I have full strength magnets on my sumo drones, but they don't seem to be sticking to opposing robots. Did their functionality change? Or am I misunderstanding them? The drone is on steam as "Wrap 'em up". EDIT: I increased the radius and they are doing better. But the smaller radius should have reached the enemy blocks it touched.
  5. OsoMoore


    I meant with weapons. Sumo is cool, but I want to fire rockets at people. Exactly! And I'm looking forward to it.
  6. OsoMoore


    Is there a chance you'll have autonomous ship combat? Having some pre-set arenas would be a lot of fun.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm a long time gamer and programmer. I grew up playing puzzle and RPG games, and writing dorky little Quick BASIC games. I was very into Technic Legos, and played the heck out of a game called MindRover (released in 2000). Nimbatus has a lot of similarities, so its no wonder I really got into it. These days I write software for aircraft and play Magic, Nimbatus, board games, and enjoy reading. I'm starting to get my daughter (3 years old) involved in my Nimbatus robots. She really wants me to get the blue ore.
  8. OsoMoore

    Factory Logic Bug

    @Micha did you guys change/fix something in the last patch? I'm now seeing the bot works, and I think large solar panels make 20 energy instead of 25. In any event, it is now uploaded as Volcano Freezer.
  9. OsoMoore

    Factory Logic Bug

    No problem, I'll grab it tonight after work.
  10. I have started using the Blue, partly because it is my favorite color, and partly because I have a lot of hammerheads to kill. Maybe you could add some passive effects to the colors, like blue cools the ship when it shoots, red uses less energy, green gives fuel refill, or other related effects.
  11. Thanks Star for the great story and pictures. I think I saw one of yours in the steam workshop. What is that weapon that is exploding everywhere in the 2nd to last gif?
  12. I've been playing on and off since the Kickstarter Beta, and I haven't seen very many of the advanced ships I'm sure other players are building. So here are a few of mine (coolest one at the end). The basic ship goes forward and spins. You add a few simple things like shields, ore, magnets, and a few weapons. Maybe some logic to toggle those things on and off. I assume most people end up building some ships like this when they first start playing. Next I built more complex ships, but they were basically the same design. More engines, more weapons, but still a single large structure that rotates, shoots, and carries stuff. When I first started building a few releases back, I moved from there on to even larger ships with more weapons and energy. I made some small buddy drones that worked poorly. But the problem I had was that increased firepower and speed results in heavy and hard to maneuver monsters. I couldn't dig through planets quickly because I was so massive and required such a wide path. The big change for me happened when I began building snake ships. These are segmented and carry energy and engines on every section. I use fixed-direction digging lasers, so on most planets I can blast through terrain at full speed. It steers quickly as well. And I can unload a huge amount of damage, thanks to weapons on every body segment. I use this ship for every mission except bio barrels and harvesting. Are there some other designs for agile bots with high damage capabilities? I'd love to see more of what other people dream up (besides their devastating sumo bots).
  13. OsoMoore

    Factory Logic Bug

    I have a factory which prints a unit with energy, a button, and a cooler (signaled by the button). Before I detach it, it is active. But after I separate it, it turns off. The build: In action, before and after separation: And if I add another cooler on the same logic signal, on the main ship, it stays on after the separation despite not being connected to the button.
  14. OsoMoore

    Blue Light Bug

    When creating LEDs, if I select the Blue light I get a pink one.
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