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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the pattern shape genes have this kind of pattern?
  2. Yes, I also found that round ears prevail over both due to maternal inheritance. I took another look at my notes and medium ears are always dominant over big ears. Glad to know there are others who are interested in this stuff haha
  3. Fraternal twins 😄 They're a bit funny-lookin' cute!
  4. It’s possible that there is a bigger glitch with the hemophilia gene in Niche - a genetics survival game. When crossing females that are carriers for the hemophilia gene (they only have one copy of the gene) with males with normal blood clotting, I was surprised to find that I never seemed to get sons with hemophilia. To determine if there was probably an issue with this, and to determine that it was not just due to RNG, I carried out three simultaneous crosses in a game file. Those three crosses yielded: #1, 16 males and 16 females; #2, 14 males and 16 females; and #3, 11 males and 6 females. Of those crosses, I obtained: #1, only 9 females carriers; #2, only 4 female carriers; and #3, only 4 female carriers. Based on Mendelian genetics, and because the male has normal blood clotting and the female is a carrier, there should be a 1:1:1:1 ratio of all four genotypes among their offspring, i.e., 1/4 hemophilic males, 1/4 normal males, 1/4 carrier females, and 1/4 normal females. In this experiment, we have 79 young Nichelings; 38 females and 41 males. Half of the offspring should be either male or female, so a ratio of 41 to 38 is reasonable, even without statistical testing. We do, however, have only 17 carrier females of hemophilia, and 0 hemophilic males. Compared to the total female count of 38, 17 carrier females is approximately 44.7% of that amount. A Chi-squared test may determine whether 44.7% is statistically different from 50% (the expected value), but because the sample size is only 79 the statistics don’t carry enough weight. To have a more accurate statistical measure, a sample size of 1000 would be best, but this is not reasonable for a single save file in Niche. What I can say is that there should be around 20 hemophilic males across my three crosses, i.e., half of the 41 males, and yet they are missing. My theories are that: 1) there is a glitch where sons only inherent the father’s blood clotting and no gene (Y gene); or 2) there is a glitch that converts the mother’s hemophilia gene to a normal-blood-clotting gene. Either way, in the current version of the game, it is seemly impossible to obtain a pure-breeding hemophilia Nicheling population due to this. If you cross a hemophilic male with a hemophilic female or a hemophilic male with a heterozygous female then you do get all four genotypes (General Feedback/Bug post, Robb Plat), which seems to indicate a glitch with inheriting the father’s genetics. What does that mean for the typical Niche player? Hemophilic males are impossible to breed via either a carrier female or hemophilic female (General Feedback/Bug post, Robb Plat), so it’s impossible to get males and females with hemophilia in your games now, unless you put it in your mutation menu. At least you can outbreed with wandering Nichelings that have hemophilia without too much concern that it will proliferate in your population, assuming your population doesn’t already have hemophilia. (Image below shows my test population. Note that no individuals express hemophilia due to this glitch, except for Komiana who is a wandering female.) Robb Plat Diploma in “Biolology”
  5. You're welcome! I believe this also occurs with medium ears and round ears, and medium ears and big ears, but I have yet to fully experiment on these. In an old version, there was a strange occurrence with gills and big nose, but that has since disappeared and big nose is now dominant to gills.
  6. Mendelian dominant and recessive genes, and sex-linked genes are the bread and butter of Niche - a genetic survival game. However, there some unusual game mechanics that result in strange modes of inheritance. In particular: the purple and yellow eye colour genes, the round and big ear genes, and the hemophilia and normal blood clotting genes. Using a reciprocal cross of male and female Nichelings, I determined that the eye colour and ear genes are based on whether the gene was passed down to the offspring from the mother. The hemophilia gene, however, was only passed down if the father was also a hemophiliac. Only the developers know whether these are intentional or unintentional modes of inheritance. I created two sets of Nichelings: #1) one wherein the mother had big ears and purple eyes, and #2) the other wherein the mother had round ears and yellow eyes. The fathers had round ears and yellow eyes, and big ears and purple eyes, respectively. Once crossed, cross #1 only resulted in offspring that had big ears and purple eyes, whereas cross #2 only resulted in offspring with round ears and yellow eyes. Each couple had about 20 children. I conducted this experiment in three separate game files. I assumed that there were no linked genes and that a pure-breeding population was not necessary for this experiment. The mutation menu was not used. We also conducted an F2 test cross in the same file, wherein the mothers were heterozygous for both ear and eye colour genes, and the fathers were homozygous for both genes. Again, we find that if the mother passes the gene to her children, it will be expressed as the dominant gene, whereas the same genes in the other reciprocal cross were recessive. I find this is strong evidence to support my theory that the purple and yellow eye colour genes, and the big around ear genes are based on a “maternal mode of inheritance.” This mode of inheritance results in the heterozygous offspring having an appearance more like the mother, i.e., the dominant ear and eye colour genes are always from the mother. I am not sure if this mode of inheritance is based on something that occurs in real life, but it occurs in this game. In a separate experiment, I crossed two sets of Nichelings: #1) one wherein both the mother and father are hemophilic, and #2) the other wherein only the mother is hemophilic. As this was an issue I encountered in the past (See Hemophilic Female, in Bug Reports, Robb Plat), I was fairly sure of the outcome. The first cross between hemophilic parents resulted in hemophilic children. This should be expected. Cross #2, however, showed something surprising… the male children from this cross all had normal blood clotting! This result was the same as my previous statement (Hemophilic Female, in Bug Reports, Robb Plat), wherein a hemophilic female had sons with normal blood clotting. In normal sex-linked genes, the sons get their Y chromosome (or in Niche, the “no gene”) that makes them “male”. Likewise, they get one blood-clotting gene from their mother, and in the case of the mother with two hemophilia genes, he should only get the hemophilia gene. However, we see that he appears to inherent both of his father’s blood-clotting genes, or the normal blood clotting gene comes out of nowhere! I gathered females that were heterozygous for the blood-clotting genes from cross #2 and crossed them to males with either #1) normal blood clotting, or #2) hemophilia. We found that this game mechanic worked normally, as we obtained female carriers of hemophilia, and normal offspring from cross #1, and hemophilic and normal males and females from cross #2. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any hemophilic males from cross #1 (which is not expected from a heterozygous mother), which I assume to be due to the power of RNG. Additionally, I crossed third-generation hemophilic female and normal-blood-clotting male (from the same game file). Again, we found that the male offspring had normal-blood clotting, as if from thin air. The first image below shows Lame, whose mate (Dukkudon) has normal-blood clotting, and her children. Based on the male/female names, you can see that the daughters are all carriers for hemophilia and the sons are healthy. In real life X-linked genetics, the sons should actually be hemophiliacs. Robb Plat, Dipolma in “Biolology” Supplementary photos: The second and third images below show Ella, Lame’s younger sister, and Rata, their cousin. Ella and Rata are both homozygous for yellow and purple eye colour genes, respectively. The family tree shows that all of Ella’s children have the purple eyes as their recessive gene, whereas Rata’s children have recessive yellow eyes. Ella’s mate (Dukpri) is homozygous for purple eyes, and Rata’s mate (Takirpri) is homozygous for yellow eyes. Also note that Lame has big ears with round ears recessive, and Rata has round ears with big ears recessive. They inherited the dominant gene from their mother. Dukkudon’s genetics are shown in the fourth image.
  7. Naturally I'll be taking on my own challenge too. Got some cute twins from the get go.
  8. Bearyenas and wanderers/rogues will be gone as there are only 6 Nichelings left.
  9. parent and child and siblings would be not allowed, but other others you mentioned are fine since it's a small population.
  10. I have questions about this. Firstly, immunity genes cannot be mutated. Secondly, if the baby Nicheling is sick due to double immunities, then likely the parents just have an immunity gene or two in common.
  11. I may post more if there's any interest, like the save file to start with.
  12. I would actually love to see corals, dolphins, sharks, etc. in a water biome. Jungle already has those deadly apes, so... also snakes can smell with their tongues to sniff out some yummy Nicheling.
  13. Hi. I don't usually post in Challenges, but sharing this challenge with my fellow Niche fans seemed like a good idea. This is totally not a spin on any franchise. ( > w > ) ~Stone World Challenge~ “There are only six Nichelings left in the world. Will they rebuild Nichelingity or will nature conquer them? Only time can tell…” 6 starting Nichelings: Byakya + Lily Shamiru + Cony Yakon + Daria Requirements: - Use the save file provided! - Only mate together the starting Nichelings with their specified partner - keep default aging parameters and get rid of bird of prey Goals to pass: - Keep the “console” closed forever - Keep the population size at 45 or under - Last at least 738 days (+2 points if you last for 1738) - Need to migrate from Tiny Green to a medium or hard-level island. - Keep all the immunity genes (for 2 points), or keep at least 6 (for 1 point) - Cannot mutate hair or eye colours if the Nicheling doesn’t already have that gene - Avoid same-parent siblings and parent-child matings Additional Goals, breed these Nichelings at any time and name them accordingly: 1. Watermelon—girl with short-sighted eyes 2. Lava—male with big body, blonde hair and blue eyes 3. Ruby—Nicheling with black hair and brown eyes 4. Chrom—male with brown hair and brown eyes (any way is fine, but needs medium body) 5 and 6. Biological brothers—Kin (brown hair green eyes) and Gin (blonde hair green eyes) 7 and 8. Koharu and Luli—twin girls with either green or blue eyes 9. Iris—a girl with purple eyes 10. Sencha—a boy with white hair, brown eyes and medium body Note: Blonde and brown hair colours are based on how they appear visually, and they don’t need to be homozygous for those genes. Each goal cleared is worth +1 point unless otherwise specified. Add up your points when you’re done. Anything else not mentioned is fair game. Ask if you want a background to the story lol. Take pictures and share with us! Stone World Challenge Slot3.nichesave
  14. Not sure either. It feels incomplete, which is why I'm not playing it often.
  15. The save file for two hemophilic females starter Nichelings is attached below. All the sons are normal, despite the mother having two copies of Hemophilia.. Hemophilia Slot2.nichesave
  16. SkySplash seems to be doing a good job. You have two berry bushes and one tree, so you can support about 6 nichelings (2 per bush and 2 per tree). The island you're on isn't bad in itself. You would just need to find more berry bushes.
  17. That sounds like a challenge. And I love challenges. Just short of opening the console, cracker jaw can open shells, and you should focus on breeding some new creatures and pick whatever berries you can (poisonous). I would also try to mutate nimble fingers or horns (if you have them). If not, then use runners paw to pick poisonous berries, and mutate cracker jaw/nimble fingers for nuts and shells. I would also run to the next island, as the swamp is a terrible place to live if you're not a poison-immune bat.
  18. Hi Purr Snout gang, I was going to say that the Purr snout is fine as it is, but most things could always be improved. Then I saw the above sketch. Rounder cat eyes are definitely cuter. Maybe the whiskers could be a bit shorter? (Also can we have a fox snout?!) - Robb P.S. - All the cat eye colours are great
  19. It's sort of inherent in the win conditions. I presume that the user has control over the win conditions, and that they would choose something harder than a "never." If you do have something that is opposite to the win condition, does it never let you win? That would be something to experiment with.
  20. Hi BlueButterfly, How did your first pair (SG+AB) get SG children? Did you mean SA, SB, AG, or GB? Robb
  21. I get this too sometimes, but I think it's just a bad luck of the draw. If it could be more randomized that would be great. Each of the four immunity combinations with four different immunities should be 25% each.
  22. Hi, it's me again. I come bearing updates about the same glitch in the current version. A wandering female whom I invited into my tribe, Tala, had five children. You can see in the family tree that I have highlighted the hemophilia gene to display the line of inheritance. I have not changed the offspring's names, so you can tell by the names that the two children who inherited the gene are female, i.e., Sita and Simere, whereas the male children, i.e., Roduk, Tavandon, and Kukulur, have not. I should hope that this glitch for the only sex-linked gene gets fixed eventually. Your Niche fan, Robb Plat (n.b.: I only get this glitch from females with double hemophilia. You should follow this lead. Viikviik, the user above, found this glitch from a female from his clan, i.e., not a wandering female. My first post was from my starting female, and my latest post is with a wandering female. The only commonality is that they are all females who have two copies of the hemophilia gene.)
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