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    Little lack of logic gates (xpost)

    This is a response to a bit old post, but anyways I think I would prefer a separate space where you put all the logic parts almost in the way STM mentioned in this thread (no real coding involved, but installing logic parts within separate space so to speak). Drone Core could have some space for Logic parts only (for example 6x6 space or so), and you could have subprocessors to add more logic space and to give logic to logic splitted areas of the ship/drone. (If this is implemented, sumo battle would likely change quite a bit as a side effect). Current system sounds weird, when our cell phones have more logic in them than Nimbatus planet killer drones. Ehm, well, this is this newbie's opinion anyways.
  2. Baka Red

    Special Abilities

    Eh, that sounds like quite imbalanced feature (of course Nimbatus doesn't really go for balance it seems). So a spaceship could use a factory (or more if needed) to create those single use energy capacitors (the ones with 4? 8? times the energy capacity of regular 2x2 energy reactor with no energy generation) and use those for all of the ships energy needs. Maybe that should be ... fixed... Imo: Factory created fuel cells & energy capacitors should start empty and they would need to be filled by 'natural' energy/fuel recharge mechanisms. I guess it would break many drones out there though, but anyways, the feature doesn't sound balanced to my ear.
  3. Baka Red

    Planet state saves

    I think agree with Lurkily. If planet state would be saved after each attempt, you might end up with systems which cannot be 'solved' (for example you might destroy something you are not supposed to destroy.). Even if the saving would happen only after successful completion, it would cause trouble; in that scenario the saved state would prevent us from testing if some other approach would have worked better than the first solution. Saved state would be realistic and even cool in some ways, but the cons outweight the pros in my opinion. Also, it would most likely bloat our save files.
  4. One of those faulty parts might be Distance sensor (I had an ejectable armor part on my ship which would explode when distance sensor didn't detect Own Drone anymore. The problem was that even though the sensor pointed at the main part of the ship from point blank range, the TNT linked to it via NOT operation exploded immediately). The logic chain was this simple: Sensor (Own ship, DETECT), NOT (DETECT, EXPLODE), TNT (EXPLODE). (This is from memory, but I think that was how it was built). The ejectable armor part (including the sensor) was created by a factory, in case it has anything to do with anything and the logic parts were within the ejectable armor part too.
  5. Baka Red

    New members

    Oh, new member introduction thread. I guess I count as new member so; I am Baka Red of Baka Rangers (league of legends team of friends who don't seek glory, but only wish to defend the Howling Abyss against evil coming from the other side of the bridge), but I adore the original Baka Rangers from Negima and kinda made my friends adopt their name as our team name. We Baka Rangers are from Finland and we are all working guys (ie: we even get paid!) in IT industry. I was brought to these forums by Nimbatus, which I found from Steam Early access last Saturday (I think), and I already have nearly two days worth of hours with it and it is only Thursday now. I see lots of promise in it, and I hope to see it even more purrfect in future. Like my name suggests, I am a big fan of anime and manga, like many others here seem to be. I also play lots of computer games (league is pretty much the only multiplayer I play. The others are solo games like Stellaris, Skyrim, Minecraft, Civilization (V in my case)... and lots of others, but I guess those four and league are my biggest ones for now. The comments I make are quite likely be like my counterpart's comments (They are called Baka Rangers for reason[For non Anime fans: Baka means stupid/fool/idiot]), but please bear with me. Oh, when do we get VR Nimbatus?
  6. Baka Red

    Linkable gates / Smaller gates?

    Have you tried to use Tags for those "logic channels" like "proximity front left". It sounds like you are looking for that functionality.
  7. Baka Red

    Please add a logic part with two outputs

    Do I misunderstand something? Do you want a component, which receives input (A) and duplicates it so it sends two signals out? If so, cannot you use IF component for that? If you just want to duplicate signal: IF A THEN B, and now you have two signals (A and B), if you need it to be B and C you will need two IFs but in practice you now have three signals A, B and C happening at once instead of having just two which you seem to want. There is a use for your suggested component of course: It would (if it is 2x1 logic component like the others) save space in the scenario you want 3 signals happening at once, and it would "cost" one module less in that scenario.
  8. Baka Red


    I especially like the first option, even though I just want ability to go higher than the current altimeter seems to allow. (90% or so is still too close to the surface for my taste). 100% at Nimbatus height (or little above it) would most likely be sufficient for most uses. I would like to add something extra to this idea: Add an ability to alter the values of the altimeter during game. Ie: If I have altimeter set to 80% altitude, I could send the altimeter directive to increase it by 1% or another to decrease it by 1%. (Similar functionality could be useful for directional sensor (to alter the angle) but I don't really have any useful examples for that at the moment.)
  9. Baka Red

    Mircroprocessor module

    If that Microprocessor module counted as 16 modules for Sumo calculations, it would reduce it's effect on sumo mode. That would still have quite strong effect in form of shrunken drone size (2x2 instead of 2x16 size). Maybe the developers could add it for non-sumo-modes only? PS: When I read about the logic modules of the game for the first time, I expected them to be handled outside regular drone building. We have that drone core and couldn't that contain the logic? Currently the core ... just is there, doing nothing useful (well, you can make it explode - maybe it counts useful? Explosions are pretty!
  10. Baka Red

    Special launch give away

    Free stuff eh? Where do I sign in? - Bought the game already though, but in case I win, I just throw it to my brother or something.
  11. Yep, it works fine with a splitter between the factory and the drone. Newbie mistake. Thanks for the game btw - it is a game that makes me enjoy logic again, allows me to be creative and includes problem solving. And if you want to, you can even have serious pew pew power on the ships, or have Exterminatus happen. Lots of stuff to do. Keep up the good work! Edit; Btw, I didn't actually test it, but I did similar builds with other drones and they worked fine.
  12. I believe it would be useful for the person creating a drone to be able to optionally limit how many products the factory can have in existence at once. Once the factory prints a new product once this limit is reached, all the parts of the first still in existence production cease to exist (ie: they self destruct in some way). Main benefit of this option would be that you won't litter the place up with parts and thus this reduces the memory consumption and in that way reduces lag. How this idea came to my mind? I was on my way of running an orbital bombardier factory platform (ie: the orbital platform builds automatically orbital doom satellites, sends them to left and right, and they drop bombs as they go.) The idea was that the factory would create a chain of these bombers around the planet and the planet would disappear under their bombardment. Unfortunately after only ten or so bombers I noticed lag creeping up (and my computer is not a weak thing) and stopped that Exterminatus in mid process.
  13. Baka Red

    Planetary Sumo Battle

    Planetary sumo battle would be like regular sumo battle except: - Is fought around a planet, center of the sumo arena being the center of the planet. Planet has whatever features it happens to have. - Drones are allowed to have Weapon and Defensive modules. Maybe even Factories, but those might need a max parts duplicated limit of some kind. - Larger drones should be allowed (maybe something like 250 parts or so) - Destruction of enemy core or pushing it out of the planetary orbit would be the win conditions (just like regular sumo fight I guess). Planetary sumo battle would still have these regular sumo battle features: - Border which shrinks towards the center of the arena (planetary core). This would require the drone to either be able to get inside the planet or to win before that is required. PS: The factories limitation could be something like: "Once max factory drone part limit is reached, all the existing parts of the first still existing factory production self destruct. Similar optional limit would be useful for non-sumo-factories: Max duplication slider/value, which would by default be "no limit", but could be set to be anything between 1 and n. Once this limit is reached, all the parts of the first still existing production would self destruct. This would allow the drone maker to control their memory usage, so that the load on computer won't become too heavy. I guess I should post this factory idea as separate thread, so it won't be missed because this thread talks about weird sumo battle special mode.
  14. Baka Red

    Why Doesn't the red highlight show up?

    Yes, Baka Red aka Asuna Kagurazaka rules!
  15. Baka Red

    Why Doesn't the red highlight show up?

    It seems that you have turned off your overlap toggle at the top of edit screen.