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  1. @Lilytuft Of course! And, thank you uwu
  2. ( I do not take credit for this idea, all idea credit goes to: @Lilytuft ) I got bored so..Uhm I made some edits of my most recent tribe ( H O N E Y 2.0 ) If you want me to make you one I can, note my art isn't that good but it'll help me practice. ( If you want one just drop down a picture of the nicheling you want me to edit. )
  3. The picture says all really.. if you have any questions or suggestions for this lil' creature please tell me. The story behind this: I was thinking of how we only had one type of insect in the game (that I know of) So I thought it'd be cool to have another. ( sorry for the bad art ;,) )
  4. @SkipTheMayonnaise oh wow thank you so much! it looks wayyyyyy better then what i drew.🏵👌
  5. (yes ik its a peach) No mores art today huff
  6. ( bad art meh ) Pear is one of the various fruit-named nicheling's I have had.
  7. ( sorry couldn't find any Mango emoji's and bad art meh ) Mango is one of the various fruit-named nicheling's I have had, sadly Mango has passed but I've carried his name down to the 14th generation after him before..well this is him, funny how he started my fruit name obsession for a few generations.
  8. Yeah, that sounds good, sorry I'm bad at this😓
  9. Hmm.. I'll add plus one instead!
  10. This is because picking a berry with the crab claw would end up crushing the berry!
  11. Appearance: A familiar creature with an armadillo head with elongated, pronged horns. It has a broad torso and fin-like arms. It has a dolphin tail, stumpy, muscular legs and webbed feet. The Dau's body is covered in soft skin, while its forearms are covered in luxurious hair. Its lower legs, inner thighs, nose and forehead are grey with white spots, while the rest of its body is black, grey and brown. The females look almost the same but with no horns and spots. (I am so sorry for the art -- ) It is found in: Archipelago only. Activity: Moves 3 spaces during the night, and will attack your nichelings if they are near nests, or berry bushes. General: When they mate they produce 1-2 eggs and it takes 3-5 days to hatch. Once they are hatched one of the parents will de-spawn, only one will stay and lead it's offspring away, if you niche-lings happens to defeat the mother/father Dau they can tame the Dau offspring for 3 food. The Dau's mature at 13 days and then are able to mate with a nicheling of opposite sex. Dau traits: - Webbed feet - Tailfin - Fin arms; swimming +3, moving -1 - Big body - Dau Head; smelling -1, eyesight +2, attack +1 - C and J immunity genes - Pattern b - pattern density thin - Antlers Your niche-ling can inherit all these
  12. Thanks! I'll make it +2 instead of 3.
  13. Crab Claw This claw, as you guessed looks like the ones of a crab. - Adds the ability to crack open the crabbits - or crabs that seem to follow certain nichelings around and can only be attacked from behind. - Adds 2 strength per Crab claw, each nicheling can have a total of 4 strength if they have double Crab claw. - Digging +2 - Movement +1 - Berry picking -1 ( if you have both Crab claws ) - Distasteful appearance +2 - You unlock it by hitting a crabbit 20 times
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