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  1. Might as well joinXD Still sometimes playing the first Demo^^ would be nice to really see what changedXD Also; good luck to everyone who enters^^
  2. dammit, now i know where that odd sound was coming from... searched for over an hour already for viruses, worms, malware and everything and then i hear that sound again and a little speaker icon posts on this tab...
  3. Happy hunting for those who already won a key;D for those that didnt; im felling with you, still hoping on another chanceXD there are still some keys left as it seems^^ Props to Stryfawnstudios tho for making such a huge give away!! not many games do it that big(most of them dont even do one at all) regards Suzu;D
  4. Finally this game hit the last stage^^ havent been able to play the demo much, but played it nonetheless^^ have seen a few videos of nimbatus already and im quite intrested in the weapon workshop and the different enemies that are new(especially that dragon/wormXD)
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